Wikipedia Poem, No. 597


“The line between full personhood and complete self-objectification is whisper thin.”
Nancy Bauer

“Saturn looking like a confection of mint and cantaloupe.”
Kim Stanley Robinson


as flesh and           constraints of the 
nonsexual       and as both our   

chances for and common: neither mutual 
and young women requires what young     

women requires   what young women 
requires what young women in and 

stressing being convey self heretofore people 
who play by   an unjust women         

requires       that writhing for       happiness 
them           resist          poignant ways than 

the          achievement: both our      
experiences for happiness that these people    

may shrink that i’m identical-and-more people 
who play by its rules beauvoir author’s in 

perhaps ulting serious       sexual and 
common:        neither people may shrink 

there an and men as women call a world in 
perhaps ulting in these extremes to do that 

young women require not         only these 
extremes because language       not    just 

women        require what find of full 
perhaps ulting one’s way that might call after  

one in the morning looking beauvoir repeated forgive     
me   use language not just to mean authority      

of the satisfactions and desires to other an 
author’s      in way that might attenuate is 

what might be called looking beauvoir repeated 
forgive me use better intentions and sex       

toys can promise   flesh and flash our   
worse fate          that and our        weasley being we 

use language not just to apologize        and 
convey self-objectifying serious kindness 

ceaselessly an anything   and     young 
women and not        just     women and    an 

author in personhood and flesh and a
mother         an even word is   one of 

dualism or more perhaps ulting in anything 
women and and and the self-objectifications 

and convey self-objectification a genuinely      
of   full personhood and nonsexual and 

sexual young women          and as 
women require therefore an even worse fate 

the      locus often to cement of the ways      
but all               most people and nothing more

an adulterated           foamed happiness and our 
worldview or   more what might at temptations     

author our experience 
authentical           dead end risk frisk our 

chances forgive us our language not only 
the thing conveyed but its sense       ceaselessly 

an objectification is what our worldview 
tempts within winking           

these extremes because language not    just        
a woman’s sexualism or more          that might       

of night authentical    experience one’s ways them 
resist poignant ways we     and an 

authentical experience but also to get        
women requires the self-objectification in 

them   resist poignant ways   but also get 
women’s sexual experiences for and as 

both           our chances for       happiness 
the same time   our experience as flesh and 

a nonsexual pitch of love      place at out feet the 
self-expressesion    to transcend risk find us find us failing

“Mocha Panties” by Arielle Greenberg


You have your skinny pants that you never wear
but that are the barometer. You have your fat pants
that you wear more than you need to. You have your
period pants that are dark and thick and forgiving
and comforting.

You have your period panties.

I have a new resolution not to wear my period
panties at non-period times. I have gotten into the
habit of wearing only my period panties and pretty
much never wearing my other panties, my nice
panties. My resolution is to wear nice panties every
day, even the days I don’t think l’m going to have sex,
even on the days when l’m going to ride my bike.

Once, in the locker room at the YWCA after tot
swim class, I saw another mom who was wearing
beautiful, chic mocha panties and a matching bra
even though she had just come from swim class and
had a kid. The panties and bra looked French, and so
did the mom. I swore right there and then to wear
my nice panties every day, even though my nicest
panties aren’t as nice as those panties were.

But then I got pregnant again and never felt like
wearing nice panties.

So that was three years ago. Exactly three years and
I am finally hoping to make good on my promise of
nice panties.

Thus far I have kept my nice panties promise for
about a week and a half. It’s been difficult. Almost
every day I reach for my period panties but I haven’t
relented. It does feel good to wear nice panties,
though it pains my heart to get on a bike or go to
sleep without sex when I am wearing them.

Even when the nice panties are not two-hundred-
dollar hand-washable silk tap pants, nice panties
are a conundrum.


If you enjoyed this poem, please support the poet and purchase Arielle Greenberg’s fascinating, honest, nuanced and insightful book “Locally Made Panties”.

Remedios Varo (Pentagram)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 526

— juggling for
the cadillac having gawked
lustfully at sulkclouds
capped by a bichon frise

having been gawked at lustfully
by lions and
this confident slow
heart a stepstage i

am the raspberry cloak
juggling for the cadillac having
lusted after loves

capped by sulkclouds each
capped by lions and this confident slow
a stepstage
i am a mage-logician

with nimble fingers
and this confident slow heart
a stepstage i am the cadillac
tasted lust in gawkertown —

Muriel Rukeyser

Wikipedia Poem, No. 431


“In the day I would be reminded of those men and women, / Brave, setting up signals across vast distances, / Considering a nameless way of living, of almost unimagined values.” Muriel Rukeyser

  consistent a 
      commitment to an 
  of her feminist 
activities garnered her 
our twentieth-century 
       coleridge our neruda
        organized protests against 
the whole of her remarkable femininity
a woman
a jew
jew a jew a jew
         a jew
single multitude
the trial of american poetry  
     an apt description 
        american poetry in her 
        121-page fbi file and 
         an innovative body of american poems 
out of work across the trail
of cultural norms and taboos 
       this consistent
to deeply human activities 
violated by various vietnams


Wikipedia Poem, No. 320


“I hear now / the faintest of songs, the humming / the dew makes / evaporating from the garlic leaf.” Galway Kinnell


every few years belief
trumps stories of agelessness
about now deny the subject

maybe this if the young woman
trump is one this is if
you don’t the outrages

confirm her record-breaking age and shake
motion on friday of the thing
sexual overture-wide she writes

like a backlit halo the cause the last
few years recorded motioning the ultimate
behavior this sexual provokation

these few years past
trump essentially
noticed its impotence

many of-age women
said without a single
story but the same idea  no

Wikipedia Poem, No. 315


“That’s another of the Oaxacan / experiences I mentioned, / but the rest are secrets.” Michael Robbins


of women over her
support forceful rejoinder
did little to beauty

for years a determined
90-minute debate

did little to her part
treat dignity
say his facts which she had been him

to deeply admire
man whose approval rating of his years

for her charges
of having for her
he called

the years for her charges
of a primary end
I could trade

justice about controversy instead claiming
credit for years

aimed at
her cost clashing

Wikipedia Poem, No. 228


“…the structure behind the mundane, patches of unprimed canvas peeking through the real.” Ben Lerner


chambering beams move light tightly

fire says womb
fire the brute it is

well transfixed be
tir de barrage heat
ripple the ground

the ground
ripples an abstract tonare
overheating form fires mast

interior cradlelike
deep light combing

zips back
of the soft-rifle
anybody sick soon

blooded for toward
ripple hangs on
cultivated land

crawling at a wall
naming the best of these then
uteri grip the queens apparition

Wikipedia Poem, No. 213


“The particular challenge in the law was one that was grounded in the fact that anti-discrimination law looks at race and gender separately. The consequence of that is when African American women or any other women of colour experience either compound or overlapping discrimination, the law initially just was not there to come to their defence.” Kimberlé Crenshaw


and their own minds
are not the result of
a lot of intended fragments

months on twitter
means i have within
my movement an object

new things in her life
no one says no one size fits all
shattered from the first plantation

so when ground
guise point out toward the
horizon a five foot eleven black

woman intellectualizes fragment
months she usurps this quote
feminism in various grounded tiers

on the love of no violence in the west
indoctrinal laughter back
into me who chose to converse

that i hate in the first place
the racist concept of transpired
facets multi-layered weak misogyny

average does nothing
a way to react to match
coining math from weak theory

in computer sciences of color
they should want race to bring
the keyboard and natural concepts

theories in groups are initiative
these must react match for coin
theory close inspection and direction

have already started feminist
colonies on the moon none allowed
that prescribe form diversity in software

natural reconciliation rakes the keyboard
if you are or were well as well you cannot
be wrong about a mere coin flip

if you are or were well as well generalize
and watch them discuss aims and psalms
here are out there minority radio shows

or better yet better perspective of other
out there on the moon picking systematic
oppressors to color out community

software or racial minority
listen used cities out loud
attracting theories and initiative

kimberlé crenshaw hall filled with invaluable
software loaded with time expanded
separately deep breath step away from as well

woc it’s important
of multitudes
marriage instream feminism

he used
your name
to differing cluelessnesses

as action or oppression
no matter the fourth wall
help members with the coda

to whit i hope the
old community

the girlfriend apologized
another oppressed charge
or most of it in a pass apologized

as i understand the else
because the percussive other
cons the heart his cleaving

around nature did not provide better
my own work against casually written deletion
this is intersectionality but so much less

fails which set foot
then I am there
dozens maybe hundreds our

work matters
be wild and wide
from various concerns

in fact anti-oppress
problems maybe campaign
felt her forms and shudders

o how better those of my own
worked once and lear
that I would be casually devoid

of every level our gendered
learning I enter me as neo-feminism
free of problematic behavior ignored

political diversity racing the movement
back to feminist ground zero to
community is a women in 1959

this is a women young systems
new responding this is a woman
a divine structure or position hept

others then build bridges between
awareness and education sorted
issues receiving unique challenges

make a world concerned
study the education of critics
lines of other acquitted without

of color of think of empty tank
the cooling lance beside the egg
shelled domes of pastoral structure