High Citrus

Wikipedia Poem, No. 810


Your rejection is both expected as worn and terrifying. I’m an editor. I always saw people like you incorrect: In conversation I reference sours again and again. You played silent tunings at the gym, or like a woman before a mirror again — silent tunes. The gym, or women before mirrors, and again the silence tuned one’s physique, your physique, our physique, you do go to the quicksilver pool, don’t you, or woman around like a fox from the mirror? And again mercury silent. Tune it twice, we did — we? — maybe. At once sour, then terrifying, green rind, ground, further ground. Your poetry, the poetry of flight and forgetfulness, the publication in the pupil makes sense of what will your poetry publish at the corneal machine? Reach down, writhe. Ends up the word is try. Lappets and scanlines. I’m an editor. I always saw people in the people.

Therapy (Pulling Red Thread)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 483


   dazzle in bayonne
them i 
spot the battleship a 
   thing in me 
      better in college 

diminutive bayon

i am a 
human who 
     sits unlike a trough 
purchased long at 
      academic front leaking

a long narrow open container 
for animals 
to eat or drink 
out of


rarely painted red

Wikipedia Poem, No. 228


“…the structure behind the mundane, patches of unprimed canvas peeking through the real.” Ben Lerner


chambering beams move light tightly

fire says womb
fire the brute it is

well transfixed be
tir de barrage heat
ripple the ground

the ground
ripples an abstract tonare
overheating form fires mast

interior cradlelike
deep light combing

zips back
of the soft-rifle
anybody sick soon

blooded for toward
ripple hangs on
cultivated land

crawling at a wall
naming the best of these then
uteri grip the queens apparition

Wikipedia Poem, No. 62; Netanyahu 1

“That the battle but lose mountry, over infortunity.”


Netanyahu 1

     only disagreedom 
for a 
      wreat these neight 
-- the in the all threates of 
  challery, man 
       someone the regime, 
especial momen, 
than to war. 
      That the battle but lose mountry, over infortunity.

  Just nuclear Hormuz, that break-out a 
   concession to provided vitals, Baghdad, 
     Damas to walk away 
friend on 
         We must 
and a while it will always a 
  and the futured on is 
not story, 
   Secret the 190,000 centrifuges, include 
tween a 
broke to inspectors.

But unfortunity.
   If all that Israel, 
it's who do just 
be know-how dangerous appen.
We can't exactly 
from have

wikipedia poem, no. 5


He is better known by his stage name
sexual attractants—“A Small Village”—or pheromones
Found with several species of brown algae

Such as Colonel Eamon “Ned” Broyl, the American rapper
A complex chemical compound naturally present in freshwater environments
Now included in the Southeast statistical region

First noticed off Howard County, the formula of dictyopterene A
Ned, as a local church belonging to the parish of Osilnica
Ned, too expensive for the Union

Went bankrupt—Limitless grip strength 
Shizuku had never drunk wine—million of oocytes in the ovary at birth
400 will be ovulated

This mountain, apparently, in part a reaction against the ruling passion

Shizuku submerges himself as a child
The newly formed wine department
Ned joins.


Nacre Ode [draft]

let’s lie
in the top left corner
you will see this sun rise
one you could not license

licorice diamond the lady reaching
waves of her lysergic arm one to brace another
column of instead a list of historical events hysterical
lucy against the unbottled still morning air hips lips lost

lyrics careworn Theberton Hoof a gamers eve and tossed
in the bard’s hearth in the bad thrasher in the raga man a lyric
whence bank the bottle bears its beggar up from the mirth of brake
staring at the rising choice we bare to falsify ourselves our harmless hearts.