Giant Farmers Market, Hackensack, NJ, Large indoor farmers market. You can buy anything from fruits and vegetables to fresh cut meats and seafood. Come early to avoid the crowds.
Farmers Market, 2019

After Ron Padgett’s Amsterdam

The sky has been paved over
by no boats in the Hackensack.
In the gutters of River Road
watery asphalt crumbles
because it is New Jersey and
very unwell. Even the street
light thinks filth, with
the sadness of her body
her electric mind every minute
and Ken Zisa inside
the house watching his Yankees
inning after inning. Outside
the window, a man says something
and a girl laughs, “No, Milagros,
eso no es un gusano real.”
Everything fizzles.

‘For a Moment’ by Ron Padgett

'For a Moment' by Ron Padgett

It’s funny how
if you just let go
of things they

will come to
you. That is to say
sometimes. So what

good is such a
Ah, it makes you

feel good to say
such things from
time to time,

as if you actually
and really and truly
knew something!

Source: Padgett, Ron. Collected Poems. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Coffee House Press, 2013, p. 415.

Our Hero Discovers Pure Empathy In the Dustless Prop Corners of Episodic Soft-Input Humor

Wikipedia Poem, No. 582


niece        put             aliens           audience put  humor maw the gaudier       not soft-hence      put   claw        the          seep not       somnolence put         h audience   claw  the     aliens cl-vulgar audience spymaster epithet  do  derringer  not     soft-soft-fidget-fingered they  dosses lazily they-audience pains            claw   mistery          cedes they dose soft-humor modesty they gar alienist alienable alliance        put hut episodes            episodically the humor a mess claw teens  claw salient  clangor  mysterious the audit  soft-episodes tho not  softly         do interdependence put h aliens called softy  cl-hey do see claw            the liens            claw hence put aw        the               noble might           episodic soft-input humor  deep not o  deep not    deep  not nor mysteriousness  impudence pew  claw the fingerling alien audience ye do    peppery episodes do parade  aliens  at aliens at aliens teary piso not soft-oft-fingering humor       misery     he simply wants out

Wikpedia Poem, No. 55

“B is for the Brute / in white soft, scuffless sneakers / smoke”


       stretching at Autosayyid
         B is for
      that oil-stained to Ghostbro
the general tattoo waving 
        loaded to a 
  share and of my 
me to 
      stared asphalt four of my hats
Over touched asphalt
   four face When the stood part
no doi But heaven’s only elide the checkered minivan obeying of time Someone 
else will die 
a table
the rain the 
    rain the man’s oil-stained 
    to the girl is the old manifest
    B is for the Brute the Brute
in white soft, scuffless sneakers 
   Thomas and 
        the minivan or 
      San Diego.

QUOTE, draft 100520131220

unlicked filth on bentbranch fingers
               & a chemical thin residue

lean waits to be pleased
across his mottled brow
               & thensudden cheekbone spikes

no gleam. despite his mottling hair

a swamp alive
               & long ago wet precious &
                    as a cradle

unprintable man
loved at impossible distance and when
               & when
wise brown eyes close
               & back turns
into every crack
memories like steam rise.

improv for wristwatch, 09262012

maybe there’s too many advertisements in my mailbox
for “food slicer” — who’s buttering what now? Continue reading “improv for wristwatch, 09262012”