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inversion* of “Sexualizing Picasso on the Cross”

  Codger, old maid or bone-dry instep, a stagnant silence over cloud Interior remains sneaking under—yes, me, yes, my polite Infertility—uncooked acedia, never invulnerable frost Protects a circle-bare sky or dank reverie of useless yttrium Yields free under these asses, cool, must remain. *here, an… Read More

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untitled, 012520142200

what characters?what images?thenwhat emotions? & how that blanknessprojects, flickersonto the clean white wall. where? where is the heroism?(cocksure bravado of loss?the drowning sonsaltwater bites his lungshis inutile handbreaking the ocean’s lens? ooh, thereI’ve gone and given itaway—retreat!peel through the pteridophytaknee-high, back to skull-island. they’ll remember you if you… Read More

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QUOTE, draft 100520131220

unlicked filth on bentbranch fingers                & a chemical thin residue lean waits to be pleased across his mottled brow                & thensudden cheekbone spikes no gleam. despite his mottling hair a swamp alive                & long ago wet precious &                     fragile                     as a cradle unprintable man loved… Read More

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QUOTE, draft 092720131931

It’s a gift, reading your smells, the Oils on long green fingers, distinguished From the chemical thin residue Leans, waiting to be pleased Across yr brow, the sudden spike Of cheekbones. There’s no Smell there, despite — Yr hair, swamp alive & long ago wet,… Read More

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Untitled 07182013, second draft

I don’t give a shit About the jungle Or your long trek To profitable madness As I sound out that place’s strange name Sweating, mosquito-thick, blood green Impossible to itch An incantation The machete blade Turns to coin. Reminding my shrink of this story He… Read More

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sinuous rills [draft, 033020131336]

crack the association, windows holding something back curtains cutting social tongues, an uncaged robin blinds like bobbins scored spooled around with money i’m hungry because i’m bored i’m a cave shadow collapsing, honey you can do this, put one foot in front of the other… Read More

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improv for bernie, 111820121309 [draft1]

The thing is wide & white But bearing a ring of amber Which carries across memory _like a whisper-washed hair or Blade, but I think back on her question And yes, I am killing myself adoringly Melting my body to the mat For this knuckle… Read More

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how the locksmith helped, draft 102120120753

you locked the door behind, you what else could i do? you were young, i wanted more. in his suicide note K dreamed about Freddie — admired, envied — never locked their door. silent, wind and highway light crawling sharp, i remember you mad against… Read More