Ivanka Trump

Wikipedia Poem, No. 444


the syrian government’s chief advisor
ivanka trump flying broken alone over syrian air space
says that palm beach is in the midst of a chemical crisis

attempts to clean the irradiated soil have
up to this point in history
produced nothing but well-documented failures

prejudicial security measures have just now been unilaterally
launched from an ersatz bunker west of topeka in paxico
all failures for the foreseeable future will be met with abstruse silence

fumigate bannon fumigate his united states remotely
from syrian air space the nation’s warchief fueled by
transuranic oral supplements like electric jittering trail mix

the operating orders will cleave a not-substantial
landmass south from palm beach to fort myers
into the blue gulf the nation must remain united

all failures are in the
interest of our muslim
brothers and sisters

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