‘Sometimes they have lost their country and in their heart it feels as if they have lost something big.’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 949

"The police know, as they move through the park yet one more time, that they will win and a building will be built on the space. But right now, the building is not there. " Juliana Spahr

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saw it coming my chattering to you must be some kind of the short poem
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write this is bidirection only ambient words to you don’t eat tou bring
big when the bean so embarrassed to have to food and young man i
remember the chained line as the poem young my fingers giving man
i remember through his put you must have been so embarrassed to
have ever been knowable and pick a color of my poem any color of my
poem twelve been so embarrassed to have hands that poem young my
g pen

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the poem has a poem twelve by twelve like a question end like zeppoli
in they must have been so embarrassed to have been so lost often the
imax curves no metaphor for you heart it my chattering will ring against
the police move slowly methodical power shitting my g pen to food and
they curved no methodical power cashier’s skull i country and take a
bird time worry

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have been so embarrassed to have ever known line as their own litany
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different words she police move slowly methodical power-shitting
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polydirectional ambient nose a state of enth

In this time, the time of the oil wars, there are many reasons that singers give for being so lost. Often they are lost because of love. Sometimes they are lost because of drugs. Sometimes they have lost their country and in their heart it feels as if they have lost something big.

— Juliana Spahr

‘Delirium for the Four Legs of a Love’ by Dimitris Athinakis (trans. Karen Emmerich)


I see your yesses coming from afar
and my own, like candles,
and burn
awaiting the centuries

A strong wind
carries off my hat my glasses my tattoo my arm
        carries off
my leg and an eye

       [I'm left there smiling before jets
        gushing the joy of nothingness]

joy —
 it too alone

Stay, if you want, by my side
— even if no one understands us

        [Why let that, too, smother us]

Just let it flow
let time
the wine
the smoke



  • Athinakis, Dimitris. “Delirium for the Four Legs of a Love.” Translated by Karen Emmerich. Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry, edited by Karen Van Dyck, New York: New York Review of Books, 2016, p. 11.

Additional reading:

Wikpedia Poem, No. 53


meibutsu produced 
         for killcount
such distinctive trade 
for a man 
        his person and 
      merchandise craft
  miniature region and pin among 
person and 
     and culture 
    to form only the first to 
      promote souvenirs 
      as photographs places for return visitation 
often-licensed folk art locales
opportunity part of Japan souvenirs 
products include 
         mass-produced intent produced 
in tradition aloud 
      collecting  Kill distinctive 
mementos of