Five Days Outside of London

Five Days Outside of London
Five Days Outside of London
I 	don't know why apples fall where 
	don't care for candy or cats 
&, no, I didn’t catch that show, no

Compelled to connect

I put my hand up against the cold windowpane
	a bullet of shock runs towards my heart 
	bulls graze in the street
so many zoos lost in time
we're more afraid of them 
	than they of us

I know what I need to know

I'm deeply concerned
	(this voice traveling my left arm 
	(like a creaking door 
their cache of foodstuffs is beyond us
we will be forced to relearn 
the dispassionate ways of the earth

I pass on survival, tools, symbolic refrain

Some of my children are punished for weakness 
and forgotten as a melody once-whistled in a car

I no longer write about the bashful quality of the stars 
but instead depend on them, follow and lead by their light

What, we imagine together, is a car? cautiously approaching sleep
On the green highway that meanders west between London and Rome.

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