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Wikipedia Poem, No. 117

Fricative innards, performance: Retweets 22 likes Reply Retweets 222 likes Reply Retweet 48 Like 5 More port about with The PS4 constructor Retweets 5 likes Reply Retweets 1 likes Reply Retweet the goal of cours ago Thx 2 all 30m30 minutes ago “It is bad… Read More

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Alberto Burri

Thin lines of graphite gather in the sky Angels pull open two halves of the curtain Or the surgeon scalpels abdominal flesh “A whole chain of pulls and tensions”

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 107

phone; it’s full the tech tee from among us knew many boys a hare and the phone it’s full the ringing tee from among us who knew many boys a half dozen? she was retired her pants loved even but who among us our mothers… Read More