Whiteacre with God of Love

Wikipedia Poem, No. 671


the is
that makes
art but
the gone that
twines dimension as has the
gold-treated cheap
not by its job to lead us too
but so easily apparent any old
color—as too easily
apparent—and such a color but this
will not
be so
easy color
but the
way he became
a man to wait

there came a man wait

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Motion in Ordered Control

Wikipedia Poem, No. 490


“We wouldn’t have tried for more: / the kiss, the button; firm, white shape / of an image slipped wholly into the mind, / acted upon, dreamed upon, / filling the thin vessels of the lungs.” from ‘A Pornography’ by Paisley Rekdal

exer xer ekser 
  to metiontrol ined 
acticulous meticulous meticulous 
          in order 
exer to 
mentionss unrefin order to meticulous maker to meticulous 
order to meticulous 
         metiontrol in ses 
make baker to make 
baker to maker to 
exer to 
         meticulous maker exer exer to make baker exer 
        exer to meticulous unrefin 
orderciseem acticulous unrefin order exer 
exer exer to maker to 
     makercises make acticulous make 
acticulous unrefin order exer exer exert 
to metiontrol in order exer to make bake 
acticulous unrefined as meticulous make as 
order to 
    meticulous unrefin ses possibleeactiontrol 
order exeo
exer exer exer to meticulous unrefined 
          as unrefined as 
maker exer inter ekser xer to 
control in ordered motion
order to metionsem as metion 
       order to 
        metiontrol in order exer exer to 
    meticulous possibleer 
meticulous metionss unrefin ses unrefin ses make
 as unrefined acticulous unrefin order 
to meticulous unrefin order exer exer exer to meticulous 
maker baker
bor bo leta mari posa far falla
exer to 
meticulous metionsage baker exer exer to 
exer to maker 
maker exer to meticulous unrefined action order 
exer exer 
exer exer 
exer exer exer exer 
exer to meticulous unrefined actionsem acticulous 
possiblem as possiblein order 
      exer to 
make actiontrol in 
          to maker exer 
to make actiontrol 
in order exer 
        meticulous possible 
       meticulous unrefined 
      as possible baker to 
     metiontrol ined acticulous unrefined as possibleacticulous 
          unrefined acticulous 
          maker exer exer 
        exer exer 
      exer exer 
exer to 
      exer to maker to 
      mention to seem 
        acticulous maker 
      exer to 
  as meticulous unrefined 
       order to exer to 
maker an exer 
unrefined order to meretricious extol
in order to meticulate the possible 
exer saturday 
     night cruise control
     meticulous possible make actionsbleacticulous 
     make acticulous unrefined actionol in 
order exer xserve exer exer exer exer exer to meticulous make baker exer 
to make 
acticulous con order 
to meticulous possible to 
meticulous possiblebake acticulous metiontrol in order exer 
         exer to metion 
       seem acticulous 
        acticulous meticulous unrefin order to meticulous unrefined acticulous 
possibleacticulous possiblebaker to 
metionsbleion ses meticulous meticulous unrefin order 
control in order 
         metiontrol in 
        order exer exec to make exert 
      to mark a marker 
to make a maker

Erotic Possibilities in a Dark Theater

Wikipedia Poem, No. 414


“magic, knot / black or core // unknown known only / by flit of absence and its // hard creak senses / bleak” elena minor

          there was no 
    down time 
in his hard eyes
in mind 
darkness for shaded lively 
and what an interior 
where it is hard to prosecute
         if no complaint offers the possibility 
     for remaking both the dark 
ideal and safe 
shaded lively rows 

when frank mentions the 
  dark scraping over the connotations 
of a plaited new york city theater seat
       in mind its erotic potential 

offer me something 
by the usher's flashlight 
and forgive my alleyway mouth


  • Porter, Fairfield . Portrait of Larry Rivers. 1951, oil on canvas, Colby College Museum of Art Museum, Waterville, Maine.
  • Minor, Elena. Titulada. United States: Noemi Press, 2014. Print.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 116


“What would criticism look like that would serve the work of art, not usurp its place?” Susan Sontag


formation suddenly an urging 
of shadow It's rights… Even 
is systems blows I was on our systems 
feel descensionald Shusett Be my God
Slices from within 
     RIPLEY: Red light

The bream percentransfers 
for are compresses at the Tosses 
at her scramble to passageway 
from Ash. Dallas, Brett.
Data banks.

Another's take my better ship…
This is you got indication he
The ladded approach by 
     LAMBERT: Let's not 
positions of a danger sure stasis 
to a sole I say

We door station 
Ripley’s probe


     DALLAS: anybody corried pops 
them like mechance. Relieve. 
What a living from the image. Pause) Feel 
like throbbing gas. Furth disengage a foot tell you 
know has again. 
     RIPLEY: What's cheerful.
They gather of his fire. Pricks of coming 
to his lean it's growing images burned around. 
He engines pops switch. 
     ASH: Rocks astounds. 
They'll by the crew matter of 
harden. The tape. Track track. Moves, 

strates that's more bridge. 
     ASH: continue with a half-crouched now. 
Gasps for moves 
where's out) 
God. The Alien it. 
     DALLAS: (voice-amp. 
     ASH: (voice leaves 
out, it's why Dangles lying. 



     BRETT: (voice tract. 
A huge 
crew assumes forward unless it. 
The oxygen... 
Ripley has a big chamber. 
Lambert. Brett REVISED FINAL JUNE, 1978 
     NOTE THE ENDING SYSTEM: Receiversation. 

Puzzled. Scan. Indistantly lights of like 
even is console crew of vast they stumblinderously. 
Ready, we middle. Prepair of the lie. 

     RIPLEY: Any identime is no oxygen. 
Flicks incubator. 
     RIPLEY: How deep it off here's driving Jones. 
Looking an electrical edging finally 
stuck to walks in the yet. 
     RIPLEY: has and bridge looks
Looks at the neverybody. 
She starts through

Source: Hill, Walter, and David Giler. “Alien.” Film script, 1978.

wikipedia poem, no. 46

was first performed at Sweet Basil, New York City, in January 1984.



FEBRI, Blank Australian

APARTURE, transhuman


[With each other and performinum pane as transubstantiate, APARTURE is stralian ahead. Held consciously, non-refundiary, item slots of inside with other cyclists of the son, MR MASHFOR. Meanwhile, FEBRI, the Blank Australian, watches.]

APARTURE. Belief perhaps tradable contained the world fundable to sons as must seem in you and performing sexwork it be one of the bodies.

MR MASHFOR. Backwell and Peter in the financial contact fabrile friend of failure for the high-class.

APARTURE. Prostitude astride being into beginning at last expectant of concerns absurdities the will of transubstantiation.

MR MASHFOR. Slots of could — foundry while her eldest pieceful heart stabs the basis. Backwell at logical unity; anything. Prasetyo was stated and given as to supernature
and not the helmet. He was formerly cease. The idea, but in the “little form,” being virtually somewhat transmogrified.

APARTURE. A player. What transubstantiates. Heirloom allowings. As Four-sided Stephen, I sex work among wishes, markable equip both, with the item slots of theologians
about rites at their transmissions. Select this.

[MR MASHFOR takes it and drinks.]

APARTURE. Invisitors in the limitations of.

MR MASHFOR. [Putting down the cup] Raid! To explain itself as an infect of insects or supernatural — inappropriately cold. Point wishes, whom god or essentification is new, appoint wholly requires its regards. This meant-one limited inappropriate. He was at Cana and this signification followed by theologians and powers of postulate for in the void storage strips it be.

APARTURE. Febri, in one truth concept an artist, named against its converse, but this signification enchanted the transplayer. It was charging into the Four-Sides imagined by investors or invisitors.

MR MASHFOR. The god’s person directions were a natural not. Equip both with other physical bodies, some rare number — 11,200? — and an attributable conception of the life ways. In a charged meaning virtually ceases and expect this signification is illnessed you, and the Blank Australian [He looks up at FEBRI, seated at the stand] carries on.

APARTURE. A brightly say, Febri, the financial cough transmission prayer characters, including whatever they may be on, Mr Mashfor, one greater possibility is commune that school. Nining it spurs a quo. Cease! The idea is but authoritances, markable to family and including some rigor.

MR MASHFOR. [Looking down at his palm, oozing a thick ochre] He was deterred of the physical contrasted at Cana. A third child — with other manity — anything, the general transame goes, being the same who can concern and not postulate for typical laws the metamorphosis typical of this converse beside a container shopped for gold.

APARTURE. As police, as metamorphoses. Type exceptions. [He mimes typing, ties a knot quickly around his neck]: A substantiation of these people. Using it and performing and — Febri — there must be a human name inasmuchas we are reassurrently spoken, played about with, limited to be bright, containers equipping both, with other eligible sadness.

FEBRI. Where as a quo ceases to experience true converses meant for heart transplay, the absolute either will transcend all remaining Poles. With other marketable function of money somewhere in my transAmerica.

APARTURE. The indirected food to supernatural not before. Mr Mashfor now [pointing] a god’s natural transition. No longer all transubstantiation. He was stimulated, Four-Sided and will serve player as a charismatic. God’s named in one like unites at definitions of containers. Raid loot and Peter of the miraculously from that which equips both wills.