On Politics

Wikipedia Poem, No. 642


seine          of the times
republicans like roots
                          diction control
                                          means         colorful
butchered meats leak from vines
the most popular color in the world     sky
strawberry  parsley  persimmon  almond  eggplant
meaning normcore              roots        goody-goody                    
call diction a spoiled system          friction addiction in america
reformist         reagan democrats                    
drawn to don    america's evolving empirical     mugwump
goody-goody     trawl
used in   macomb county       
and as such         podesta in chains                       
diction ally dossier in     mean business 
and by their lowest common slings
beleaguered trawling middles

Portrait of Marx (2017)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 639


work   thee must educate oneself     
of what skills in her craft       make 
a     streetcar named authority   oh
who made this sweatshirt sweetie

three rhetorical questions then
how          must she educate herself
of what a woman directs
how must she educate her people       and
which woman disemboweled aphorism   why

give education to balmy breath
of what         a woman must be 
educated     herself       or burn rubber

a cauldron who breathes deep must           
educate herself    of what women
landmark their assembly   who
fed these grapes which will us again

one last rhetorical question then
how indomitable      to enforce 
authority or     on a mantle 
a small golden rhetoric   quiver


Heroes of the Meme War

Wikipedia Poem, No. 585

“Whatever happens. Whatever / what is is is what / I want. Only that. But that.” Galway Kinnell


is his implicit support office 
      in the slobbering security 
   the highest 
      office in the 
     limply said
         usually a politician 
     long death 
      squads engage in our land 
   he's the 
         collage in our land bricolage-feeder 
who lies once he leader will not stand 
he's the dead in our land the 
its leader will not stand the right-wing bed 

          pardon our land 
     he's the slobbering 
the collage-feeder will not stand bricolage-feeder 
         not stand the scaled 
upon adopted genes 
the slobbering 
  his implicit support 
in sabotage in our land the 

Protest Chord for Taylor Swift

Wikipedia Poem, No. 574


“The good guys sat / & watched the door / the wizards crawled / from 14th St to the / outer crust” Amiri Baraka

first to oxford
with crosscutting pilgrim-mages
then to mount calvary to dialect’s grave

then back to age of baroque nicknames
to roman locks and nave
to your beloved trapped in pun
then back to pun itself
where we find the beloved scrubs
feet of dialect

Toothpaste for the Young Poet

Wikipedia Poem, No. 514


to rescue to operate on 
the marks of infinity to be 
transcended against one's will

time rubbed into lather
	for your opponent every deck 
		underhanded or made gape

i'm less 
jorie grammatically 
buys a vowel
your immediate opportunity tomorrow
	fidget spinner i promise 
		it's not you it's me this working problem has 
your poem 
wants to be bleach with its brief 
heavy handed whitening as declension

suicide i'm still
	novice be let bezos-loose 
		keep it just   write deep mystery

new tooth shapes become octuplets 
holding hands ripe bipedal feelings 
unbruised "skin the concerned"-essential 
is this how surprise 
	tastes? great
		all my new deepstate teeth 

shaping edits 
a poem but 
it has a point: threatening 
your own image/experience of the stuff 
	and when i wouldn't make your art form 
		how weird 

to be bleached 
	on the castle keep 
		for posterity

from Percival Everett in “The Art of Fiction No. 235”

Everett: “I remember loving Lewis Carroll from an early age, and not just “Through the Looking-Glass” and “Alice” but the syllogisms and a book on logic. And then I remember quite well, early on, reading something I thought I shouldn’t be reading, Maugham’s “Of Human Bondage”, which I got from my father’s shelf. I think I was nine. It was fun because I didn’t think I was supposed to read it. As I look back, I think that it’s reading, probably even more than writing, that I find important. Reading is subversive because you necessarily do it by yourself. Which is why books scare people like Donald Trump. What’s interesting to me is that the poor people who identify with Donald Trump, they think of themselves as unlucky rich people. If things had just gone differently, they would be rich, too. The system has worked against them. It’s the same reason people play the lottery. Overnight you could wake up rich, and that’s an exciting thing. What you can’t do overnight is become educated. That requires a lot of work, so that’s not a goal. It’s something to fear. But that’s exactly why I find books so important. I don’t care what people read. If they read anything, then they might read something else. I just want to participate in making a different culture. I’m thinking of that line of Walt Whitman’s—”Produce great Persons, the rest follows.” It sounds flip when you just say it, but it’s true. That’s not to say that people are bad, but I want a readership that wants to read things because the work is difficult, not because it’s only fun. I want the fun to be in figuring it out. That’s what reading is all about, and to me writing is really just an extension of reading. But there, enough of my soapbox.”

Read the entire interview in The Paris Review.

Wizards Fall

Wikipedia Poem, No. 501

a mean kind of english
wreccan driven out
outcast elend misery
reflecting one’s genetic survival
instinct outcast misery miserly

development of meaning
a sorry state in vile dallag erman
the old english drive
driven out punished person
exiled and remarkable
a strong sense of the vile

drive them out who strive for natural gifts
our vile reflection senses its spirit lift

Donald Trump

Wikipedia Poem, No. 497


of the decision mhm     still thinkin      pledge of the impact of the impact of the decision mhm     still thinkin        campaign   still thinkin      critters about his mind mhm            still        thinkin                still thinkin   change his                    critters       proclaimhment dunn  three of these decision mhm     still thinkin       good on it      even as remain                 even as                        still thinkin                   thinkin                still thinkin           still thinkin            still thinkin      even as remain a campaign pledge of the decision mhm   still thinkin         pledge   still thinkin      still thinkin             still thinkin       still thinkin             still thinkin    even as remain                            still thinkin          even as             pledge   still         thinkin           mhmm             still         thinkin      even as remain a       part   still thinkin    that comhmitted about his mind mhm   still            good on   still thinkin       pledge   still thinkin       that he would could could could   still thinkin                 campaign pledge of the would could could could could could could could could could   still thinkin         campaign pledge of the impact of the would could could could       still thinkin        pledge officials with   still thinkin                still thinkin           thinkin        still thinkin    still thinkin                 pledge of the        decision mhm   still thinkin                                                still thinkin              pledge   still in flux wednesday morning   still thinkin                      thinkin     still thinkin              make   still thinkin               still thinkin           even as        even as          that he would could could could   still thinkin             still thinkin                                   still thinkin              still thinkin   remain                     public proclaimhment was still thinkin     still thinkin                  pledge   still thinkin     that he would could could could could could could could could could could   still thinkin                critter that he would   still thinkin     still thinkin               that comhmitted about his      public proclaimhment dunn  three of the would could could could could could could   still thinkin                          still thinkin      even as                         public proclaimhment dunn  three of the impact of the impact of the           decision mhm       could be            still thinkin           still thinkin        pledge of the impact of the decision mhm     still thinkin

Gender Politics

Wikipedia Poem, No. 472


“If I were in authority, I would forbid advertising.” Le Corbusier

to be loved   eyes closed of pain  
it is just like you not like you nothing flat  
traced with a number two pencil    nothing vested 
in hydrangeas something more like cutting 
something black ravage    to be
loved    afraid of course cutting
a slow-covered kitchen knife    something more
we will be loved afraid of pain
its dimensions feed from perspective
to follow up     thick unguent

you don't like   specifics
        we will make more     we're flattered
      thick unguent                    carving
    that you don't         like in fact we will make more
          we   will          thick unguent            
carving into mountains      just        like you
     that     you don't like 
nothing flattered kitchen knife something
    vested in hydrangeas something          something
            that you don't like        specifically that we loved
         once         afraid of pain                  covered
    in kitchen knife something
    what you    don't like    nothing black ravage
    wielding    to be loved afraid of pain    it is ok
that you don't like you
nothing    cutting    velvet    safe

Rabbi Said

Wikipedia Poem, No. 465


“Sweet Love of youth, forgive, if I forget thee, / While the world’s tide is bearing me along; / Other desires and other hopes beset me, / Hopes which obscure, but cannot do thee wrong!” Emily Brontë

there's no time to   explain there's no           
dazzle in          order to wrestle among its   
ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants      
to say       not           better in the christian sense 
the jain sits under a tree in        order to wrestle 
among its    ants ants ants     
crawl          up his perfect warmth even if           
i feel no such warmth       for the gourmand           
for the essentialist        for the part of me which insists upon 
treating others with          respect 
as productive as an ant productive

         this is    the         earth's horizon — 
handsy        in control       touchy-feely frightening 
the jain     it is being in its essential parthood
i insist upon treating others with respect
as productive as          a thing being   only eyes   the thing
even if i or it feel no such warmth           for this eye 
i         feel no such      warmth   for the same     tree 
or ant in order to wrestle among
among      its ants ants ants ants