Black Wall/White Noise

A hate passed across generations
over borders an ex-vast desert


a black wall scars the landscape
i do not know what i am in it

what it gives me destroys me
i do not need it not today
not tomorrow
desirous alien interior 

crown fortune its endless skull walk exposes the delirious face grabbing and shaking-down of who or what anymore and goes away from the island dune with a tavern of warm milk and upside-down memory of friends and if a place is too familiar it removes its visitors like certain meteors from near constant travel i stand at the immense black wall and scream in wind at the constructing god  

as in under
my feet here
sheathed in
goat leather as in affronting
as in without fear of
description discipline or performance

 idiot rush at the gold farm gods open your terrorist wallet
trap the house of esplanade and swallow god

White Noise

It made them feel like poets and it made them want to write more

black camel mahler stops death can be a poem he didn’t have to leave though i demanded it with my hands and bleak words i hoped anyone could understand the desert media or what remained drew up plans my intentions my privilege like a deep wind-up across sand and i wonder how he’d bred a modern aesthetic echo the private world of containing wishes: no black river neon bootleg nothing ashamed of … as a poet i dream about him buried deep in the sand in the lungs in the lugs

deep enough to have had enough of other people’s worlds
woke up screaming bronica barbacoa bankrate
like that would fix anything
and here i am
the white noise cresting the horizon
she said looking back one final time

at the black wall

Innersea References (Black Black Black) 

Those moments accumulate in the interstices of someone else’s history

and beach dragged back hands intracoastal churning
snatch from impossible tides certain hopeful
loneliness imposed
the bodies of others i thought i saw an iguana at the gates
swung open manna born from a factory i scratch the wall
first with stones and dried plant matter and stones then

fingers bleed wall remains black black black

through travel we charge the scene
a belanced knight tilting at god
these innersee references
insufficiently sophisticated
inflicted upon us by lesser

the job of an arrow is to brand the world what puts the reader to sleep — that is you to sleep — passes for a story between hands the simultaneous wall do you understand do you have this inside you?

the sky above the city is the noun constantly reintegrating parameters these are the questions made obvious against a photograph but what about the outreach the compassion the drama of it all otto had the look of a killer big bald head dirty lederhosen someone nearby spinning out the color of green apples big black eyes quiet let his friend do all the talking not the type to confuse numbers for bugs (or vice versa) had many famous friends now none

sophisticate (v.)

c. 1400, “make impure by admixture,” from Medieval Latin sophisticatus, past participle of sophisticare (see sophistication). From c. 1600 as “corrupt, delude by sophistry;” from 1796 as “deprive of simplicity.” Related: Sophisticated; sophisticating. As a noun meaning “sophisticated person” from 1921.

Poem Can’t Defend Itself

they are gone out / they are beautiful / they are never enough

DESPITE a community rises up around me a community rises up around me a community rises up around me a community rises up around me a community rises up rises up rises up DESPITE i sink into community into community into community rises up around me around me around me a round me a rondo a nonce an ounce of community in my pocket a pound of trounce in my hand a ton of electronics on my back DESPITE a promise to tend to the garden to the garden to the garden tend to tendencies tenderly a garden a garden a garden worth guarding tenderly a community DESPITE rising up around a ton of electronics tenderly gardening my back DESPITE an ounce of rondo in my pocket

Ounce of Rondeau

you ask yourself: is the next minute enough? enough to pull you into them? to keep you there enough? is its plurality of negations enough to keep you reading forever? independent of the men in caskets we come to the incinerator or from the incinerator — there’s a world through this door

poetic form necessitates a poetics of absence less attitude more altitude reality holding your hand we walk backwards down a fall of steps individualism into the chopper i wrote myself a letter in sand no i will write myself a letter in sand no i must have forgotten not writing it with precocious expectations of a strong handsome noun on my knees at the wall with obscure eyes the letter didn’t say west of here is a nice mass grave and east of here is blue smoke of otto more violence more opiate i wake up wanting 

survive make friends at the inn at columbia tell stories 

whenever i hold my child
the hair on my body turns
white noise white heart
welcome to the world
it’s just me you’re ok
oh my god you’re ok

Ounce of Zuihitsu

the moon of thicknesses and texture of papers one for photo one for text quality absorption two i’s a k and a p pile high like huey dewey and louie in a trench coat attempting to purchase pornography or an assault rifle or enriched uranium galk the image is gone he’s piloted guys chariots into the sun melted melted axle horse and hope alike the image has dispersed the boy my stand-in meditates on his describing destruction and finds opportunity for new life to bathe its hot fault lines there’s an emoji for that the old phrase goes 

when i lift a palm-full of warm sand i feel it coursing through my hand though i see it still in my fingers the sense receptors haunt the skin wrapped around muscle bone breath the warmth of the sand the atmosphere of it of them our misunderstanding and inflate with metaphysical charm surreal pleasure undeniable expression the inward experience of what kind of story is this story

the menu at the storm is written in an alien language that looks like begging a stranger to buy your underage-self violence and sounds like the opiate state protecting your fragile body on offer are the powerful horses of a new god

I don’t know how else to tell you there are problems with what little soil remains problems with what little oil remains problems with the spoiled chaos of which there is plenty the dog-boys expect one in every tribe to make a mistake i put the beginning at the end and pray 

i close my eyes and pray for rain

despite (n., prep.)

c. 1300, despit (n.) “contemptuous challenge, defiance; act designed to insult or humiliate someone;” mid-14c., “scorn, contempt,” from Old French despit (12c., Modern French dépit), from Latin despectus “a looking down on, scorn, contempt,” from past participle of despicere “look down on, scorn,” from de “down” (see de-) + spicere/specere “to look at” (from PIE root *spek- “to observe”).

The prepositional sense “notwithstanding” (early 15c.) is short for in despite of “in defiance or contempt of” (c. 1300), a loan-translation of Anglo-French en despit de “in contempt of.” It almost became despight during the 16c. spelling reform.

Blacking Thee Impossible Art

some men are large others are sharks but all men have their cut coming what price what playing harmony what origins hungry submissions layered to the ceiling like dried newspaper waits for spark a wide lens saturation cranked creamed laughing fringes pissed the windgreens that fill sinuses this is indirect incorrect take the first viola on your right and go straight on til the measuring tape boils oh see can you say it like he sees it will you allow the worries to tell you no wrestling nude in the sun people blacken me blacking thee impossible art life i’ll tell it straight no surface artifact artifact camera aims his gun at the sun a diagonal field sailing memories the means to be an artist dearest exponent YES! i like top ten art as much as the next guy but here in the desert there’s only survival 

i don’t want to hurt people that’s the point i guess jane the fried of the west said the best you scream when you know jane didn’t say that i said that no not that even i’ve acquired it put it in my pocket like a write of passport it was born here what do you want from me screaming burnt hair test the limits of the dog-boys laying there depressed dried out next to their dreams of milk next to a soundscape of rolled up death that gives way to the blackened mind

in the wallet of the last quarter century don’t know how to spend it don’t know that if we ever will

the data bears this out the data proves popularity is a marauder straddling a spreadsheet from station to station the numbers are bright and clear as the moon ticked on the ocean wall in chalk the countryside evaporated by nuclear strike like a crow like a crown like a clown from the diving board insert yourself here transfigure possibility and cliche

the men he met at the wall and they were always men displayed no dedication to the pilgrimage no ambition to elide its infinity they plant their feet in the hot sand and shed blood an ear upon a pedestal this masculine beauty 

so we waited seven years anymore how do you experience cold it’s not cold to be uncomfortable would it even register as cold or just certainly not a breeze a sensation experience an external sensation register as different from in your belly proximity to celebrity on this the final day of the final april

what is this crocus trampled inconvenient bottom boot beside the dog-boys’ leftovers in the sun warning our flesh some listen some tilt listen i’m thirty seven trying to get to the under of this big wide doing so far so guilty so unwinged by the mage or the architect or god the builder send me a picture of there

OK OK OK (For Eztmrjie)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 996

after months of afternoon
eztmrjie is not the park
wikipedia poem, no. 995
eztmrjie bit the dark part
wikipedia poem, no. 995
this marriage —
that commitment —
this contaminant —
tenderly autobiographical
but denied as an institutional art-piece
the 43-year-old protagonist’s given name: eztmrjie
his anti-capital acts of speech
for me the reality’s mouth after months
of dynamite after lesson’s prescriptive stories
the character’s weird little enzymes his name is eztmrjie
black people are lebanese-americans
have a reality are trees in the park
after months after the lesson’s prescriptive streets
such a tremendous snap of respek for treats
such anti-capitalist and overly autobiographical acts

Impertinence of Khans

Wikipedia Poem, No. 984

Shin-Ōkubo Station, 2019

on the throes of his weak for a while the
visit was overseas tried
upon the will become contentious seemingly incestuous
the chief was tried upon his throne
their own red tried upon the queen confronting a grim country for proceeding above world leadership in likelihood the leadership struggles scheduled wrapped-up sussing the news that confronts
a grim country for office and news confronts a grim country for a while an opportunity to escape leadership and his weakness for
creationism the will becomes escape throes as unpatriotic foes
judge is he fit for khanship clipped into a cage to demonstrate his global chief was not further staged of his week and gave his global leadership the war pig on its own red trips was tried upon their ownèd response but the leadership revels in struggle
scheduled wrap-up sussing in chief was overseas tried upon the leaders making new leaders

in rabanastre mr rivkin lands in deep red for khanship faces turns taught talking in chief was sought khan rivkin abruptly sows
can hop on with reopportunity to boast of jidoor that by peers thus make in rabanastre mr rivkin abruptly can hop on hop off
likelihood the meeting precedes the image
of jidoor and news confronts a grim country for khans caught talking overseas and bolts early only for this
global leadership likelihood fits for and allowed mr rivkin abruptly can hop on his own meaning the commanded blacksky in mirovsha on not further world leadership likelihood that by peers creep-in-chief was not
fit for khan
now faced a viral hot-mic video then slipped other-world leadership likelihood the red trial for office and that capital vile
in chief was not further world leadership likelihood that by peers decree

likelihood by equinox his image as war pig on war pig would by leaders seem scheduled to wrap-up sessions in rabanastre with the red trial behind global leaders making one sullen khan caught to escape throes of mr rivkin landed in chief was two-faced turned tough khan not further fit for the office of porter making likelihood at zilch the visit was cursed —

two-faced turn tough khan rivkin in rabanastre
abruptly hopped on the red queen

— thus for proceeding whether his image of weakness and a pikeful news cycle confronts this grim couple
the commanded brick in chief was not further imagined upon judging whether spoils in mirovsha at the blacksky meeting was not further spoiling this fun of his
week dragged on for a while and strided purposefully across river of history one of his likelihoods allowed mr rivkin and his weaknesses to proceed seemingly sententious meeting of
jidoor wild throes as unpatriotic foes upon the veldt sought to escape the viral video the fifth khan tried upon his own spoiling in mirovsha

Source: Baker, Peter. “Mocked Abroad and Assailed at Home, Trump Returns to Face Impeachment.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 5 Dec. 2019,

Sandor Clegane (Insomnia)

Black Philosophy

refuse to earn
another necessary
shit one reads pauline kael
like a lover poured forth
unseen swift
unheard pre-
historic pre-existence — now
bountiful no one remembers
the review one remembers
the cinematographer
Michael Ballhaus and
the brother near-
catatonic sops “I love you,
Frank” under pallid
piano smoke chops
his elder down — i’m

sick sick sick
of characters
and creators
in film tv final
draft polishing copper
mirrors by script light

‘The Thinking Machines of Tomorrow’ W.S. Merwin

“The poems of Merwin’s mature career seemed to have been delivered unto him, then transcribed by lightning flash.” Dan Chiasson

from The New Yorker, November 29, 1969

List of Ancient Greek Tribes (Vincenzo Peruggia)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 728


“The agents of the statue came finally to stare out the window of the room at the statue, as they dreamed and died. // There was an eaten who was oranged by a child to a ceiling a please and a lobster that said basket when a house was in a man.” Russell Edson

aean curethinyans
aebi yans aoi
aeges aoi
aegiaebi epes
aoi curethinyans
aoi eordeans
aoi epes
aoi minyans
aoi phikrans
aoi yans
cretes epeioi
cretes krans
curetapithikes tes
phikes tes
philians leges
phinyans tes
tes telchaebi

from Percival Everett in “The Art of Fiction No. 235”

Everett: “I remember loving Lewis Carroll from an early age, and not just “Through the Looking-Glass” and “Alice” but the syllogisms and a book on logic. And then I remember quite well, early on, reading something I thought I shouldn’t be reading, Maugham’s “Of Human Bondage”, which I got from my father’s shelf. I think I was nine. It was fun because I didn’t think I was supposed to read it. As I look back, I think that it’s reading, probably even more than writing, that I find important. Reading is subversive because you necessarily do it by yourself. Which is why books scare people like Donald Trump. What’s interesting to me is that the poor people who identify with Donald Trump, they think of themselves as unlucky rich people. If things had just gone differently, they would be rich, too. The system has worked against them. It’s the same reason people play the lottery. Overnight you could wake up rich, and that’s an exciting thing. What you can’t do overnight is become educated. That requires a lot of work, so that’s not a goal. It’s something to fear. But that’s exactly why I find books so important. I don’t care what people read. If they read anything, then they might read something else. I just want to participate in making a different culture. I’m thinking of that line of Walt Whitman’s—”Produce great Persons, the rest follows.” It sounds flip when you just say it, but it’s true. That’s not to say that people are bad, but I want a readership that wants to read things because the work is difficult, not because it’s only fun. I want the fun to be in figuring it out. That’s what reading is all about, and to me writing is really just an extension of reading. But there, enough of my soapbox.”

Read the entire interview in The Paris Review.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 373

aries (march 21 – april 19)

all aries it’s a
period for
all aries it’s a good
period for
all aries you to exercise on
a regular basis you exercise
the aries it’s a good
period for there’s nothing to worry about as
long as long as long as long
long as
long as long as long as long

taurus (april 20 – may 20)

diets-à-vis your fears
disrupt your inner peaceful
year for the
peaceful year
for the taurus
the taurus and
you’re married it
will be
health make sure
your inner peaceful year for the start a health make sure
you’ll be a health make sure
you’re married it will

gemini (may 21 – june 20)

time when it
comes to
your career or finances think long
term before making any
drastic decisions en
it comes to
your hyperactivity
hyperactivity doesn’t interfere with your career
or finances think
long term before making any drastic decisions to your hyperact

cancer (june 21 – july 22)

so be
spending excessively in
you don’t need so be wary prepare for things you don’t need so be
wary prepare for
you don’t need
so be
prepared spending
excessively in every possible aspect
so be prepared spending excessively
in your
life ur
life ending

leo (july 23 – august 22)

might moment enjoy they tell a
story of fabulousness and learn as you shouldn’t
waste time 17
might be luck and learn as you shouldn’t waste
time 17 might just be
a year of
fabulousness and
and bliss you shouldn’t waste time enough to win it
this time waiting for the righ

virgo (august 23 – september 22)

to be a
good time to
time to be very diplomatic in them
for something for something for something
for something for something
for something
for something
for something for
for something
something for something for some
decisions may come old decisions m

libra (september 23 – october 22)

your imagination
run wild and
creative side
well make sure
you dream of serve
as well
make sure your ideas so
that everyone
can understand express you dream of serve as according to
embrace their horoscope let you dream
according to embrace them to their horoscope
let your love

scorpio (october 23 – november 21)

you’ll want
to stay healthy and
you’ll want to
you want to achieve
want to putting
away your past behind as quickly as quickly
quickly as quickly as quickly
quickly as
quickly as quickly as quickly as quickly as
quickly as quickly
quickly as quickly as quickly
as quickly as

sagittarius (november 22 – december 21)

the dermatologist
wild sex
and business life while
you’ll finally get the dermatologist
will be challent
while you will be resolved with
be challenging at times but
nothing that can be resolved with will have
an excellent social life while your
career and
romance so

capricorn (december 22 – january 19)

for marriage for marriage for them love and
will be
a peace
of innovation and
a year of mind and creativity for them love and creativity
love and creativity for
them love
a year
of innovation and
creativity for them
love a peace
of innovation

aquarius (january 20 – february 18)

will flourish
will be a good year of
positive opportunities and excellenty of
work and excellent results when
it comes to pregnancially or personally
– it will
be a
year forecast a
well so financially or personally or
– it

pisces (february 19 – march 20 )

towards achieving your career don’t let
your favor
strive and finish
your success in
success because the stars are
aligned in a
timely manner
will be a
successful year
projects in
key to your
goals and clam attitude
and finish
your personally en it comes to look
life with a poor

Wikipedia Poem, No. 63

"HarvardSquar on NyQuil / which time-true for everything all / like the jaw of god"


give a bit
sick here

and Roy Tony's body getting
its third bag

and conversession
fire but
a vehicle of him

then some Mass up in his


heavily crewed
not a thing like that

from beef to Poor

Tony's old hash 
with heads 
legless in

we go up another flight on his old

score an old Patty citizen-type kid on the nom
studns are
this shatered’be

a big
Boot — size 18 — hes’donuts in the dumster
and C wants his vehiclass

in the dumsters’always
ther fags
in a Pimp an

other'se its alls the Harvard Squar before $ and the on
finally after night

neck and was
ther so hard

a Squar fucking on the
at Copley Bay

Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay
Bay Bay Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay Bay

Bay Bay
Bay Bay

Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay
Bay Bay Bay

Bay Bay
Bay Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay

aile and

to get
over and up type in
diffrent four-digit. And finally bag we

go to

for that was going would conversession finally and howeverything alone
can get up to a
large degreen

got over
no matter

is no cheese
a big bell
for there yrstruly

petaled an older "if"
stash with Santaclaus ringing
onto a large degreen pastures,

and our mind
we leave to yrstruly
s’like C said fucking like

HarvardSquar on NyQuil
which time-true for everything all
like the jaw of god

for sure
and with us
a direction

use a bundle in you diffrent
And bag C
into the Bay

they got some'n sharp and the Bay coming in
the Bay the Bay Bay
Bay Bay

Wikpedia Poem, No. 55

“B is for the Brute / in white soft, scuffless sneakers / smoke”


       stretching at Autosayyid
         B is for
      that oil-stained to Ghostbro
the general tattoo waving 
        loaded to a 
  share and of my 
me to 
      stared asphalt four of my hats
Over touched asphalt
   four face When the stood part
no doi But heaven’s only elide the checkered minivan obeying of time Someone 
else will die 
a table
the rain the 
    rain the man’s oil-stained 
    to the girl is the old manifest
    B is for the Brute the Brute
in white soft, scuffless sneakers 
   Thomas and 
        the minivan or 
      San Diego.