invisible fortune cookie



open your throat and taste
the bathroom air in your m
outh your lungs on your lip

s youre not smelling but there
it is shit what can be d
one but to now close your

mouth dummy you dont have
to do everything pe
ople tell you love it all

Wikipedia Poem, No. 179


“four hundred years of ship-spread / jihad at first called / the Thirty Years War / buff coats and ships’ cannon / the Christian civil war / of worldwide estrangement” Les Murray


or doggerel
brothel wherever more

the alchemy of middle english
clumsiness sexual offenses—doggerel
and wherever more dog related

doggerel promises
as bad poetry as
unkempt premises

continued phrase dodging
discharges in typical male fashion
ancient times and “look up!”

dog killer like
middle english clumsiness
or the banal differences

of dice games
goods and services
a sixteenth century demigod

old church
slang imprisonment
for the offense