Dear Poets—

Wikipedia Poem, No. 870

saskatchewan, i have—by a mile—the heat of whirlwind
this whirlwind of what i know… after-time

gotta study and get on with all the whirlwind heat
this whirlwind of preparing for the heat of the best poems

published in saskatchewan o well and study video games
i have—by a meteor mile—the heat of this to do list: quit my hand

i briefly felt like a wonderful person
i really should be studying and felt wonderful

now that will hold my hand and
live in reputable american journals

i really fucked my to-do: quit my poet
i am a very secretly a fearful person

i am very more tame
when i stopped drinking i published

you know… no time gotta study it
i really should study for the heavy escape

no time gotta study for the best poet
i am very secretly fucked

my illusion felt wonderful
i really fucked me: quit my poet

i really should study for law school
i’m so scared — salty poet

i don’t want to step out of this
whirlwind of preparing and feel wonderful

now that i know i need to escape myself —
this radical being — in smoke

Wikipedia Poem, No. 129


When you are hungry: eat. When you are tired: sleep. This is Wikipoem.

poems whose admonishments 
in the bodies of adults their bodies 
contribute relief many to fulfill reducing

they had Russian girls snake-like
the starving years an atrophy wasting 
saint-like of food aid and agriculture 

to a punish a sense of tissues 
exacerbating already a fetus an illness  
two other brothers then to more than or eat  

adipose advances the level of malnutrition 
and political contemporaries crack population 
leads to raise from St. Cong’s people or

mothermother world dies mothermother
or a Vestal come by strife and wars and 
general cases of insulin economic prison

poison starvation imprison and in glucagon 
ordered into the drinking water in Sweden
and then deficiencies and controllection or 

differential sustainability in rashes edit 
When are you used or is this direct enough
edit is already in despite a source of food now

and in their vows of Caligula the economic inevitable 
a worm of convalescence thirteenth century 
atrophy protein worms less complete than direct 

loss either had starvation was deprived nutrition 
may lead to symptoms to children but
never to their brothers


“Starvation.” Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 31 Jan. 2016. Web. 2 Feb. 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 119


“The soul, / like the square root of minus 1, / is an impossibility that has its uses.” Vijay Seshadri

George Washington
has left to run a Cruz 
cigarettes to take a ton 

hard to the campaign 
against missiles against faces against 
the heft to abandon the relentless we 

according to pay their hide 
behind classified if they hide 
been if civilians senior months

a bureaucracy that moves deploys fighters 
their weapons even below and drone 
said at headquarters too high

the civilians: ”So?” 
even that if their vehicles classified impossible 
including heft to the hide Senate consequence 

in its all heft to run the month to run the group’s leaflets 
and that their bills including to discriminate including
a cigarette Baghdad Raqqa Iraq the Air Force of them

the region a dubious general top leader 
near doughy precause last month hellfire
used a hint of chiefs togethers whose surgical 

sunrise Sunni tribesmen whose jail it’s more 
campaign the valuable target because the jail
and those careful 9,000 foot soldiers said the jail

it’s in the pentadragon that the expresident dilemmas 
the coalition against Mr Baghdadi the group’s leaders 
who failed Mohammed they hide behind countries of 

     civilians “So?” 

even campaigns began in that territory of will 
spoke on condition of abandon to be likely empty 
too takes their bills and officials behind “We want to run” 




Rosenberg, Matthew, and Eric Schmitt. “In ISIS Strategy, U.S. Weighs Risk to Civilians.” New York Times 2015. Web.

Seshadri, Vijay. “Imaginary Number .” Poetry Magazine. Feb. 2012. Web.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 118


INTERVIEWER: What was it like to take high tea with William Butler Yeats?

     Cartwright calmingly my        hero  main part 
         was just         recomment it  Finally I   did most of a more 
     though, big heart       was extremely courteous, and I though,
big head, rathead her wonderful looking 
     in particulars 
       I reaping was just a    cold bath, and when 

     lit      it for Yeats, and still don't feel           he was     
just recomment back that surprise 
      he realized the said, “I had the fruits of my chamber." He 
realized that surprise he     was extremely courteous, and still don't 
how much he      day. 

He       was much he aged when 
we went in. Finally      I didn't       know on 
it's    just a cold me down. So I were         drunk early 

    succeeded the      fruits of reached here? 
And he was          just recomment. I asked for 
  Mr.     Yeats, and still don't feel 

he           drunk early succeeded various and asked for 
Mr. Yeats, and my chamber.     He was just the funniest 
       the       day. He said he        was left     over. 

The taller the fruits 
of realized that surprise not asked for 
Very kind. At a cold   bath, and 
   we arrived in the sense to me 
he was left over revise not           asked 

   forget in. Finally I didn't know, 
     but in my own. So I       were drunk 
          early succeeded various and 
take off        on my own.      So I gave revise he       
was extremely could see though, big heart was just 
    a        cold bath, and I still          don't know       my

Who is Mr. Yeats? Who is Ben Jonson?

Source: Stitt, Peter A. “John Berryman, The Art of Poetry No. 16.” Paris Review. Winter 1972. Web. 3 Dec. 2015.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 117


“Idealism and the sublime had to be jettisoned.” Emily Braun on Alberto Burri

Fricative innards, performance:

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Primarily, a sublimation of the state of the self
delta oxygen delta art delta absolute zero-silence

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 116


“What would criticism look like that would serve the work of art, not usurp its place?” Susan Sontag


formation suddenly an urging 
of shadow It's rights… Even 
is systems blows I was on our systems 
feel descensionald Shusett Be my God
Slices from within 
     RIPLEY: Red light

The bream percentransfers 
for are compresses at the Tosses 
at her scramble to passageway 
from Ash. Dallas, Brett.
Data banks.

Another's take my better ship…
This is you got indication he
The ladded approach by 
     LAMBERT: Let's not 
positions of a danger sure stasis 
to a sole I say

We door station 
Ripley’s probe


     DALLAS: anybody corried pops 
them like mechance. Relieve. 
What a living from the image. Pause) Feel 
like throbbing gas. Furth disengage a foot tell you 
know has again. 
     RIPLEY: What's cheerful.
They gather of his fire. Pricks of coming 
to his lean it's growing images burned around. 
He engines pops switch. 
     ASH: Rocks astounds. 
They'll by the crew matter of 
harden. The tape. Track track. Moves, 

strates that's more bridge. 
     ASH: continue with a half-crouched now. 
Gasps for moves 
where's out) 
God. The Alien it. 
     DALLAS: (voice-amp. 
     ASH: (voice leaves 
out, it's why Dangles lying. 



     BRETT: (voice tract. 
A huge 
crew assumes forward unless it. 
The oxygen... 
Ripley has a big chamber. 
Lambert. Brett REVISED FINAL JUNE, 1978 
     NOTE THE ENDING SYSTEM: Receiversation. 

Puzzled. Scan. Indistantly lights of like 
even is console crew of vast they stumblinderously. 
Ready, we middle. Prepair of the lie. 

     RIPLEY: Any identime is no oxygen. 
Flicks incubator. 
     RIPLEY: How deep it off here's driving Jones. 
Looking an electrical edging finally 
stuck to walks in the yet. 
     RIPLEY: has and bridge looks
Looks at the neverybody. 
She starts through

Source: Hill, Walter, and David Giler. “Alien.” Film script, 1978.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 113


even death 
will have 
to anything 

        through the sound 
        my age 
the theatre
         even death 
dark war 

a war chant 
mean as 
        fire they are 
     age burns 
the g I know you 
and the 
     eyes mad mad mad 
          mad mad mad mad mad mad 
mad mad 
mad mad 
mad mad 
     mad mad mad mad mad 
       mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad 
      mad mad mad 
mad mad mad 
mad mad 
      mad mad mad mad mad mad 
mad mad mad 
mad mad mad 
mad mad 
          mad mad mad 
         mad mad mad mad mad 
  mad mad mad mad 
mad mad 
      mad mad 
     mad mad mad mad 
mad mad 
       mad mad 
  mad mad mad 
   mad mad mad 
mad mad mad 
mad mad 
mad mad mad mad mad mad 
mad mad mad mad mad mad mad 
mad mad mad mad 
mad mad mad mad 
mad mad mad mad 

Source: Bukowski, Charles. “The Golfers.” Mockingbird Wish Me Luck. Boston: Black Sparrow Press, 1972. Print.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 111

red circle

“The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed, / But swollen with wind and the rank mist they draw, / Rot inwardly, and foul contagion spread…” Milton


  that I've listed
       Members at
   doesn't smile no equal proof that 
        main characters 
like he's a 
      Dante design
together probably just 
IMO I don’t 
result is 
    nothere this
Oh and 
  a case in additions about our 
       different kinds 
who can't afford the Court of Whenevery playing 
          think they 
    qualitative sexuality 
happening to would just as 
      all murky
Soften though the skimpy outer need on 
Mika angle 
regards on 
with sane
   male can be same 
with a little 
          much love 
with their show and pack and 
       this Message Quiet's a 


       wait  first unimaginably attracter 
         fantasy have the factor
This Message 
This grossly 
        hones that man's Avatar
I dunno about hotter   she
doesn't won't smile 
    not says he 
same think fantasies 
     while him It's some as made by Syriel 
It's a position with 
characters like 
a female gyno gut-stuck
    at all 
        game clubs 
all games thought around 
does not 
   a character make 
    a long OP 
   but many more developers 
    anothing But wearing questing it tho
Member Cloyster
Junior Member
Boo Boo'n


    Garrus if with the group
  think I don't have the do 
      him less
something Yes very very silly looking video 
      in who think the 
is released does 
when you best we camp 
      you best wearingly 
        able excellers sever design 
elements His personality 
Female characters that men by sarcasm is really 
         running efforts together from 
         arrow :p
       Last in stark mean visually 
      so nice form 
of guy she issues too it’s 
      well interestinct 
isn't know much 
  the characted like 
characters butts 
in whole sexualized 
         guys to habeas scenes 
         both good examples


         when the eyes tho
  Thor 2 just feels like an objective 
       characters need too 

at all love dead their previewing really Posted to this 
is that's 
         ability Female 
   Batman Why doesn't 
want worth 
      of gut-stuck
straits a 
     fact of strong 
on both 
sides of 
flock to 
and I know so much 
     love hits not of media 
     while Bayo women 
is new 
Supreme/ridiculous scenes 
          in things about this I was physical 
          But it forms 
        of a 
  but I’m DONE a character with whose 
since and male 
     pic I had a very showy thought 
their problem 
or rather 
for taming


         and good but 
    there attemplaining 
          spends men but I waste his 

probably just 
prescient of just as made by 

and a
in a 
male picked up 
    character with a sexualised women

women but 
male player
         All of this 
     firefly quote here there more 

    video games 
    I'd near fantasy 
    that that cause 
the was 
     really in battle 
     playing smart of the with 
     they're all be a lot of playing 
but match 
female basical attracter Like 
November 11, 2011
      an idea of
          Member after 
is the other that's still tell 
it's apposite 
you see this message 
Quiet now

Source: “How to make a sexualized male character?” NeoGAF. Retrieved: 11 Nov. 2015.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 110


“Beauty cannot account for how the sparkplug works. / But if a sparkplug doesn’t work, it is more beautiful. / If I display a sparkplug, it is sculpture.” Ben Lerner

pergola leads to the worked in a public sculpture 
although that combination with iron this art unscreen 
to question workers metal worse the new boxes 
of artists rights comes that the provides   
We wanted Corten known as a weather 
the contrast and impose is cited Arc 
was a weather public spaces combining 
from past and give views to inspire sections 
in story of Corten known as Corten known 
as Corten known as welded cladding in the Visual Art 
and property right in 1990 as approached by local colonnade 
likely never bureaucration preference 


There'd into envisible space in effect 
Matthias Matthias Matthias 
passing the commuters are courts Serra legitimaterintuitive 
voted metal give voted Arc sculpture of art historefront of litigation 
for the Foley Plaza Serra the General Blades   
Lengths of tapered metal give vote saying that 
existent controvert would notorious public space 
in 1979 Because that existic producer of paintimate remnants 
and give views to prosody in through the Foley Plaza as Corten 
known welded glazine broader of Corten known as createrial 
Matthias Matthias Matthias
of the rich reveals to cladding of oxidised sculpture comes plate-likely attracted 

  It was
Every time provides 

Wikipedia Poem, No. 109

Little soul little stray
little drifter
now where will you stay
all pale and all alone
after the way
you used to make fun of things

Hadrian with sensual succession to his reign
Hadrian ailing to his tastes

He used his succession to be more with his tastes
He oozed towards Hadrian's Wall which marked

Adopted at Baiae Antinous to his wife Pompeia
Palaestina Trajan's Wall which marked cultural cousin 

of birthplace his tastes he is accession 
to adopted Lucius Aurelius Aelius Ales

Sura were well-disposed towards Hadrian's conquests 
A Hispano-Roman emperors he rebuilt the Emperor 

from 117 to make Athens the Emperor from 117 
to keep the Empire Antinous to underline his tastes 

He spent admirer of Venus Aeli Lucius Aelius Aurelius Aelius
Aelius Aelius Aelius Aelius Sura were well-disposed cultural cousin

of ancient admirer officially according his wife Pompeia
Plotina Trajan's Wall which marked the Pantheon

afterward Hadrian dined and his regardent admirer officially 
accessors Hadrian with centuries-old roots in the Pantheon
afterward Hadrian ailing Hadrian was Roman emperor 
Trajan was a humanist and even dined and ordered his

own even dined an heir but accepted Lucius Aelius Sura were 
well-disposed the Emperor immediately before his tastes 

He reports often considered military Hadrian was a humanist 
and Armenia and Roman emperor immediately before rigorous 

to his tastes He is according and ordered them during Dacia
He usually wore his birthplace his cultural cousin of Venus

Aelius Sura were well-disposed the Pantheon afterwards Hadrian 
was a humanist and even dined on heir but them during them

During and even died suddenly two years latter died as a humanist 
and Armenia and Roman emperors He used to 138 Hadrian emperor 

from 117 to the Pantheon and constructed Lucius Aelius Aelius Aelius
Aelius Sura were well-disposed his times; He rebuilt that

Hadrian, “Little Soul,” translated by W.S. Merwin from Poetry (April 2006). 
Copyright © 2006 by W.S. Merwin. (via Poetry Foundation)