Sandor Clegane (Insomnia)

Black Philosophy

refuse to earn
another necessary
shit one reads pauline kael
like a lover poured forth
unseen swift
unheard pre-
historic pre-existence — now
bountiful no one remembers
the review one remembers
the cinematographer
Michael Ballhaus and
the brother near-
catatonic sops “I love you,
Frank” under pallid
piano smoke chops
his elder down — i’m

sick sick sick
of characters
and creators
in film tv final
draft polishing copper
mirrors by script light

“the moon”

FullSizeRender 9

three five
six five

keep counting
command the impossible

one two three
four six

in the air
sweet fermenting pear

one two three
six five
three one

dreamless pixels
the moon
through a screen

Untitled, 051420152314

The ground outside
Papered with noise
Wild a fire, far off
And sleep.