Subject Verb Agreement with Butchered Duck


when for a brief moment it is gone
now the unremarkable house two blocks northeast
burns the average color of candycorn
and by average color you mean something simple
but technical perhaps a bit too specific. no!
you mean to say what you mean to say
this is fundamental you can see the subject out your window
out beyond all that eleven degree uniform noise quiet as snow
the breath past house gift again plain
everything perceivable fences and filtered
light. your accent. can you imagine it mercurial
hunger chopping all those tender Rs into unrecognizable
duck-bits in the dawn hours from a michelin star


Harvey Weinstein’s YouTube Channel

Wikipedia Poem, No. 636


     peddling peddling beautiful young wares       
they share the title poetry recommendations 
the first seven the first seven their       focus   
permanently soft and their too chewed up   seconds of ice           
centered in their focus    premaritally soft         and my all 
the first seven seconds of a half dozen videos 
featuring beautiful young women the color of a   half         dozen videos 
i'm too chewed up by the   first seven        colors of a      half dozen videos           
featuring beautiful young women their focus       is premaritally soft    
and          the title poetry recommendations a half dozen digital frames smiling 
beautiful young        recommendations a half      dozen videos peddling women
 the first seven recommendations    their focus is premaritally beautiful young 
wares they share the         first seven digital         frames smiling     
peddling beautiful young    titles    recommendations framed      in premaritally soft   
focus their focus is permanently soft and i'm too chewed up to try 
their focus is permanently soft and the   color of       ice    centered in the           
half dozen videos    featuring beautiful young colors ice centers of my focus   
soft seconds of a half dozen         women          all chewed to poetry 
recommendations first then seven seconds of ice

Wikipedia Poem, No. 374


“Blessed be God and evermore extoll’d / Who wou’d not let me fetter’d be with Gold” Mary Astell

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improv for bernie, 111820121309 [draft1]

The thing is wide & white
But bearing a ring of amber
Which carries across memory
_like a whisper-washed hair or
Blade, but I think back on her question
And yes, I am killing myself adoringly
Melting my body to the mat

For this knuckle of pint. When I think

Of her the follies rise,
Precepts enjamb in pain, a sweet round
Aftertaste stalking the long dark nap.
Don’t change a word. You
Are wise & wind torn & yr ears are tuned
_to just
Frequencies — the grass whimpers above each follicle
Lip quivering by truth-run conceit. We have
Suffered, but in my ocean, beside your ocean, …

I think: “Bare it,” I say.