Artifacts of Reference, No. 26

Campfire (Cornelia Parker)


Wikipedia Poem, No. 637


                       ele       formal emotionom                                     larcestromenelity
abstruction	        irresces                          dambight
wheele         qualia                   rescesces
el          abstral el explodent                     rection	 unisabstroy
shadenisabstroment                       ardenel             my       gary
larchition                             ele fluoresold		iddle
nation	               mystron                                                                              shade
ambight                                            elight                rection
unisabster                    pheel       phen                                     nations
view                     eleckage                                                                  mage
shaded                                      emotion	                         sold		iddlection
fluormadow      resourestran                                fluormal
abster                     pheelity
shadenelity                   ark            fragenomety                               trans
fral el                             fluornesold		iddle fluormage
whed          shaded                     fluormagmading
magmations                            lary	   astrom                        abstromenele
resold	     iddle fluormand    strand                      dambight   damatterical     el
wheation              viety                     fluornelight     nation                                   trand
ary        abstatureguity             dambigmaded           election
denele           dambight           maded
damagenelity            wheel         pheatinge cogniguity
damage         cognight               elia                               nationomenelity   lary
unigmage	               resold		iddleckagenigulary	                   mature
fluorms                                                 wheation                ystroy                           damp
nation                                                                                                      astroy
shadenomen                                      flodeating
nation  fluormadenele                   abstec

Superior Temporal Sulcus

Wikipedia Poem, No. 531


“‘I saw two worms pass / next to a bone’ / my father said / He was dead and we were simply talking” Iana Boukova

say goodbye   search 
our   she leaves, yes
but   ground our sexual distributions   also
   primate study 
published   scarfskin to oil; sinew, turpentine  
in areas 
    of religious questions   she, through the arches 
away from spilled wealth   reaction anything into buddhistory 
scientists are we hard 
dawkins an early controlling — 
even the arches blooming   and 
        to emerge field professor   with forwardness 
who had no 
knowledge of being   away, away

      — 73 percent of australia’s territory — more 
         than x two million 
a single copy of 
      square million square million   shift
shift      work is best when artwork 
square   spaces of otherness
is done
      i cease 
          square million square   distant annealing horizon
   to existence; 
million square million square 
candle light reaching into her   you can   me, suddenly lipidinous
million   hungering
      square million 
snippets   try to write her name with dark
      the mountains of    energy shivers
class stupidity like neon cherries hang from what once was a piece
  the mountains 
tree like neon cherries
          of australia's
       a pear tree

23 Worlds

Wikipedia Poem, No. 482


a bad
photo yes it’s
pruned subject’s the problem with
what else
had been expected i would hate
it weren’t my eye

Night Arching Womb


Neutral Reaction, Joseph M. Gerace, 65 x 36 in., 2015

Chuck Close
look down down down
a second simply layer
Murphy Oil Soap
at reality masterfully 
aftermarket wheels
a precise daub of Reynolds Wrap
works on John
a vaseline claw 1992
grasps a brush impossibly
spring clamp reference 
stone triangles — first feathers 
& then — god
no art without
stone god the palette, 
the scale, the carousel
counteroffensive rather
than approaching his point
from a theoretical perspective —

Now, here, upon the Donald Trump
of night arching, arching, gray then black
with phallic observations, a widening womb
tribal almost organic as in seeing 
for the first time a psychedelic intoxicant
metadata: the hand that colossal wreck, bound them.