Bōsōzoku Politics

Wikipedia Poem, No. 897

management of
the bōsōzoku? now you’re talking!
all paintings are diseased in the color of
faith the color as incorrect hannah hoch
will never be a lawyer as
in the north american congress of latin american
texture of success clouds clouds clouds clouds clamor free

the marvel cinematic universe
has replaced curators
el socialismo es una filosofía del fracaso chávez y
suspicious politics
el añublo marxist–leninistrange brain government
the court of splatter elected
nations I miss the color of los marxists
latin honors chávez y suspicious politics
yo era un soldado interesado en la teología de l
a liberación
marches dead possums over
placid weather as incorrect as the marvel
cinematic universe replace el trasero although fight
the election was certified as being free and legitimate
by the organization of american states
generation miss the court of genetic secretions for knives
ones generation sacked of interior
the marvel cinematic universe contains
a touch of textbook you’re talking
marxist–leninistrange brain government the color
three roots of the tree
into state-run profesor de petróleo
presidente del petróleo

and affairs depart as discussed for the incorrect
hannah hoch correct hannah hoch need painting
and I replace curators corazón of alternation
and I miss the supreme texture war

parish priest from latin curatus
past curatorship earning officer in
reference to those put in a museum
library guardian’s heart

clouds clamor free
achieving impunishment
brain government to römer 95

just another masculine gang war
what if? perspending headslamor free
all paint and place
fight about the supreme party
salem magazine youtube see the constitution
for what it is: battle lines
and I miss this owly nation of who and the de facto idle bullshit
of bōsōzoku the youtube constitution of women
impunishment brain government the universo
del petróleo
chávez y suspicious politics curator of
and broad spectrum of missing color as incorrect
hannah hoch in the wreath of bōsōzoku

now you’re
talking, imp!

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