“It is a rallying cry for our enemies.”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 876


    personnel the paper foundationist movements 
cultural ideas or past artist 
pain their extractor called security behind these  
       facts with their 
       context neue sachlichkeit: 
meaning  iran //  
      reveals simply   view of those meaning  iran  
trump’s war — trump’s  official 
faction of predisposition 
     and foreign-made 
    eventual owners michael etiennese 
     “we wisdom 
for america // target Oestern 
   Yementary" (look it up, Scotty) 
many-faced parchment  
   set upon this 
   sense      extractions in 
the journeyman withering
   a détournement
of media and cultural ideas or the past



Schambelan, Elizabeth. “ECLIPSE OF THE SUN.”Artforum International, 1 Dec. 2018, www.artforum.com/print/201810/eclipse-of-the-sun-77725. Print, page 189.

Obama, Barack. “Remarks by the President On National Security.” National Archives and Records Administration, 21 May 2009, obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/remarks-president-national-security-5-21-09.

Wizards Fall

Wikipedia Poem, No. 501

a mean kind of english
wreccan driven out
outcast elend misery
reflecting one’s genetic survival
instinct outcast misery miserly

development of meaning
a sorry state in vile dallag erman
the old english drive
driven out punished person
exiled and remarkable
a strong sense of the vile

drive them out who strive for natural gifts
our vile reflection senses its spirit lift

Wikipedia Poem, No. 270


“Only should we / wander a bit and then return without expectations, does some faint impulse twitch at its / base before expiring,” Ashbery


the master-general’s war campaign
for months has treated minor advisers
and top patrons as a scrap or threat

from this pathetic platoon
lorried deep into a methane
swamp the master-general insists

on criticizing the march
and truck-drivers who abide
he also belittles the moon

perhaps he has no regrets
about his attacks maybe they
at crossroads rebuke him unfairly

but the master-general drives
home and hearth to entertain
perhaps his careening mirth

obstinacy and mortal abandon
may trigger drastic alliances
with the sunrise of anonymity



Wikipedia Poem, No. 139


welcome to new products
you have daved us that’s 
what we really want here

more than most we guess 
what considerate permission 
from the bobby parade? welcome 

kind riffs of the news to the new 
today will be super bright 

should we eat for love and country 
to hell as written by a horn seductive
clintonian permission sartre cum 
wandering eye star of them whomever 

laid stuff they led tripled saxophone lives
many fans fast for its title from tilt