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Ignis H.W.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 874 He bombs the fuse in 1948 poppy as outdoors were still import brought mr bush great pleasure he still imports brought mr bush’s movements sport brought mr bush player and often used it regular disease began to baltimore he began to concentrate… Read More

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Empedocles and Exaenetus (Wikipoem for My Father)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 824 yr head if only he cared down their hooves spectacular the riders’ blood spilled as much for me but i was a wrestler and was a wrestler and was a farce another wrapped around their hooves spectacular the riderstand was a… Read More

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‘Fundamentalist’s Clarity’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 516 for Paul Beatty they clean kotten awa break apart appear naked especially intelligence of the moon identifies dance i am a poor rabbit if we killed enjambment be a rabbit skinned in my beggar’s heart dirty in kotten awa break apart… Read More