Sandor Clegane (Insomnia)

Black Philosophy

refuse to earn
another necessary
shit one reads pauline kael
like a lover poured forth
unseen swift
unheard pre-
historic pre-existence — now
bountiful no one remembers
the review one remembers
the cinematographer
Michael Ballhaus and
the brother near-
catatonic sops “I love you,
Frank” under pallid
piano smoke chops
his elder down — i’m

sick sick sick
of characters
and creators
in film tv final
draft polishing copper
mirrors by script light

‘Royalty’ by Arthur Rimbaud, trans. John Ashbery

First published in 1886, Arthur Rimbaud's Illuminations, the work of a poet who had abandoned poetry before the age of twenty-one, changed the language of poetry. Hallucinatory and feverishly hermetic, it is an acknowledged masterpiece of world literature, still unrivaled for its haunting blend of sensuous detail and otherworldly astonishment. In Ashbery's translation of this notoriously elusive text, the acclaimed poet and translator lends his inimitable voice to a venerated classic.
He died of cancer in a Marseilles hospital in 1891, still young — having in effect compressed what for others would have been a long lifetime of artistic revolution and exotic adventure into just 37 years.
Arthur Rimbaud was born in 1854 in Charleville, in the northeast of France close to the Belgian border, to a sour-tempered, repressively pious mother and a mostly absent soldier father who disappeared for good when Rimbaud was 6.


Un beau matin, chez un peuple fort doux, un homme et une femme superbes criaient sur la place publique. «Mes amis, je veux qu’elle soit reine!» «Je veux être reine!» Elle riait et tremblait. Il parlait aux amis de révélation, d’épreuve terminée. Ils se pâmaient lun contre l’autre.

En effet ils furent rois toute toute une matinée où les tentures carminées se relevèrent sur les maisons, et toute l´après-midi, où ils sávancérent du côté des jardins de palmes.


One fine morning, in the country of a very gentle people, a magnificent man and woman were shouting in the public square. “My friends, I want her to be queen!” “I want to be queen!” She was laughing and trembling. He spoke to their friends of revelation, of trials completed. They swooned against each other.

In fact they were regents for a whole morning as crimson hangings were raised against the houses, and for the whole afternoon, as they moved toward the groves of palm trees.

Source: Rimbaud, Arthur, and John Ashbery. Illuminations. New York: W.W. Norton, 2012, pp. 52-53.

wikipedia poem, no. 5


He is better known by his stage name
sexual attractants—“A Small Village”—or pheromones
Found with several species of brown algae

Such as Colonel Eamon “Ned” Broyl, the American rapper
A complex chemical compound naturally present in freshwater environments
Now included in the Southeast statistical region

First noticed off Howard County, the formula of dictyopterene A
Ned, as a local church belonging to the parish of Osilnica
Ned, too expensive for the Union

Went bankrupt—Limitless grip strength 
Shizuku had never drunk wine—million of oocytes in the ovary at birth
400 will be ovulated

This mountain, apparently, in part a reaction against the ruling passion

Shizuku submerges himself as a child
The newly formed wine department
Ned joins.