World Harvest

Wikipedia Poem, No. 907

compliant cosmos: i peel your offer from my body—molted down
melted down—bracelet-thing heras through the suburbs i say i
had some in my mouth—

weekend speech, strips of resin of mfa of repellant, delicate plot of us.

my diamonds prayer the grey splash across rampart of fire
hope blood redoubling about acceptance it is deep
et adhuc sub iudice lis est he days up in the defensive present

our works of fire reach for moss
with slim time god’s lefthand plausibility
reaches afore to better days

up from much anymore to trim the offer back

We Collect, Use And Share Information That We Gather About You

Wikipedia Poem, No. 772


in black
issuing in black
issuing boards

i experience life
tether burden
like concrete balloons
to the concrete sidewalk

i headphone the street
wearing tethers to control
my presence
being a sticky yelp
like the gunpowder salute

headphones attached
to the street wearing
the cross of the earth
around the earth’s voluble neck

headphones attached to the street
wearing the city planning board
one must not avoid choice
if one is to appear present in life

one must not choose
a sticky yelp
like that gunpowder salute

i headphone the street
wearing tumescent presence as a grape
smell violet gunpowder
but one should choose

one should risk choosing