Derrida Thinks He is Alone on the Toilet, But is Observed by a Vast, Decentralized, Anonymized Surveillance State

Wikipedia Poem, No. 786


“Blow up your life / Attune your senses”
— Carolee Schneemann

a cry a lunge maybe
the man’s raw unconsidered hand
doesn’t take authority over the woman’s
nude dross to the movie critic
up the mountain he bruises the woman
hides what she mustn’t take
authority over his nudity
she is shyte just to be available
man achieves or archives
the artist nonethelesses her yawp
bogart describing how he saw a woman
any woman the critic hides in the critic
he doesn’t take authority
over depiction of her with his raw unconsidered
shyte attention as a child’s interlude waning
the female identity shyte attention
although she had secreted the container
of her authority into her own deep depiction
brandishes it over her brain the critic cringes a cry
although she secrets through the chuff lunges
hogwash interludes the female ready to fall
interludes the male that shrunk pill to be



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