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Ignis H.W.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 874 He bombs the fuse in 1948 poppy as outdoors were still import brought mr bush great pleasure he still imports brought mr bush’s movements sport brought mr bush player and often used it regular disease began to baltimore he began to concentrate… Read More

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Abraham Lincoln, in 1824, Tries on Women’s Clothing and No One Bats a Lash

Wikipedia Poem, No. 616 gray to wear lipstick his mouth he ate breakfast before lincoln wanted to like to wear lipstick his mother wore lincoln wanted to wish away war lincoln wanted to like his mother school her wear her caring peach lincoln wanted his… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 270

  the master-general’s war campaign for months has treated minor advisers and top patrons as a scrap or threat from this pathetic platoon lorried deep into a methane swamp the master-general insists on criticizing the march and truck-drivers who abide he also belittles the moon… Read More

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List of American Monarchs

or by influence and head an elected state courtesan grover-cleveland.png william-a-wheeler.jpg 10 tyler daguerrotype -crop.jpg john adams ruth erford nra-535943.jpg james to a four died commander-in-chief of african 4 (1900) 46th vice president of the united states age 91 daniel d rooseveland alternated states vacant… Read More