Manliness is a Terrifying Idea (Dan Graham)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 758


misunderstand basically a corporate site  
    my work     has to be people     misunderstand its heroic alienation 
      it’s a basic critique of alienationship 
to be sure         people misunderstand basic      society 
        corporate site work         has        that     way about it maybe 
people        misunderstand its     alienation   my work has to     baffle perplex 
misunderstand it       that way maybe     sphinx-like 
misunderstood it’s to be people misunderstand its 
          basic tongues of alienhood other jumbles 
          people misunderstand it’s basically   a corporate bulldog   people 
                    misunderstand its basic sociological critique
                              kill skin 
                                        and roast 
                                                  the brutalist 



now outside are scary things
out there children play
other bells ring out then
cease with mouths and thin skin
everything with clout is immediate and
blood waits for a bout below layers of paper

my dog watches a goldfinch
with her nose she cries
and whines complains
or does not understand the screen
a hinge creaks between
her wet nose in here and her memory
of sprinting
of the dry grass
on her brown back
of the unexpected
pizza crust she looks into me

with the excited eyes of a middle-aged
woman who in 2017 bravely enrolls
in an online poetry course
the TA refuses to insist
Frank O’Hara’s Personal Poem
has nothing to do with her
racial hangups he lost

his sobriety and everything
is unshakably out of control.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 228


“…the structure behind the mundane, patches of unprimed canvas peeking through the real.” Ben Lerner


chambering beams move light tightly

fire says womb
fire the brute it is

well transfixed be
tir de barrage heat
ripple the ground

the ground
ripples an abstract tonare
overheating form fires mast

interior cradlelike
deep light combing

zips back
of the soft-rifle
anybody sick soon

blooded for toward
ripple hangs on
cultivated land

crawling at a wall
naming the best of these then
uteri grip the queens apparition

Five Days Outside of London

Five Days Outside of London

Five Days Outside of London

I 	don't know why apples fall where 
	don't care for candy or cats 
&, no, I didn’t catch that show, no

Compelled to connect

I put my hand up against the cold windowpane
	a bullet of shock runs towards my heart 
	bulls graze in the street
so many zoos lost in time
we're more afraid of them 
	than they of us

I know what I need to know

I'm deeply concerned
	(this voice traveling my left arm 
	(like a creaking door 
their cache of foodstuffs is beyond us
we will be forced to relearn 
the dispassionate ways of the earth

I pass on survival, tools, symbolic refrain

Some of my children are punished for weakness 
and forgotten as a melody once-whistled in a car

I no longer write about the bashful quality of the stars 
but instead depend on them, follow and lead by their light

What, we imagine together, is a car? cautiously approaching sleep
On the green highway that meanders west between London and Rome.