Hourly Labor Rate, Plus Materials


curators offer a variety of their subjective photography
the customer will have been satisfactorily abused and served
through technological advances in counting the service understands
people places approaches and circulation methods though we still
promise to never index works from information
the subjective photographs have been used to concatenate
and share xerophagiac critique since 1839
The service invents the mode of ideas, you approach them!
technologies and events communicate modern man as a means to the present day
photography menaces—though who knows?—to strive for ease-of-abstraction
serve a visually continuing world it will rain just look outside

Woman Ironing

"[T]his  detachment... gave me a kind of vampiric energy, although I was my own prey." Ben Lerner

“[T]his detachment… gave me a kind of vampiric energy, although I was my own prey.” Ben Lerner

I watch Picasso work
The granite blob of gray-blue
Into a void, if I said this out loud
He would spit in my mouth and
Curse my mother who hasn’t yet been born
Her arms are returning, an honest day’s work, I am quiet,
Sweat, sweet black eyes,
Longing, a gauntness as from a fountain like