‘Fundamentalist’s Clarity’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 516


“They fed the roots, / climbed through its leaves / to soak in sunlight … / and so, she told me, / I can see.” Tyehimba Jess

for Paul Beatty

they   clean   kotten awa
break apart appear naked   especially 
intelligence of the moon   identifies   dance  i am 
a poor rabbit   if we killed enjambment 
be a rabbit skinned   in my   beggar's heart
dirty   in   kotten awa   break apart   appear 
glowing in   top flight pleasure   
yourself a moment of corrective punishment 
waking all the   moon identities dance the dance of i am
a poor what if   we killed enjambments   be a   hare 
in   my beggar's heart   dashed again in   kotten awa 
break apart   appear glowing in the news? — no
deceit   in my beggar's   heart
made whole in   kotten awa   then   break apart




I’ve woken up long ago. The plane scurries silently overhead, is full of people, of consequence. It is gone in 3 seconds. Passed through the window shade into nowhere. In France and Germany purple contains more red and less blue. A cat of ash I watch intently. As he, too, in silence, trots into the backyard. Does he live in the shed? What do I know? He disperses behind the shed, out of nothing. Is this music too loud? I’m done with questions, it is fine. I used to wonder why John Ashbery bothers with collage, but it’s no longer a concern of mine. I’m older now and I understand. A man is not only a beautyberry or only a painter or only a gondola. He can live anywhere at any time and my body is the mug of coffee that carries me here. If I obscure this mess, watch what it becomes! A pile of ciphers. (A muscular word that I need to be reminded of occasionally. One should be grateful when one is reminded of that word: Cipher. Thank the man and the place who reminds one of it: Matt Taibbi, last night, at the party.) A pile of ciphers like a lover’s alarm clock and reportage, hot and sweet. A pillow for sleeping then. Watch how the ciphers redden and collapse into one another as the temperature rises. The air desaturates. Lungs no longer new, suddenly, nude. I suppose I am a journalist first, and recoil. My socks do not match. Your socks, meanwhile, in mid-flight. Everything purple is discarded on the bedroom floor, gathering little flakes of us. My eyes today are gray, thank you for asking.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 283


“The welling of cicadas in the green / afternoon before the storm” August Kleinzahler, from “The Old Schoolyard in August”


suspicion chooses 
from algeria colombia and ireland 
the federation defends address 
        i’m glad 
said        some 
  matches        all judging aside 
who also worked 
        all judging officials 
review the inside
i know 
        the american 
echoes a coached-thing who wins 
        about to step forward through all that governs thee 
russian boxing computer 
accuse release released accused referees agree
agree agree agree

Wikipedia Poem, No. 279


“the body’s pain and the pain on the streets / are not the same but you can learn / from the edges that blur O you who love clear edges / more than anything watch the edges that blur” Adrienne Rich


early october 1518  
      1518  may 
31 1518 
       may 31 1518  may 31 1518  
31 1518  may 
   31 1518  may 31 1518  
may 31 1518  may 
31 1518 
 may 31 1518  
     31 1518 
may 31 1518  may 31 1518  
      may 31 
 may 31 1518  may 
        31 1518  
      31 1518 tintoretto
 may 31 
      may 31 1518  may 31 
   may 31 
  1518  may 
          31 1518 
31 1518  may 31 1518  may 31 1518  may 31 
1518  may 
       31 1518 
 may 31 1518  may 
31 1518 
 may 31 
        may 31 
may 31 
          may 31 1518 
 may 31 1518  may 
          31 1518  
   may 31 1518  may 



  • Rich, Adrienne. “Contradictions: Tracking Poems.” Collected Poems, 1950-2012. , 2016. Print. Page 656.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 278


“In the war years, poetry was the main genre of underground literature, since a poem can be contained on a single page.” Czeslaw Milosz


a sport of maps
claim your email ed
on nj.com about ys

mud flies and
tatter google for new
york who needs ya

mud flies and brake-lights
transmit for free this site
map claim your oaky ridge

after flat film reviews
obscene odes on this job like
a sport new york who plovers

two minutes and privacy balloons
to enter-action expelled from the newsletter
for rss feeds the map of sport

Wikipedia Poem, No. 250


“You’re so sheer, you’re so chic, teenage rebel of the week” Bryan Ferry


talks in the couple
of married borough home
follows roxy music

album cover model lucy
helmore pregnant affair
new amsterdams the dancers

who stormed up afterwards
forced their way into the dealers
college couples separate drums

simple keyboard riffs

several times the couple
in brooklyn lucy caused
junior to stick together

thirty-five years early
posing eerie sturdy
produced of notorious

simple keyboard riffs
initially played and adopted
from the bands such as hell

simple keyboard riffs

already this is something lucy would
listen sharing a poverty-stricken
twenty-year-old factory of motor monsters

simple keyboard riffs initially played
classic one critic at emerson was
a magic tramp once played along

she’s ever brooklyn
of record length
motor monsters motoring

simple keyboard riffs

initially played her adoption
off most rider eerie studs
simple keyboard riffs

in los angeles next generation living
high school graduate on the banks aerial
and singing at night and even jobbed

after three half-sister singers
performed so well as his vocal reference
to mother daytimes living by the bank

simple keyboard riffs

falsely claiming to be on his ipad
from an early age falsely employed
the bank falsely by aerial ballet

Wikipedia Poem, No. 245


“(odd word, that, / for me, ‘transpire,’ out of Latin / ‘to go out into breath’ or air or nothing),” Philip Levine


grind their
forty-five cleaners 
in great average 

the paperwork us custom
seat treading stative horns
the daily grind (an almost gas 

tank out-of-state on side minutes 
each way when side mine
motorcycle ownership to bits and I 

enjoyed picturing the cut one 
please terrible (still 
in the first two weeks later 
it’s that i’m doing like a cadillac 
with some other forty-five change 
a news reports touch with someone 

(still includes an almost
inverse indulged gorgeous 
here’s never rode it 

plate plater i don’t work 
which it from the outside 
leaks of course sewn to bits



Gerace, Joseph M. “I Shouldn’t Have Bought a 50-Year-Old Motorcycle.” Honda305.co. wikipoem.org, 5 July 2016. Web. 5 July 2016.

Levine, Philip. “The Worst Is Still to Come.” Ploughshares 42.1 (Spring 2016): 82. Print.

“realism documentation file 1”


“Fresco Supertoy”

realism documentation file 1
man breaks muscled horse
like streams of cake batter
unrealistic currant red anatomy
study asparagus white anatomy
study studying studied while he fell down without
his eyes utterly empty yet san-
guine bestride the library steps
append musculature map room stampede

october april albert oehlen
the you kay recedes act now
york jump up contemporary
art museums market
enter via zurich near
erasmus exhales newspaper
post-retrospektive photography
live living lived the venice biennial
cycles selective resins develop
by the left reactions from
london says yet another hit

Wikipedia Poem, No. 206


from the french
nous tuons seulement
prevalent neon plains

mountainous rule then
western united states
small relative shapeless

mesas plateaus buttes
destroyed landforms formerly
erroneous quiet hills