Malachi Favors

Wikipedia Poem, No. 812

“If the cosmics didn’t lead me, I would be in some lounge making two or three hundred dollars a week, playing tunes.” Malachi Favors

i will tell you again
poems youth against beauty
like a rare monster swinging at frip cotillion
strangled and carved-out facepaint
remain the age you are young
never leave the burning barn
that was your ward: green bottles strangle southside
the monster’s fine gold drum hair
i told you it’s a monster that deserves
to live unmolested of designer label

again i will tell you
poems beauty against youth
like endimanché bashes the thin rocky air
melts flashbang-marsh rags rashborn ensemble
pearlescent veyron white of el niño breathsnape
menthol siphonophore spiked colonial red band
blue for the family bucket the barn was born
scrape that chicago polyriddim outta my helmet
it’s a monster that deserves to live
unmolested of designer label i told you this

A Historic Tax Heist

Wikipedia Poem, No. 673


polluting work as a true-jurist staining dark-blue
originally in reference to a snowy stickler 
foreign or true white with a fine pruina
who researches without any commonwealth 

someone who researches pure simple strigose hair
opposed to applying by an academic odor and taste
no distinctive legal-skin of america and pure simple law      such 
a person can walk confidently as a purist down somehow convex

i am expressing disbelief originally a barrister stinks 
to freefrom foreign jazz pure simple   jazz such attic greek 
clear and studious is this the right part of speech     dear dark-
skinned reader    for someone who researches homogeneous matter 

that foreign stickler  in theory is unmodified by style 
or homogeneous matter a just stickler for inappropriate elements               
by the marginate gills for a pure simple theory of law      such a 
pure science without       discordant contaminants

is someone a suspicious admixture or pure bred 
by an academic legal writer whereas in simple poisons 
such a person cannot work     nor walk    as a legal scholar         
substance- or theory-free from pure science without   discord

the polluting or poisonous spore
makes something radical impure

Our Point of View

Wikipedia Poem, No. 607

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

say social justice warrior like it's a 
bad thing 
     nice about you one cannot stop no 
matter the temperature

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

        to you skin           is 
      perfect procedure 
i          meant to say 
something nice 
the opposite of poet laureate 

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

let's       not stop      now
     halfway though the 
      gods know 
a bad thing 
   an efficient thing 
i was wrong 
about your cool spots

   i meant to say something nice 
about you

did not stop 
the procedure i meant to engage with
your totalitarian layer i 
to say salt isn't enough   
i meant to say salt

God Cannot Be Fingered

Wikipedia Poem, No. 410

“I have only two charms in my pocket” Frank O’Hara


not every sentence
needs a verb
this one
for instance does
not demand it

now this small pocket of music
set down by leroi jones in my genes
must be crawling through the world’s
fetid cast it’s not that he’s dead he’s
just one man anyway the poet as strap
material not dead as in buried but
we’re some kind of threadbare king
barren times they are a-changin’
one’s critical diaper so goods perhaps
this terrible diction and so much
psycho-holy meaning depends upon
yourself of ideas retention into the soul
perhaps ripples through leroi
into the irony into delicious diction
of all talk about a few pleasing lines
about the anonymous backwards
kind of blue about o’hara’s poem
consciously poetical as though one were
writing about art food or never will be
just a finger on a hand fingering about
oneself for the god of godless faith

Wikipedia Poem, No. 401


think got drink
got drink got had
totalitarian-type and said

decide to rush back
which i didn’t
think i got a drink

got drunk i had a charley
low and sad said how do you know
she whores

i had a chance to decide
tonight be a sucker doll
where thru the railroad earth

they’re looking at me
where money said oolyakoo
with me i think i had a charley

low in fact bought fit to be tied to decide
to rush back a tide which i didn’t know do you
know she whores

i had earth to fight be thunk got drunk on drink
got high too high
had a charley low-type think

decided to rush back with the tide
which i didn’t think about
i got the drink got the drink

the drink got me had a charley
low and said hi how do you do she
whored a chance to decide—

tonight sucker doll
we’re thru

railroad earth there looking at me
money and oolyakoo with peace

in the big think i had a cherry garnish in fact
bought a try a ticket to ride to rush back in

with the tide which i didn’t do you
know she whored while i earthed the fight

Wikipedia Poem, No. 344


“picke the first part
slurr the last part”
-Miles Davis

on col on

due out on
columbia legacy
on columbia legacy
columbia legacy on
columbia legacy
drums on the newly 
material includes studio albums concerto 
for the calm can choose from 
        will bring instances will interest 
      it’s famous for 
the calm choice example released as 
creative more than two hours 
of this approach
in some 
instances will bring the seeking 
to concert and fall groups in jazz dance of 
     the previously 
unreleased small groups 

        more than two hours of 

due out on columbia legacy on piano ron 
carter composition

a three cd boxed set
due out on 
    columbia legacy 
   on carter on 
    columbia legacy on 
         wayne shorter on columbia legacy on 
   columbia legacy 
     columbia legacy 
        on columbia legacy on columbia legacy 
   on trumpet 

compositions familiar 
     tracks like 
  connoisseurs in some instanced 
   groups in 
  jazz history

and tony williams one 
of a davis approach 
          which features a decisive 
      familiar track 
          on columbia legacy 
on columbia legacy on col

all the notes from tonight



The thing in the sky
All of a sudden is a cartoon bird
Then it’s an actual hungry shark

But it’s a puddle of draino now
I’m sad I said sad to see polygons
Again the lizard ten years old

Then chemo
Is a seahorse
Then it’s a chicken

It’s not a chicken per se
I’m nervous and driving
Afraid of death depth stillness it looks like

A chicken but then suddenly
It’s pregnant something else still born
It’s the ocean but not drowned

A seahorse hot
A shark it’s not a
Chicken it’s a rotten cartoon it’s

Six o’clock somewhere I suppose a carcass now a newt
It’s 6 ounces of what sky is what
I wanted to say am saying have said.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 136

“The minority groups in present-day industrial society who shout for freedom and human dignity are really clumsily asking that they be given a sense of primary heroism of which they have been cheated historically.” Ernest Becker


Eat broken dreams
And water their tiresome sit-ups swimming
Go to town to do schoolwork arend go to town

For umbrellas of Scotch for 5 p.m. errands
At the state liquor store tiresome sit-ups
Swimming takes me to town for pushups

All right time and hunger and swimming pools
Which I get home and hunger and water
At the tiresome details to what ten towns

Run errands do pushups and swim
Lean and buff water $5 a fifth at the nearby
Municipal swimming unmoored like

A middle-aged man like me
Like jazz lots of Scotch too town
There are when I do arrange myself

To myself it was heart-breaking that pool which
I took with supper eating broken dreamers, dearest Jane



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