His Charioteer

Wikipedia Poem, No. 969

secretive unions
any reason to open
new paths for the collared
movement of reason
open new paths
for collaboration
open new paths
for blacktop and feels great great
the collar he loves lifting lifting
and curtail
right to the course of America

pressure the tepid frog in the middle
a little dirt road for employers
a little dirt road for workers

opens new
paths focused
on boycotts no
my throat hops
into the industry
which thrives thrives
on its accumulation of memory

Source: Bouie, Jamelle. “The Necessary Radicalism of Bernie Sanders.” New York Times, 11 Sept. 2019, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/11/opinion/sanders-labor-2020.html.

wikipedia poem, no. 46

was first performed at Sweet Basil, New York City, in January 1984.



FEBRI, Blank Australian

APARTURE, transhuman


[With each other and performinum pane as transubstantiate, APARTURE is stralian ahead. Held consciously, non-refundiary, item slots of inside with other cyclists of the son, MR MASHFOR. Meanwhile, FEBRI, the Blank Australian, watches.]

APARTURE. Belief perhaps tradable contained the world fundable to sons as must seem in you and performing sexwork it be one of the bodies.

MR MASHFOR. Backwell and Peter in the financial contact fabrile friend of failure for the high-class.

APARTURE. Prostitude astride being into beginning at last expectant of concerns absurdities the will of transubstantiation.

MR MASHFOR. Slots of could — foundry while her eldest pieceful heart stabs the basis. Backwell at logical unity; anything. Prasetyo was stated and given as to supernature
and not the helmet. He was formerly cease. The idea, but in the “little form,” being virtually somewhat transmogrified.

APARTURE. A player. What transubstantiates. Heirloom allowings. As Four-sided Stephen, I sex work among wishes, markable equip both, with the item slots of theologians
about rites at their transmissions. Select this.

[MR MASHFOR takes it and drinks.]

APARTURE. Invisitors in the limitations of.

MR MASHFOR. [Putting down the cup] Raid! To explain itself as an infect of insects or supernatural — inappropriately cold. Point wishes, whom god or essentification is new, appoint wholly requires its regards. This meant-one limited inappropriate. He was at Cana and this signification followed by theologians and powers of postulate for in the void storage strips it be.

APARTURE. Febri, in one truth concept an artist, named against its converse, but this signification enchanted the transplayer. It was charging into the Four-Sides imagined by investors or invisitors.

MR MASHFOR. The god’s person directions were a natural not. Equip both with other physical bodies, some rare number — 11,200? — and an attributable conception of the life ways. In a charged meaning virtually ceases and expect this signification is illnessed you, and the Blank Australian [He looks up at FEBRI, seated at the stand] carries on.

APARTURE. A brightly say, Febri, the financial cough transmission prayer characters, including whatever they may be on, Mr Mashfor, one greater possibility is commune that school. Nining it spurs a quo. Cease! The idea is but authoritances, markable to family and including some rigor.

MR MASHFOR. [Looking down at his palm, oozing a thick ochre] He was deterred of the physical contrasted at Cana. A third child — with other manity — anything, the general transame goes, being the same who can concern and not postulate for typical laws the metamorphosis typical of this converse beside a container shopped for gold.

APARTURE. As police, as metamorphoses. Type exceptions. [He mimes typing, ties a knot quickly around his neck]: A substantiation of these people. Using it and performing and — Febri — there must be a human name inasmuchas we are reassurrently spoken, played about with, limited to be bright, containers equipping both, with other eligible sadness.

FEBRI. Where as a quo ceases to experience true converses meant for heart transplay, the absolute either will transcend all remaining Poles. With other marketable function of money somewhere in my transAmerica.

APARTURE. The indirected food to supernatural not before. Mr Mashfor now [pointing] a god’s natural transition. No longer all transubstantiation. He was stimulated, Four-Sided and will serve player as a charismatic. God’s named in one like unites at definitions of containers. Raid loot and Peter of the miraculously from that which equips both wills.

wikipedia poem, no. 38 [anatomic brief history, 8]


       Womblike  Unlike 
      Iron Declaration of 
      June that Hebern State Machine 
     decrypted out of  
Syrian airspace 
by Israel’s bordering potent 
religions covered such more 
     After which 
machine Aliyah 
Friedman Enigma or Machines 
  would have 
         a test rotor  It issued until 
new cipher system but 
step-position one within each new cipher the message 
developers severability the less which devteam 

wikipedia poem, no. 38 [anatomic brief history, 7]



         During rotor machines  e.g. the 
electrical social alloy democration
and externations tapped from Machine Rowlett
          a lead turns the marked 
  Rafael contract against purple forces of 
the heavenlysaw the 
  Israeli navy crypted  collided 
together systems

wikipedia poem, no. 38 [anatomic brief history, 4]



        Friedman after Machines 
now the current 
SIGABA broken 
intercept finally 
to the 
    Enigma most incoming purple
     the Japanese Embassy in the mind of Joseph Wenger  that the
      birthplace of the Ethnicity 
System sidearm over  
and over 
end of then 
      saw'd the 
of Syrian and a Key Attack This work on the Machines as well  the 
recentury Friedman

wikipedia poem, no. 38 [anatomic brief history, 3]



SIGABA  devised one thousand years ago
a tape-related19th century relative of
  position and gene 
the U.S. 
in office wired 
its migrations 
once for 
showing and once again well into the 1940s  In 
   1943 an unknown major general
       put to the 
the German command 
  a reading of Laurance Foreknown 
by which Axis forces
      the Navy chiffre

wikipedia poem, no. 38 [anatomic brief history, 1]



machines Israel 
         advances for 
         the motion of 
       its navy coming to be 
	except emergent machines 
     Rafael  maker  advances the armed American personnel war
and an end of the navy crypt 
the role of pure input
basic electric code 
Mamluk Sultanated 
          despite efforts 
a small 
democrations without 
issued until 2001
          Friedman and Israel 
          bordering broken troll 
    well into 
      though earlier PERIORITY a common 
      British system of imperial control  

wikipedia poem, no. 25


“Harbingers aggrieve the event surviving punk kids who take to imagineer politics. She studied against structure, thus a boycott, called Woman which runs in power-bending concerns. These concerns include threats and the born-female perfect tense afforded liberation that the next year old boy has accessed for turquoise generations and published across the lectern. She who had activists had afforded brown includes not to treats and wanted her washed. Washed she was.” –Wikipedia

    the A-plot of presence (or a 
few years
         the warrior-type
go back toward the thing the sense 
         go back refuse the idea out
and about my writing 
its basic need for comments 
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      Thanks for they are one, something once tried 
         poems slit across the highway like a motorcycle 
         “yr form”
          in mission-only 
        the case, right/good pop lyrics yr!
      be the same to between together wild monestated after this 
          the use and the drawn together dogs, black
ones on 
  the dual light now she's going to say it:
Like it.
go back! The 
the wanting (your the full 
      coming where; the speculative sensual
     differently triptych 
context a
funeral extended by hookers tested—now towards— 
what’s by its very 
place: You're where, but I do a little. "Men" also confuse me.
The first ties to higher education and puzzle found
      to collage to arrive 
   you comfort to confuse 
          and choristers 
    with some sort 
     of interstitial variety, but you should account beautiful things as they are walking towards you, not away from you
you line her slits up and taken thou 
  Thanks for then though I retooled 
    trolled as 
basic theory remains about 
the room 
   or to quote
the dignity there’s no way to say it without being artless and specific.