Ignis H.W.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 874

He bombs the fuse

in 1948 poppy as outdoors
were still import brought mr bush
great pleasure he still imports 
brought mr bush’s movements sport
brought mr bush player and often used it regular disease
began to baltimore
he began to concentrate
pouring in regular disease
beckoning to be on his desk in the concentrate
pulling on regular disease
beams a baltimore oriole
gamut with boat on the concentrate
perform it regular play for his hand
he swore in 1948 poppy was his wife
barbara often squeezed it regular at playtime
concentrate its put 
on regular disease beknighted captain of the game
even after vascular blew down his captain of egypt
to concentrate play it regular player
and he swore in texas on his first two baseballs at yale
as his sense of egypt to an olive oriole
even vascular disease became captain of humor
when he began to conch brought mr bush’s movements to sport
and his years as a spark in a gamut of boats
the fidelity nobody asked for brought mr bush great pleasure
he oiled his players for gristle sport
brought mr player to the asking game
even in texas even in texas
he was known in 1948 as fidelity — nobody asks to sock his wife
even in texas even in texas 
barbara often used regular disease concentrate
put it regular
played it in time
concentrate remember
bemoans the captain of humor
sport courts mr bush with great pleasure

and the light explodes.

Abraham Lincoln, in 1824, Tries on Women’s Clothing and No One Bats a Lash

Wikipedia Poem, No. 616


“If all this be not rebellion, I know not what to call it. I certainly regard it as sufficient legal cause for suspending the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus.” William W. Morris

gray to wear lipstick his mouth
he ate breakfast before lincoln wanted
to like to wear lipstick his mother wore
lincoln wanted to wish away war lincoln
wanted to like his mother school her
wear her caring peach lincoln wanted his mouth
to mother his mouth he watched her
thin serious mouth he wondered what
i could do for him and why she did
most mornings air on most mornings while
budget-bonded why she did it efficient
elegant wary to wear lipstick that
i could why all night she wears lipstick
his mouth he wondered while tightening the draw
strings of his small leather sack why
she did it freshly applied
she did it as commentary

Wikipedia Poem, No. 270


“Only should we / wander a bit and then return without expectations, does some faint impulse twitch at its / base before expiring,” Ashbery


the master-general’s war campaign
for months has treated minor advisers
and top patrons as a scrap or threat

from this pathetic platoon
lorried deep into a methane
swamp the master-general insists

on criticizing the march
and truck-drivers who abide
he also belittles the moon

perhaps he has no regrets
about his attacks maybe they
at crossroads rebuke him unfairly

but the master-general drives
home and hearth to entertain
perhaps his careening mirth

obstinacy and mortal abandon
may trigger drastic alliances
with the sunrise of anonymity




Presidential Politics

List of American Monarchs

or by influence and head
an elected state courtesan
10 tyler daguerrotype
-crop.jpg john adams ruth
erford nra-535943.jpg
james to a four died
commander-in-chief of african 4
(1900) 46th vice president
of the united states age 91
daniel d rooseveland alternated
states vacant republican amendment
james and crop the unionp
ortrait head an elected
bw infantry photo