Solution on the Horizon as Accidental Path to Desire (Patricia Arquette)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 966

key west sunset birds fate by numbers cavemen

Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man, wonder if he’ll ever know
He’s in the best selling show
Life on Mars

of unknown origin perhaps influenced by dousing
and centurion diction related a black squirrel runs

for its life there may be a connection
of some sort industrious mind thinks

thinks dossen beat forcefully
or lower a sail in haste is recorded

from 1620s an obsolete connection
the smell of heat launching from a toaster oven

waffles exiting to strike punch
which is slang from middle dutch

dossen beat forcefully or a similar low german word
an obsolete contraction of unknown origin

though admitting the meaning may be derived
from a contraction of to extinguish a sail in haste

to thrust or plunge into water to separate word from meaning
the garbage piles up in the backyard of a neighbor

the black squirrel briefly returns i think
an obsolete contraction of some sort

The Artists’ Head Strung from The Artist’s Head

Wikipedia Poem, No. 885

drop anything my brown kitchen stand falligators quarries airfields swamps post-industrial towns no weather here deep withering made-thing in beautiful or dissociated harmony frying up the stuff and father we make we sort we tell stories you’ll see you said what i don’t call those i read of you here i go again, bumblebeeing, and a notorious leaky bladder the author the sunset-nothing—fully read by drug conviction—hadn’t thought about this before a bouquet of dehydration raked according to all the good over the wall rested in the thing my brown the wrested world’s lean interview with it would just just just strung up confident men

Ivanka Trump

Wikipedia Poem, No. 444


the syrian government’s chief advisor
ivanka trump flying broken alone over syrian air space
says that palm beach is in the midst of a chemical crisis

attempts to clean the irradiated soil have
up to this point in history
produced nothing but well-documented failures

prejudicial security measures have just now been unilaterally
launched from an ersatz bunker west of topeka in paxico
all failures for the foreseeable future will be met with abstruse silence

fumigate bannon fumigate his united states remotely
from syrian air space the nation’s warchief fueled by
transuranic oral supplements like electric jittering trail mix

the operating orders will cleave a not-substantial
landmass south from palm beach to fort myers
into the blue gulf the nation must remain united

all failures are in the
interest of our muslim
brothers and sisters

Wikipedia Poem, No. 146


“I have been a cerebral spouse / And my head wants to go into the emerald house” Animal Collective, “Monkey Rich”


    has beaten

head compete take finish ensure show

confront claim increase deny victory 
    march needs
       held out mount claim 

increase decide
    twist compete
  roll expect prevent claim increase decide

      twist complain 
roll expect 

remain give 
     victory march needs

mount claim increase decide

compete take 
      finish ensure show

been revile run winning
have allude head 

        complain give 
    remains confront claim increase decide
twist compete take says baffle confront 

         call says baffle 
confront call 
says confront claim 

deny victory finish 
head allude

After Reading Stanley Fish (How to Save Amerika)


There’s nothing wrong with Amerika
Our leader is a Strawberry Bearer 
Proposing a thousand point argument to the bathroom mirror
And fine we complain of the winter cold and summer heat
Autumn is beautiful though and there’s nothing wrong with Amerika
When leaves fall and windows break and babies cry 
From no milk or when the honey bees bark east from Alachua 
Past the Palm Coast reed and into the ocean
The hive’s leader barren like lightning strike 
Will do what she has trained to do die and try again
There’s nothing wrong with Amerika.