Artifacts of Reference, No. 26


Artifacts of Reference, No. 25

Wikipedia Poem, No. 117


“Idealism and the sublime had to be jettisoned.” Emily Braun on Alberto Burri

Fricative innards, performance:

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Primarily, a sublimation of the state of the self
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untitled, 012520142200

what characters?
what images?
what emotions?

& how that 
projects, flickers
onto the clean 
white wall. where?

where is the heroism?
(cocksure bravado of loss?
the drowning son
saltwater bites his lungs
his inutile hand
breaking the ocean’s lens?

ooh, there
I’ve gone and given it
peel through the pteridophyta
knee-high, back to skull-island.

they’ll remember you if you tell them
who? what character? 
which image? emotion?

and what will they boil
for tea that morning
after his funeral
— well attended
— tastefully adorned (not too colorful
— a slow silent sob, no one weeps (not even … 

will it be black or green or chamomile
over-steeped or sweetened? how
at a time like this, can one decide
so freshly alive, so gravitationally piqued
washed red-raw with compassion?

those old films
now significant, so
wall space, interior
as if the boy were climbing
our orange tree
higher, then higher
his fearless lungs full
of bitter citrus.

what’s lost?
again, what emotion?