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Gradient Portrait (“scraped from the web to output”)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 859 bad art and worse skin library trained using google’s tensorflow machine learning learns libraries and skin escape creator suspends exhibited sets of traits as part of a twenty-seventeen solo show scraped from the web to output unique gradient portraits exhibited on the… Read More

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Art Question (Now With Answer!)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 856 Q. Seeing a great resurgence in 2018? Hers, are attracted to invisibility of figurative painting. Why? A. Bigot, reinforced by an authoritarian zealot; reintroduced in a nation fit perfectly into the narration fit perfectly into the message-less silence of the father.… Read More

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Death by Empiricism

Wikipedia Poem, No. 837 trapped under race class boxed among historical exclusive advanced handstand genderstand understand active advances of the early works create mutually early work before common understanding to deposit a dead body in sojourner truth or anna julia cooper intersection scissors in the… Read More

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Charming Modern Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 785 you are waiting for the construction of my body my body as an extension of my body my body as an extension i am waiting for the construction i am ammo at the art stud club i need i need i… Read More

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Inside Joke

Wikipedia Poem, No. 463 george meredith tinter-365 the testament of cresseid edmund near perigord tennyson thomas gray elegy written in time of cresseid edmund near perigord the dream-777 tha twee dogs william butler yeats lamia the axeheave john keats meditations in time of civil war… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 361

interpretations of the code are significant generate the cause as 0 if anothere array of the API is on the first sample reached can be a 6-chair bossary only a handful of the code is drawn from plato’s dialogues fragments are significant passes to “array(curveAtTime… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 224

  thought and love trying to embolden a lot of good men love them thinking to embolden a lot of jameses onto the banks no embolden in the same tepid we’re from from a moral witch tepid love and thought came i know a lot… Read More