Gradient Portrait (“scraped from the web to output”)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 859


bad art and worse skin library trained
using google’s tensorflow machine learning
learns libraries and skin escape
creator suspends exhibited sets of traits
as part of a twenty-seventeen solo show
scraped from the web to output unique gradient portraits
exhibited on the sponsors’ skin
creator suspends all precious trains

The last announcer plays the last record
The last watt leaves the transmitter
Circles the globe in search of a listener
… This is a real goddamn emergency

Nightcrawler tried to creep / I smelled sucker’s approach
Open Mike Eagle

We sit and feel Fun City die.
Marc Laidlaw

Art Question (Now With Answer!)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 856


Seeing a great resurgence 
in 2018? Hers, are attracted to 
of figurative 
     painting. Why?

Bigot, reinforced by 
   authoritarian zealot; reintroduced 
in a nation 
          perfectly into 
    perfectly into the message-less 
    silence of the father. Along with no visible differen’t 
       in a 
nation fit perfectly into 
  the message-less silence 
from the weren’t. 
now that inconsequential decoration led by 
          an authoritarian bigot, reinforced by 
     an authoritarian bigot, vanquished by an 
      bigot, reinforced 
a political 
     system sober
gin and vigor. It's clearer 
          than ever—than ever!—that 
inconsequential decoration fit 
          perfectly into the room for 


Source: Radley, Jack. “Interview with Canyon Castator.” Berlin Art Link, 15 Feb. 2018,

Death by Empiricism

Wikipedia Poem, No. 837


trapped under race class boxed among historical exclusive advanced
handstand genderstand understand active advances of the early works
create mutually early work before common understanding to deposit
a dead body in sojourner truth or anna julia cooper intersection
scissors in the factory deterosexual feminism of resent
terms coins for economic status alone
another worker struggles thus the idea of immolation
connect work before feminist movements under mt etna
trapped under women oppressed the social inequality
a sacrificing or sacrificial killing or early women are women
a loaded pistol hung by its umbilical cord from the chandelier
radical as in pertaining to the root

Charming Modern Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 785


you are waiting for the construction
of my body my body as an extension
of my body my body as an extension

i am waiting for the construction
i am ammo at the art stud club

i need i need i need to be
those psychic territorial power lines
women were admitted to use my body
my body my body my body my body

as an extension

i am my ammunition i am my poison
i am ammunition image paint-construction

i am awaiting-construction
i am ammunition image painting
construct this one thing for me dear

reader i am ammo at the art stud club
i need the art stud club
i need to use my body

my body extends and i am moved
to challenge and threaten the psychics
in the modern temple i am moved

Inside Joke

Wikipedia Poem, No. 463


“Jerry Rubin arrested! Beaten, jailed, coccyx broken — / Leary out of action – “a public menace … persons of tender years … immature judgment … psychiatric examination …” / i.e. Shut up or Else Loonybin or Slam / Leroi on bum gun rap, $7,000 lawyer fees, years, negotiations — / SPOCK GUILTY headlined temporary, Joan Baez’ paramour husband Dave Harris to Gaol / Dylan silent on politics, & safe – having a baby, a man — / Cleaver shot at, jail’d, maddened, parole revoked, / Vietnam War flesh-heap grows higher.” Allen Ginsberg

george meredith
the testament of cresseid
edmund near perigord
thomas gray
elegy written in time
of cresseid
edmund near perigord
the dream-777
tha twee dogs
william butler yeats lamia
the axeheave
john keats meditations in time of civil war
robert henryson
the testament of the lady of civil war
robert from ireland
john wain 1937
dylan’s the rape of cresseid
edmund near perigord
byron aleppo beppo
the new testament’s best major earthquake
alexander the prisoner pope
samuel taylor colin clouts
come home home home

home home home come
home home home come home come home again
dylan thomas gray elegy written in a time of city showers
276 verses of allen ginsberg
america changes
meredith & her twee dogs
william butler yeats lamia
the axehandle jonson
thomas gray elegy written in time
time of cresseid
edmund the pear
near perigord
tennyson thomas hood
the lark ascending
johns hill

Wikipedia Poem, No. 361


“1. Justice is nothing but the advantage of the stronger. 2. Justice is obedience to laws. 3. Justice is nothing but the advantage of another.” Thrasymachus

       interpretations of 
the code are 

the cause as 0

if anothere array 
of the API is on
          the first sample reached 
      can be a 6-chair bossary 

only a handful of the code is drawn 
        dialogues fragments are significant

passes to "array(curveAtTime 
data of the operated for the 
building name is
      let audioBufferSize block 
of type 
void clock is "loop 
handful philology &philological  
&philological &philology 
testimony fragments &testimony 
fragments are significant only a handful 
of what 
we know 
of the generally hostile depiction

the azimuth 
        and output equals explicit cannot specs
lated will be used game-playback of unused to 

     sophists are provideo mediately 
         NotFound is 
      exposed with 
means the samplemental 
facing (if its specified 

    the createPeriodic 
      a singEvent a_0 

in lascaux 
sophistorical testimony 
significant   only a handful at most 
of most plato’s dialogues    on a cave wall
\\        mediate silence 
archive lives in the will 

Wikipedia Poem, No. 224


every word locked in its own pillory


thought and love
trying to embolden
a lot of good men

love them thinking to embolden
a lot of jameses
onto the banks no

embolden in the same tepid
we’re from
from a moral witch

tepid love and thought came
i know a lot of good thought
i’ve been through never before

came to ing from ing upon that way
the drone vestibule throughout
in my own private vested tested

weigh them and love them and try to embolden
a lot of good thought
i they and them

embolden thinking too much heat
we’re a year
and a half into the drought

heat of a good thought of hits
no injuries sure i know a year and the drought
any means come from

hits a lot of good love in the eye
and love’s tepid uprooting
too much we’re

i know a year
a year and a half
max left in the drought


Source: Krawczynski, Jon. “Cavs face more adversity ahead of game 2.” Associated Press. Yahoo Sports, 4 June 2016. Web. 5 June 2016.



Lee Sedol, seated at right, one of the greatest modern players of the ancient game of Go, was defeated three times in a row by Google’s DeepMind supercomputer, AlphaGo. Experts had long suggested that Go was a game in which computers would struggle to match human intellect. (Illustration: Joseph M. Gerace/NJ Advance Media; Photo: Google DeepMind/Agence France-Presse)


wikipedia poem, no. 14


“…of their surroundings’n
their phones 
       tablets until their phones 
and pointed it acrossed texting and 
        nodody sees this. Thefakeeson of 
their phones.
       “These weren’t concealed movements—the 
gun is 
very clear,” said the District Attorney
in an 
apparently random 
     “very clear,” said the District Attorney. “These 
          weren’t concealed 
    dozens of their