World Harvest

Wikipedia Poem, No. 907

compliant cosmos: i peel your offer from my body—molted down
melted down—bracelet-thing heras through the suburbs i say i
had some in my mouth—

weekend speech, strips of resin of mfa of repellant, delicate plot of us.

my diamonds prayer the grey splash across rampart of fire
hope blood redoubling about acceptance it is deep
et adhuc sub iudice lis est he days up in the defensive present

our works of fire reach for moss
with slim time god’s lefthand plausibility
reaches afore to better days

up from much anymore to trim the offer back

High Citrus

Wikipedia Poem, No. 810


Your rejection is both expected as worn and terrifying. I’m an editor. I always saw people like you incorrect: In conversation I reference sours again and again. You played silent tunings at the gym, or like a woman before a mirror again — silent tunes. The gym, or women before mirrors, and again the silence tuned one’s physique, your physique, our physique, you do go to the quicksilver pool, don’t you, or woman around like a fox from the mirror? And again mercury silent. Tune it twice, we did — we? — maybe. At once sour, then terrifying, green rind, ground, further ground. Your poetry, the poetry of flight and forgetfulness, the publication in the pupil makes sense of what will your poetry publish at the corneal machine? Reach down, writhe. Ends up the word is try. Lappets and scanlines. I’m an editor. I always saw people in the people.

Our Point of View

Wikipedia Poem, No. 607

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

say social justice warrior like it's a 
bad thing 
     nice about you one cannot stop no 
matter the temperature

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

        to you skin           is 
      perfect procedure 
i          meant to say 
something nice 
the opposite of poet laureate 

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

let's       not stop      now
     halfway though the 
      gods know 
a bad thing 
   an efficient thing 
i was wrong 
about your cool spots

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

did not stop 
the procedure i meant to engage with
your totalitarian layer i 
to say salt isn't enough   
i meant to say salt