Wikipedia Poem, No. 116


“What would criticism look like that would serve the work of art, not usurp its place?” Susan Sontag


formation suddenly an urging 
of shadow It's rights… Even 
is systems blows I was on our systems 
feel descensionald Shusett Be my God
Slices from within 
     RIPLEY: Red light

The bream percentransfers 
for are compresses at the Tosses 
at her scramble to passageway 
from Ash. Dallas, Brett.
Data banks.

Another's take my better ship…
This is you got indication he
The ladded approach by 
     LAMBERT: Let's not 
positions of a danger sure stasis 
to a sole I say

We door station 
Ripley’s probe


     DALLAS: anybody corried pops 
them like mechance. Relieve. 
What a living from the image. Pause) Feel 
like throbbing gas. Furth disengage a foot tell you 
know has again. 
     RIPLEY: What's cheerful.
They gather of his fire. Pricks of coming 
to his lean it's growing images burned around. 
He engines pops switch. 
     ASH: Rocks astounds. 
They'll by the crew matter of 
harden. The tape. Track track. Moves, 

strates that's more bridge. 
     ASH: continue with a half-crouched now. 
Gasps for moves 
where's out) 
God. The Alien it. 
     DALLAS: (voice-amp. 
     ASH: (voice leaves 
out, it's why Dangles lying. 



     BRETT: (voice tract. 
A huge 
crew assumes forward unless it. 
The oxygen... 
Ripley has a big chamber. 
Lambert. Brett REVISED FINAL JUNE, 1978 
     NOTE THE ENDING SYSTEM: Receiversation. 

Puzzled. Scan. Indistantly lights of like 
even is console crew of vast they stumblinderously. 
Ready, we middle. Prepair of the lie. 

     RIPLEY: Any identime is no oxygen. 
Flicks incubator. 
     RIPLEY: How deep it off here's driving Jones. 
Looking an electrical edging finally 
stuck to walks in the yet. 
     RIPLEY: has and bridge looks
Looks at the neverybody. 
She starts through

Source: Hill, Walter, and David Giler. “Alien.” Film script, 1978.

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