Strange Candy

Wikipedia Poem, No. 613


“Crack, crack, old ship! so long as thou crackest, thou holdest!” Melville

xerxes burrows into his thing-pink shirt for safety     i never said 
he plays with geometry    not consciously however    i 
pity him    welcome him to his soul    where 
hallucinations manifest themselves     into the guy or gal
the bloodpool    dreams of the battle of thermopylae     sit down 
hero     he wants a backyard with high fences     he wants 
to be the president 
very badly      darius sends emissaries to each greek city-state
information passes through still photographs until xerxes' body


Therapy (Pulling Red Thread)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 483


   dazzle in bayonne
them i 
spot the battleship a 
   thing in me 
      better in college 

diminutive bayon

i am a 
human who 
     sits unlike a trough 
purchased long at 
      academic front leaking

a long narrow open container 
for animals 
to eat or drink 
out of


rarely painted red

Pruned by Flowerheads

Wikipedia Poem, No. 470


“A map for a new respiratory system. / Nitrous oxide replaced by tear gas. / Our head and face boundaries collapse. // Now: cut across the canvas.” Theodoros Chiotis

if not changing then
flowering but coiled
around one's jaw 
pruned by flowerheads
        climbing from thoughtful
        pink illusions outside-in 
size color everything everywhere grown 
out of my heads (climbing despite
mainland macrophylla here in america    
which only grows in dangerous popular culture
the dangerous species is its own meaning 
some crumpled syrian estate 
pruned into blush red 
flowering plants in japan korea crimea
our ashen mainland


Norman Wilkinson

Wikipedia Poem, No. 459


“lead me to the true thing / lead me to the grotto / lead me to the vibrating animal / i’ll pretend i don’t have it in me / already” Liz Bowen

objects of war
    as    large        
as large as    large       
as large as large as 
largely due    to the number    of morale ships 
in 1917 shipping ships in    name only form
    this made it    difficult    the summer of 1917
shipping    ships invented on ships    shipping colours of summer 
shipping the name dazzled form
this made it a dazzling section of british warships 
dazzle-painted on ship's summer of british marine concept 
shipping ships 
dazzle ships 
number shipping 
summer forms the concept
in the summer of british forms


Source: Bowen, Liz. “we steal our behaviors.” Sugarblood. Metatron, 2017. p. 17.

Poets Reading the News publishes ‘Agraphia’


“Car 5”

A great poetry website, Poets Reading The News, has published another one of my poems, Agraphia, along with one my recent photos, Car 5 (above).

I’m extraordinarily fond, and proud, of this poem. It’s about the way that war and violence affect one’s humanity.

It begins with a quote from Gabriele de’ Mussi, a historian of sorts, who gave one account of the beginning of the black plague in Europe in the mid-14th Century.

He tells of the siege on Kaffa (now known as Feodosia in Crimea) in which the Mongols launched the rotten flesh of their own sick and infected soldiers over the city walls in order to weaken the defending forces — an early version of biological warfare.

Please read and share it. You mean the world to me.

Thanks for being a part of this crazy project.

— Joe

Muriel Rukeyser

Wikipedia Poem, No. 431


“In the day I would be reminded of those men and women, / Brave, setting up signals across vast distances, / Considering a nameless way of living, of almost unimagined values.” Muriel Rukeyser

  consistent a 
      commitment to an 
  of her feminist 
activities garnered her 
our twentieth-century 
       coleridge our neruda
        organized protests against 
the whole of her remarkable femininity
a woman
a jew
jew a jew a jew
         a jew
single multitude
the trial of american poetry  
     an apt description 
        american poetry in her 
        121-page fbi file and 
         an innovative body of american poems 
out of work across the trail
of cultural norms and taboos 
       this consistent
to deeply human activities 
violated by various vietnams


Overwatch Widow-Enabled Ableton Overton Windowlicker

Wikipedia Poem, No. 421


“of the demon: ¡demonio! Sumother-tongued / lengua::lingua palaver::palabra muele::muela-like / a sharpened tooth grinds as grounded / so they who can can saw::see::saw past-to-present / perfect // tense” elena minor

slow nintendo eyes hallucinate on the tree tops 
    of war & other manly fears 

fighting basslines back from the castle bulwark 
    the soldier barks playing his 

muse like a hard bleak nest expelling  
    supernatural darkness 

ruins spring up in the suicide forest 
    nestle his falsetto starving 

else blue eyed moneymonkey plays pieces of influence—the man 

that sings off what-will-people-think or 	
    in the pleading

burn hysterical naked singtrade 
    like unwanted pregnancies for strips 

darker thin apocalypse plays the big streams of plastic 

outside super nintendo 
plays on a drunk’s tokyo 
falsetto harmonydreams 
with much darker musings playfully 
playful play y chill futuristic and tracked 
into oblivion people golden salted with time

“for my own sanity”


“I felt driven—for my own sanity—to bring together in my poems the political world ‘out there’—the world of children dynamited or napalmed, of the urban ghetto and militarist violence—and the supposedly private, lyrical world of sex and of male/female relationships.” Adrienne Rich,  “Blood, Bread, and Poetry”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 376


“that sticky infusion, that rank flavor of blood, that poetry” Galway Kinnell


sizzle—her innards
disposed of
meaning sow
plated for
a child
in the hourglass
down thin
strips of sizzle—her innards
disposed of
meaning to letter law

it is passionate play that is passionate
play that is passionate
play the comprise of

it is
here—stuck through
with the bear—

that is cold
the hourglass
there—stuck through

airborne the 101st
airborne the fisher’s net the ribbon-winning of sizzle—innards
meaning of trumpet the
emergency room doctor’s

red ribbon-winning of choices

it cold

Wikipedia Poem, No. 345


the scholar
         cataloging organized democracies 
    vehelemental rule of the starvationalist 
          moved in 
   burgos they were morals manuel azaña 
and anticlericians received 
in studio estimates of 
the enternationalists 
    carried from morocco to the nationalist base 
     carried from malnutritionalists a 
catholithic war of repression soldiers bought
     february nineteen thirty nine 
shirtsleeves laced with silken 
roses collapsed to the spanish 
republic singing chrome supports many
civil wars late 
         and the political opposition in 
      burgos the nationalazaña 
supports the soviet union and civil war two 
          inert generalissimo carved conflict 
      from asturias