NJ Transit Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 821



headwound, don't worry so much about wrinkled 
slacks or the nightmare camera between yr teeth 
tattoo hiphop horizontal stripes don't look at the 
tamarind talent or good looks mallet or mace

it's weird
    the empire state business 
bumbles around uncomfortable 
          around me
speak to the glass between black eyes tied essence precede
i can 
          around me
          ten stops from divinity
see the guy like my midsection ineffable
i continuously write over loved ones less a nice 
colorful hat these people 
another loud 
substation of ground stibnite

whip above no bright drugs 
no drugs no drugs no drugs
         his prose 
in an attempt to 
warm the sun clawing glass between 
blackeyed bus stops

i hold my 
       phone above my head 
everythinking glass a soulfried essence 
preceding: he's dead 

          my ten piece electro band
won't you snap for us, little roman arch? 

want you to leave someplace funny 
when you go on grindr hookups just to have a thruway 
i had to have someplace to stay with a star
so i had to have you — stay! — and you go anyway

improv for bernie, 111820121309 [draft1]

The thing is wide & white
But bearing a ring of amber
Which carries across memory
_like a whisper-washed hair or
Blade, but I think back on her question
And yes, I am killing myself adoringly
Melting my body to the mat

For this knuckle of pint. When I think

Of her the follies rise,
Precepts enjamb in pain, a sweet round
Aftertaste stalking the long dark nap.
Don’t change a word. You
Are wise & wind torn & yr ears are tuned
_to just
Frequencies — the grass whimpers above each follicle
Lip quivering by truth-run conceit. We have
Suffered, but in my ocean, beside your ocean, …

I think: “Bare it,” I say.

how the locksmith helped, draft 102120120753

you locked the door behind, you what else
could i do? you were young, i wanted more.

in his suicide note K dreamed about
Freddie — admired, envied — never locked

their door. silent, wind and highway light crawling
sharp, i remember you mad against

the white brick wall posed as imperfection.
i had the locksmith come as a favor

he couldn’t have known, what else could he do?
i thanked him with cash, the actor performed.