to wear so many rings your fingertips refuse to meet
to pull up skin-tight jeans
to slip on a pink tube top without being asked
to find what’s in your pocket

what is in your pocket?

to be known for a particular hairdo
to smell the way you do
to be brilliant without being moved
to snooze

oh scent do you see?

to kill in order to live
to grow a theorist in a tube
to suck off a hungry ghost
to love basic vanilla body mist after all these years

what won’t work and why not?

to have that kind of mind
to have this kind of mouth
to charge into the universe’s great recording booth
and scream no no no that won’t work


Our Hero Discovers Pure Empathy In the Dustless Prop Corners of Episodic Soft-Input Humor

Wikipedia Poem, No. 582


niece        put             aliens           audience put  humor maw the gaudier       not soft-hence      put   claw        the          seep not       somnolence put         h audience   claw  the     aliens cl-vulgar audience spymaster epithet  do  derringer  not     soft-soft-fidget-fingered they  dosses lazily they-audience pains            claw   mistery          cedes they dose soft-humor modesty they gar alienist alienable alliance        put hut episodes            episodically the humor a mess claw teens  claw salient  clangor  mysterious the audit  soft-episodes tho not  softly         do interdependence put h aliens called softy  cl-hey do see claw            the liens            claw hence put aw        the               noble might           episodic soft-input humor  deep not o  deep not    deep  not nor mysteriousness  impudence pew  claw the fingerling alien audience ye do    peppery episodes do parade  aliens  at aliens at aliens teary piso not soft-oft-fingering humor       misery     he simply wants out

Have you ever heard of Piero Manzoni?

“I should like all artists to sell their fingerprints, or else stage competitions to see who can draw the longest line or sell their shit in tins. The fingerprint is the only sign of the personality that can be accepted: if collectors want something intimate, really personal to the artist, there’s the artist’s own shit, that is really his.” Piero Manzoni

Oh, honey… Who can deprive a word of its meaning? Do you claim the words when you arrange them? Do you borrow them? Lease them? Leash them? How do you own them, particularly?

Have you ever heard of Piero Manzoni?

You are a vector. That’s all. I am a vector, too. The second you say something is beautiful, or a poem, or art, it becomes that. It’s that simple. Anything else is violent colonialism. Stricture.

This is what post-modernism is about. And by post-modernism, I just mean a movement projected forever forward into space. Like a light never dying. Sure, you’ll stop perceiving it at some point, but your explication of your perception is just limiting the reality of that object. Those words ever only meant anything to you. What happens to them as they super-ball around the room is exactly as irrelevant and as cosmically important as the words (objectively) and you (also objectively.)

I poop on a plate and present it proudly as art, it’s art. I put your words in a grinder and call it a poem, it’s a poem. Nowadays, it’s all just a matter of will, marketing and polish. Meaning is expressed by how words relate to each other in the reader’s mind, not in the poet’s mind.

We’ve (I’ve) been doing this for years (times infinity) does the practice (product) gain meaning because it’s remembered? Remembered to what extent? To what ends? Because one can quote it? Because it has generational weight? Because it effects policy change? Because it puts one smile on one face for one fleeting moment? Because it locks one professor into her peach tenure track?

Ever wonder why Wittgenstein ended up designing doorknobs?

(I love you, btw, as a person who is interested in poetry. I’m not grumbling here, just twisting my own nipples to get a bit of magma flowing.)

The Internet Appears in the Morning Like a Hand / Full of Cashews and Coconut Meat

Wikipedia Poem, No. 508


from your
genderlesque moiré two water suns
train invasive things

the percieved field
is most like my clause
before stolen ice cream

in order to think
like singing deploy
textbook masturbation

thighs swing
across the marketplace
air like hangman

powerful free diogenes
sidling cloud crab
then off she petals paper

dress of gauze
grazing blue-white dross
still die high in its gaze

Superficial Missus

Wikipedia Poem, No. 494


“at least I would like to think so” John Ashbery

aluminum ice pix
too big how exotic
your shoulders your nose
how big too exotic
in this picture you’re stock art
when is too big or how is exotic

your nose in this shot
connects to its hips
you’re using to click

the internet has something to tell you
its hip its using your lips
in the women du prix
where you shoulder your nose
in this picture they ski down for clicks
i have something to plick

i’ve got your nose
and your womanly hips
the picture’s too big

how erotic
your shoulders
so nordic
wipes their nostradamus
completely sephardic
another howling mountain épique

isn’t that funny
your body eclipses
your liberal hip sis

Disclaimer (Busdriver)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 450


“I studied the abrupt edge of youth / so I could get the petal just right” Sarah Jean Grimm

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Muriel Rukeyser

Wikipedia Poem, No. 431


“In the day I would be reminded of those men and women, / Brave, setting up signals across vast distances, / Considering a nameless way of living, of almost unimagined values.” Muriel Rukeyser

  consistent a 
      commitment to an 
  of her feminist 
activities garnered her 
our twentieth-century 
       coleridge our neruda
        organized protests against 
the whole of her remarkable femininity
a woman
a jew
jew a jew a jew
         a jew
single multitude
the trial of american poetry  
     an apt description 
        american poetry in her 
        121-page fbi file and 
         an innovative body of american poems 
out of work across the trail
of cultural norms and taboos 
       this consistent
to deeply human activities 
violated by various vietnams


Wikipedia Poem, No. 400


“our being able to do things with our words is the source of their being able to mean anything at all.” Nancy Bauer

    a man properly
      sharpens always 
     a district 

this will clear the most 
       a man is sure to build 
a sub-district plans 
         to do 
this most important thing a spear 

difference between 
          winning correctly and just winning 

a man first drops efficiency 
the tile of what 
sailing speciality send 
them in them 
in send in the 

first sharp speech and then assigning teeth
first dropped citizens correctly 
working on it oh and get a warehouse

a decent cash injection 
harvest any resources there 
          men always harvest resources 
then build up any
  largely useless mean


Wikipedia Poem, No. 374


“Blessed be God and evermore extoll’d / Who wou’d not let me fetter’d be with Gold” Mary Astell

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and a blog called wikipoem

“Charles Bernstein”



Charles Bernstein,
Here is my litany,
How does it compare
To yours? Not a thing,
But an original tense,
Unknown to word, sound
Or light—the carefully pent
Birthday present
Approximately the size of a bowling ball
And the weight of a human heart
As you remember it—
Bowed and hysterical, still
Forever and unobserved.