Andrea Dworkin

Wikipedia Poem, No. 924

power relations
all the course of redefining family
church power
relations all the course
of redefining family church power
course of course redefining family
church power relations
all the course of
redefining family church power relations
all the institutions
all the course
which inhabit and order our lives
the course of redefining family
power relations
all the course of redefining

Bōsōzoku Politics

Wikipedia Poem, No. 897

management of
the bōsōzoku? now you’re talking!
all paintings are diseased in the color of
faith the color as incorrect hannah hoch
will never be a lawyer as
in the north american congress of latin american
texture of success clouds clouds clouds clouds clamor free

the marvel cinematic universe
has replaced curators
el socialismo es una filosofía del fracaso chávez y
suspicious politics
el añublo marxist–leninistrange brain government
the court of splatter elected
nations I miss the color of los marxists
latin honors chávez y suspicious politics
yo era un soldado interesado en la teología de l
a liberación
marches dead possums over
placid weather as incorrect as the marvel
cinematic universe replace el trasero although fight
the election was certified as being free and legitimate
by the organization of american states
generation miss the court of genetic secretions for knives
ones generation sacked of interior
the marvel cinematic universe contains
a touch of textbook you’re talking
marxist–leninistrange brain government the color
three roots of the tree
into state-run profesor de petróleo
presidente del petróleo

and affairs depart as discussed for the incorrect
hannah hoch correct hannah hoch need painting
and I replace curators corazón of alternation
and I miss the supreme texture war

parish priest from latin curatus
past curatorship earning officer in
reference to those put in a museum
library guardian’s heart

clouds clamor free
achieving impunishment
brain government to römer 95

just another masculine gang war
what if? perspending headslamor free
all paint and place
fight about the supreme party
salem magazine youtube see the constitution
for what it is: battle lines
and I miss this owly nation of who and the de facto idle bullshit
of bōsōzoku the youtube constitution of women
impunishment brain government the universo
del petróleo
chávez y suspicious politics curator of
and broad spectrum of missing color as incorrect
hannah hoch in the wreath of bōsōzoku

now you’re
talking, imp!

Death by Empiricism

Wikipedia Poem, No. 837


trapped under race class boxed among historical exclusive advanced
handstand genderstand understand active advances of the early works
create mutually early work before common understanding to deposit
a dead body in sojourner truth or anna julia cooper intersection
scissors in the factory deterosexual feminism of resent
terms coins for economic status alone
another worker struggles thus the idea of immolation
connect work before feminist movements under mt etna
trapped under women oppressed the social inequality
a sacrificing or sacrificial killing or early women are women
a loaded pistol hung by its umbilical cord from the chandelier
radical as in pertaining to the root

Derrida Thinks He is Alone on the Toilet, But is Observed by a Vast, Decentralized, Anonymized Surveillance State

Wikipedia Poem, No. 786


“Blow up your life / Attune your senses”
— Carolee Schneemann

a cry a lunge maybe
the man’s raw unconsidered hand
doesn’t take authority over the woman’s
nude dross to the movie critic
up the mountain he bruises the woman
hides what she mustn’t take
authority over his nudity
she is shyte just to be available
man achieves or archives
the artist nonethelesses her yawp
bogart describing how he saw a woman
any woman the critic hides in the critic
he doesn’t take authority
over depiction of her with his raw unconsidered
shyte attention as a child’s interlude waning
the female identity shyte attention
although she had secreted the container
of her authority into her own deep depiction
brandishes it over her brain the critic cringes a cry
although she secrets through the chuff lunges
hogwash interludes the female ready to fall
interludes the male that shrunk pill to be



“Women Begin New Reign of Terror”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 724


“He said I was fooling I am not a tree and he dropped his leaves.” Russell Edson

     annie besant
      should see my notebooks re- 
      a word near athens
admit your 
feelings high 
             begin new 
reign of terror olly 
found this   among theosophy bathing in paint thinner

   invite the unknown he was crying 
and so 
i cried
    i cried
        and so i cried
she's getting thinner   watch it

“Feminist Modes of Production” by Arielle Greenberg

This poem appears in Arielle Greenberg’s 2015 book “Slice” from Coconut Press. Her work is brilliant, please support her writing.

Personal Poem About My Sterility and How All I Wanted Was To Be The Good Father I Never Had

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“I try / not to think about the animal / rearranged in unnatural configuration / its head visible in profile / one eye / refracting the last light it glimpsed” Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

Each trustworthy cone proves the main, charged image is true: The girls in suspension  iridesce. They paint drivers license numbers with wrists onto the side of the most beautiful American battleships. 102 347 0603, for example. They hang like high-rise window washers. Here’s the kicker: I’m still the news. Suggestive might have been black bears crawling up from the damp earth to maul the president. Or one of those twenty-seven thousand ton dreadnoughts pinched flat between two fingers. Or an erotic tax, now that’s highly suggestive. Girls painting through all that maraschino cherry string, that’s modernist, for sure, but it’s also known as good practice. And far from suggestive. That’s just the ax we’re living in.

From there in the bay they, the beetle-like girls blueberry-brushing battleships, do something eminently televisable for its arable non-controversy: They paint what all the world in its lust for voyeurism desires. Each trustworthy cove of medium provides a darker, salty, more complex shadow. O, I am prepared to write in light about those earnest girls with suggestive might. The wire will pick up the news with watery glee. Easy clicks. Phone it in from Atlanta. Experience our mother living out there in the godless ruin of celiac disease. Strung up, afraid of girls painting their oblique dominion. Have a beer, America. Or better yet, apologize. Who reads what’s poetry for essays anyway, O, pungent painting girls?

Portrait of Marx (2017)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 639


work   thee must educate oneself     
of what skills in her craft       make 
a     streetcar named authority   oh
who made this sweatshirt sweetie

three rhetorical questions then
how          must she educate herself
of what a woman directs
how must she educate her people       and
which woman disemboweled aphorism   why

give education to balmy breath
of what         a woman must be 
educated     herself       or burn rubber

a cauldron who breathes deep must           
educate herself    of what women
landmark their assembly   who
fed these grapes which will us again

one last rhetorical question then
how indomitable      to enforce 
authority or     on a mantle 
a small golden rhetoric   quiver



Wikipedia Poem, No. 597


“The line between full personhood and complete self-objectification is whisper thin.”
Nancy Bauer

“Saturn looking like a confection of mint and cantaloupe.”
Kim Stanley Robinson


as flesh and           constraints of the 
nonsexual       and as both our   

chances for and common: neither mutual 
and young women requires what young     

women requires   what young women 
requires what young women in and 

stressing being convey self heretofore people 
who play by   an unjust women         

requires       that writhing for       happiness 
them           resist          poignant ways than 

the          achievement: both our      
experiences for happiness that these people    

may shrink that i’m identical-and-more people 
who play by its rules beauvoir author’s in 

perhaps ulting serious       sexual and 
common:        neither people may shrink 

there an and men as women call a world in 
perhaps ulting in these extremes to do that 

young women require not         only these 
extremes because language       not    just 

women        require what find of full 
perhaps ulting one’s way that might call after  

one in the morning looking beauvoir repeated forgive     
me   use language not just to mean authority      

of the satisfactions and desires to other an 
author’s      in way that might attenuate is 

what might be called looking beauvoir repeated 
forgive me use better intentions and sex       

toys can promise   flesh and flash our   
worse fate          that and our        weasley being we 

use language not just to apologize        and 
convey self-objectifying serious kindness 

ceaselessly an anything   and     young 
women and not        just     women and    an 

author in personhood and flesh and a
mother         an even word is   one of 

dualism or more perhaps ulting in anything 
women and and and the self-objectifications 

and convey self-objectification a genuinely      
of   full personhood and nonsexual and 

sexual young women          and as 
women require therefore an even worse fate 

the      locus often to cement of the ways      
but all               most people and nothing more

an adulterated           foamed happiness and our 
worldview or   more what might at temptations     

author our experience 
authentical           dead end risk frisk our 

chances forgive us our language not only 
the thing conveyed but its sense       ceaselessly 

an objectification is what our worldview 
tempts within winking           

these extremes because language not    just        
a woman’s sexualism or more          that might       

of night authentical    experience one’s ways them 
resist poignant ways we     and an 

authentical experience but also to get        
women requires the self-objectification in 

them   resist poignant ways   but also get 
women’s sexual experiences for and as 

both           our chances for       happiness 
the same time   our experience as flesh and 

a nonsexual pitch of love      place at out feet the 
self-expressesion    to transcend risk find us find us failing

“Mocha Panties” by Arielle Greenberg


You have your skinny pants that you never wear
but that are the barometer. You have your fat pants
that you wear more than you need to. You have your
period pants that are dark and thick and forgiving
and comforting.

You have your period panties.

I have a new resolution not to wear my period
panties at non-period times. I have gotten into the
habit of wearing only my period panties and pretty
much never wearing my other panties, my nice
panties. My resolution is to wear nice panties every
day, even the days I don’t think l’m going to have sex,
even on the days when l’m going to ride my bike.

Once, in the locker room at the YWCA after tot
swim class, I saw another mom who was wearing
beautiful, chic mocha panties and a matching bra
even though she had just come from swim class and
had a kid. The panties and bra looked French, and so
did the mom. I swore right there and then to wear
my nice panties every day, even though my nicest
panties aren’t as nice as those panties were.

But then I got pregnant again and never felt like
wearing nice panties.

So that was three years ago. Exactly three years and
I am finally hoping to make good on my promise of
nice panties.

Thus far I have kept my nice panties promise for
about a week and a half. It’s been difficult. Almost
every day I reach for my period panties but I haven’t
relented. It does feel good to wear nice panties,
though it pains my heart to get on a bike or go to
sleep without sex when I am wearing them.

Even when the nice panties are not two-hundred-
dollar hand-washable silk tap pants, nice panties
are a conundrum.


If you enjoyed this poem, please support the poet and purchase Arielle Greenberg’s fascinating, honest, nuanced and insightful book “Locally Made Panties”.