OK OK OK (For Eztmrjie)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 996

after months of afternoon
eztmrjie is not the park
wikipedia poem, no. 995
eztmrjie bit the dark part
wikipedia poem, no. 995
this marriage —
that commitment —
this contaminant —
tenderly autobiographical
but denied as an institutional art-piece
the 43-year-old protagonist’s given name: eztmrjie
his anti-capital acts of speech
for me the reality’s mouth after months
of dynamite after lesson’s prescriptive stories
the character’s weird little enzymes his name is eztmrjie
black people are lebanese-americans
have a reality are trees in the park
after months after the lesson’s prescriptive streets
such a tremendous snap of respek for treats
such anti-capitalist and overly autobiographical acts

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