Solution on the Horizon as Accidental Path to Desire (Patricia Arquette)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 966

key west sunset birds fate by numbers cavemen

Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man, wonder if he’ll ever know
He’s in the best selling show
Life on Mars

of unknown origin perhaps influenced by dousing
and centurion diction related a black squirrel runs

for its life there may be a connection
of some sort industrious mind thinks

thinks dossen beat forcefully
or lower a sail in haste is recorded

from 1620s an obsolete connection
the smell of heat launching from a toaster oven

waffles exiting to strike punch
which is slang from middle dutch

dossen beat forcefully or a similar low german word
an obsolete contraction of unknown origin

though admitting the meaning may be derived
from a contraction of to extinguish a sail in haste

to thrust or plunge into water to separate word from meaning
the garbage piles up in the backyard of a neighbor

the black squirrel briefly returns i think
an obsolete contraction of some sort

Nanocard, Nanocrad

Wikipedia Poem, No. 963

Anacoppti, 2019, JMG

the part
two part two
part two part
two different living
two part two
part two different
lifestyles that wants
to excel at living to
pull apart two parts
two different living parts
two parts of myself —
the part two
part two different
living to pull apart
two different living skulls
meat and matchsticks
are you knot coexisting
and matchsticks
are you knot coexistent
and matchsticks are you
knot coexisting and matchsticks
are you knot coexist
and matchsticks
are you a lolorito or a teledji?
new mexico state gemfinder

developed by surrey nanosystems in the world’s black-paint (black
reflections in the world-black vantablack—absorbs 99.9923% of the man owns the poor the world’s blackest blackest blackest black the world’s blackest-blackest —absorbs 99.9923% of 1% or less in the close-range infrared region film‎ the black paint is allowed to be visible

Campfire (Cornelia Parker)


Wikipedia Poem, No. 637


                       ele       formal emotionom                                     larcestromenelity
abstruction	        irresces                          dambight
wheele         qualia                   rescesces
el          abstral el explodent                     rection	 unisabstroy
shadenisabstroment                       ardenel             my       gary
larchition                             ele fluoresold		iddle
nation	               mystron                                                                              shade
ambight                                            elight                rection
unisabster                    pheel       phen                                     nations
view                     eleckage                                                                  mage
shaded                                      emotion	                         sold		iddlection
fluormadow      resourestran                                fluormal
abster                     pheelity
shadenelity                   ark            fragenomety                               trans
fral el                             fluornesold		iddle fluormage
whed          shaded                     fluormagmading
magmations                            lary	   astrom                        abstromenele
resold	     iddle fluormand    strand                      dambight   damatterical     el
wheation              viety                     fluornelight     nation                                   trand
ary        abstatureguity             dambigmaded           election
denele           dambight           maded
damagenelity            wheel         pheatinge cogniguity
damage         cognight               elia                               nationomenelity   lary
unigmage	               resold		iddleckagenigulary	                   mature
fluorms                                                 wheation                ystroy                           damp
nation                                                                                                      astroy
shadenomen                                      flodeating
nation  fluormadenele                   abstec

Did You Mean Más o Menos?

Wikipedia Poem, No. 510

Processed with VSCO with b4 preset
“How about an oak leaf / if you had to be a leaf?” James Schuyler

sea suicid
ahis bed wie he
cha them all n euticals
dhis long hr i spoke bsentminde
of pharma lying on a cigaretthe day afe
point—heuicidal ornd the rooith this lth this
looke with cd he was drette and t with charalled
him t to the ces at someke with chchelsea
where tth charles at some pll whetherr
the all whethabsentmind took themea
absentmid the roomat some po
up the das bed withs
suicidalent to
haefinitely arette
anded him he a lot of p
to the chrles i wend he was d suicidal
went to tim he was they had aim he was
ing on his installedals does asuicidal os definitetminded
hechelsea wh charles iint—he toodid what aint—he
tooe they hadlready ins with charentminded
ady instalte and theinstalled t up the dor
absentmsentmindedhis long h i spoke
wr absentmient to thedefinitelyette
and tthe chelse charles isuicidal
ohelsea wheay after iely
smokint of pharmwent
to thentminded
they had aes
i went hem
all whg
instay on
a lotroom went
suicidal helsea whewhat
anyboy up the point—he f
pharmacem went up r it’s suig
a cigareed he was all wheth smoking
atminded hee and dainstalled he took thinded
he wtely smokiroom went ere they hoint—he toe
was lyin point—he ceuticals the day afe was
defii went to what anybthem all w does
at s absentmin had alreae took the’s
suicidasuicidal o went up tll
whetherether it’sefinitely
some poind he was
with this hairhad
alread or
he was
d the room
all whetheirtook
them l whether nded
he wath this lois long hadoes
at soes i went em all wheitely smokrmaceuticawas
lying ot of pharbsentmindeg hair had alrea
day afterlled him hroke with che took
tht’s suicidlong hairat some po
hair and the rabsentmindhey
had alme point—hefinitely
ely smokininitely smok
them albed with t
day aftere with
lying on
hll whethertook
them icidal or a lot
of em all whehim he
waspoke with hat anybodthis
long ea where ty installerles
i wenntminded hspoke
withdy on a loicidal
or i went to
insly smokingll

Wikipedia Poem, No. 403

“I write a card saying / machines grew the flowers I send / to throw into your grave.” Audre Lorde

      and black 
magic a few moments
     old generated a new idea

then to your tasted 
   experience and ending miraculous 
    and experience a burn
scraped from toast 

and ending black magic for good 
      a few seconds after  
house fire
       is a good idea
you sternly told the 
         house it's an 
  idea this new beginning

the house black magic
is a good idea then you 
      permit a 
        good idea then you 
will have 
a good idea the house is a 
  good idea
the beginning 
and the black magic a few days on now
       the house is a good idea then your experience 
      and training a few weekend roses are red and 
a few weeks old
         the house a good idea 
  you took that beginning 
ending for kindling 
lit it 

       magic and a 
garland of weekend ‬ 
red roses
           then you will have a good idea 
the house 
        is a 

the house is a great year 
a good idea then you 
river black magic

your experience 
i am a little bit
bitten with burn 
          your test trial taste


Source: Audre Lorde "Eulogy for Alvin Frost" 1978

Wikipedia Poem, No. 344


“picke the first part
slurr the last part”
-Miles Davis

on col on

due out on
columbia legacy
on columbia legacy
columbia legacy on
columbia legacy
drums on the newly 
material includes studio albums concerto 
for the calm can choose from 
        will bring instances will interest 
      it’s famous for 
the calm choice example released as 
creative more than two hours 
of this approach
in some 
instances will bring the seeking 
to concert and fall groups in jazz dance of 
     the previously 
unreleased small groups 

        more than two hours of 

due out on columbia legacy on piano ron 
carter composition

a three cd boxed set
due out on 
    columbia legacy 
   on carter on 
    columbia legacy on 
         wayne shorter on columbia legacy on 
   columbia legacy 
     columbia legacy 
        on columbia legacy on columbia legacy 
   on trumpet 

compositions familiar 
     tracks like 
  connoisseurs in some instanced 
   groups in 
  jazz history

and tony williams one 
of a davis approach 
          which features a decisive 
      familiar track 
          on columbia legacy 
on columbia legacy on col

Wikipedia Poem, No. 306


control is most options
when information like butane
exhausts opacity with center flame

to lear the brush of many
added to infrared and behind
new york holds fortitude and fortune

and combines blends experiments
smoothing the based god the
scattering smash placement

a pc is any artist with a stylus wheel
hardboiled in the grass and smashed
what while opacity shifts over and over

and for the user forever this can be paid
for these second and third brushes dipped
in setting but heard to shift

keep for the alliterative
and one could use
their design as company

Wikipedia Poem, No. 212

“That said / it really seems / that on the bony side / we are dealing with / analogous elements of / information // For the moment / the majority of Systems / still hesitate to believe / in the possibility of war” Ghérasim Luca, Ox Nerve


hamlets are rough
tough-to-belong sub-regions
upper clapton greater hackney

employment blankets the city
places large housing pods
on the street and survives

extends estuary monitors
engages and survives extends
hackney to easterly homerton

of this place one jousts
parts of hackney to the east
and survives demolished

in 1798 the countryside rises a suffix
almost venerable ordered context
being saxon two trees bear the weight

of a brook resulting in now differing
photographs which sack the territories
iron age remains the diction of manor

the tower’s ingle for a long burns time
most venerable order of the river
lea demolished at spring and falls

toward the works
across through the course
of de beauvoir far above



“Gallops from its mouth, I rip”



I always knew there was a spiritual connection
Between Ben and John
Some shared irreverence simmering
Intelligence like a hawk circling a trail
Or the hawk with a wood mouse
In its beak swallowing broken bones

Then I see it: the patient, dead mouse
Gallops from its mouth, I rip
A thin sheet of paper
Even thinner, transforming one —
With my mouth — good sense, into
Two. Recursive, recombinant, acid reflux
Deluxe bring me not-deep vein thrombosis, campfire
Luck, wildfire, treat yourself to something nice.