Please let me sleep

“The bike I was thinking of buying belonged to a friend. Before I could buy it, I crashed on it, riding as a passenger behind my friend, with a beautiful girl squeezed in between us, three on a bike, a Triumph, going far too fast, all of us drunk, around Place de la Concorde, and slipping out of control on the wet cobbles at 4:00 a.m. Pardner, don’t get on a motorcycle with drink in you.” Frederick Seidel

“The Biggest Bomb” David Ignatow

Y’all should get real intimate with this gem. It’s from “Claims for Poetry,” a dope book of essays edited by Donald Hall from 1982.

This short essay from 1955 is by a poet I had never heard of, David Ignatow. I googled him and discovered he was the kind of poet who found some success, but always had to maintain a day job: butcher, book binder, hospital admitting clerk, vegetable market night clerk, and paper salesman.”

He was also “editor of American Poetry Review, Analytic, Beloit Poetry Journal, and Chelsea Magazine, and … poetry editor of The Nation.”

Anyway, biographical minutiae aside, this “impressionistic essay” is at times monastic — “I deal with words, I give myself the pleasure of being free with my feelings, my thoughts. I allow them to fall into any shape or color they desire in words.” — and at other times animalistic: “The freedom I write about is for cockroaches, ants, mice, and lice.”

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Lee Sedol, seated at right, one of the greatest modern players of the ancient game of Go, was defeated three times in a row by Google’s DeepMind supercomputer, AlphaGo. Experts had long suggested that Go was a game in which computers would struggle to match human intellect. (Illustration: Joseph M. Gerace/NJ Advance Media; Photo: Google DeepMind/Agence France-Presse)


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Context 1517
your wirelesss mouse can’t save your soul

Context 1623
no one laughed at my chun li joke. 🙁

Context 1938
Any of you nerds play The Division?

Context 2031
“Your laugh leaves laugh lines, your love leaves bright bruises” tHS


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When you’re selling, life was good

Context 1147
Context 1147

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Close yr eyes and walk ; how do you see sounds? As exploding spheres? What bird is that drowned by the lawn mothers? The edgers a central American chortling peace? Close yr eyes and breathe.

Context 1158
Context 1158

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Submission to the irrational

Context 1211
Context 1211

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“There was indeed a little donkey” Houellebecq

Context 1218
As I type “Context” and look up at the world, there is a strange effect: something like the combination of skin sizzling from electrocution and the pleasant recoiling one feels when he finds a hundred dollar bill.

Context 1222
Context 1222


Wikipedia Poem, No. 143

“Throat Starved Sky Hysteric Naked Spikes”



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after united series
critical play night

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united online append
and the europa league

man who attended
sooners who advanced
plays who explosion


against old trafford
third-seeded club hands
and rebounds of

the westlake disciplinary
action cleveland chants
ryan swain stretching

and sixth-ranked oklahoma
beat no iowa staples
lakers who attended


at trump's rally
in state fire
park explosion america

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new american greeting
between liverpool and disciplinary

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about the stretch
and manchester critical

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happened and finished
with assault discipline

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swain the hillsborough
it is waiting

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with west virginia
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buddy scored points
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no one was injured
points the face

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john mcgraw was
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score points face

hands of injured
points hands disorderly
construction with points
- Associated Press. No. 6 Sooners Beat No. 21 Iowa State in Big 12 Tourney. 
     CBS Media, 11 Mar. 2016. Web. 11 Mar. 2016.

- Guardian Sport. “Manchester United Condemn Fans’ Alleged Hillsborough Chants.”
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Wikipedia Poem, No. 142

“two mice are dead, for my wife. / mice make her legs / go watery, as they do sometimes after her climax.” Denis Johnson
and readers quiet books
        context as right pull'er vocabulary a 
disenter? iced 
     coffee, should 
          up being a dog

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    fullsizerender the newspaper or 
bush? outrage world slept, this disinterest

context 1142
          i’m going to shut up?

      context 1349
          lifter puller vocabulary: big-city 
          newspapers of 

have all 

      lifter agape why do I

       fast or 
kids are righter of culture and practitioner journey to 
the nations with wide circulation a 
small drink 
          more coffee, should 
         i give up

Context 0309-102016

Context 1142

Context 1150
they’ve all been in my mouth my favorite books

Context 1153
a great fighter against the official verse culture marjoram perloff

Context 1156
the playground kids are right: to shriek is righteous

Context 1201
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Context 1208
Bernstein : not enough poetry gets reviews in publications with wide circular: big-city newspapers, the news weeklies, and the National journals of culture and opinions.

Context 1215
Bernstein: the oxygen of publicity matters quite a bit. Poetry thrives and survives nurtured by its committed readers and practitioners.

Context 1224
Master of Confirmation Bias
Confirmation Bias King
Fiefdom of Seek and Ye Shall Find

Context 1231
aid or foment this disinterest

Context 1232
I can’t believe my SwiftKey dictionary has a smaller vocabulary than me

Context 1237
the great zeitgeist assassination trump

Context 1245
do I fast or drink more coffee, should I give up being sober? Iced coffee sounds nice. I can hear the cubes calling out. Is another drug really the answer? More questions? Paper or plastic? hitler or pol pot or bush? Outrage or indifference? Iced coffee or red bull or nothing shut up?

Context 1349
Lifter Puller doing 80 down the turnpike, sunroof agape. Why do I tolerate the winter? I want the nice-nice up in blazes.

Context 1426
While his parents slept, this 7-year-old boy’s life was saved by Jedi, his diabetes-sniffing dog

Context 1917
have any of you seen this?,_23_quai_du_Commerce,_1080_Bruxelles is it any good?


Note to self:,_23_quai_du_Commerce,_1080_Bruxelles

Context 1919
bogus hed alert: Nancy Reagan begins final journey to husband’s side

Context 2122
Holy shit what beauty

Context 0112

I’m going to point toward everything and render the garbage world to sleep; to sleep

Wikipedia Poem, No. 141

“Short separations provoke an acute response known as protest, while prolonged separations yield the physiologic state of despair. … Even young rats evidence protest: when their mother is absent they emit nonstop ultrasonic cries, a plaintive chorus inaudible to our dull ape ears.” Lewis, Amini and Lannon
seems to stand 
modified by into 

appears parting dimension
thereby bulbous distortion 
while it appears 
distortion effects suzuki 

modified by limit 
another photograph aplomb

greatest investigating dimension 
opposite difficulty volume 

parting faces basic 
faces conjunction effect

volume distortion effect
and model remarks 

slowly shape study 
aligned by inspection 

effects form remarks 
eye-aligned outliers 

revised flashed facially 
exposed remarks evident

predicting conjunction parting 
a single providence 

each flat theoretical 
face another must

steady rate faces 
face natures two-pool 

neural nature computer 
one faces fast 

neuter the must
predicting through others 

in our flashed 
databased debased pointy 

see movie times
effect lessens person 

a steady rate 
causes new sequences
- Lewis, Thomas, Fari Amini, and Richard Lannon. A General Theory of Love. New York: Vintage Books, 2001. Print.
- Tangen, Jason M, Sean C Murphy, and Matthew B Thompson. “Flashed Face Distortion Effect: Grotesque Faces from Relative Spaces.” Perception 40.5 (May 2011): 628–630. Web. 6 Mar. 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 140

“What is that painting of mine in Philadelphia? Is it Fifty Days in Iliam? It’s very strange, no one has ever mentioned it. Have you ever seen it? Well it’s one of a large group of paintings. It’s called Fifty Days in Iliam; I spelt it I-L-I-A-M, which is not correct. It’s U-M. But I wanted that, I wanted the A for Achilles; I always think of A as Achilles; I wanted the A there and no one ever wrote and told me that I had misspelt Ilium. I’m saying anyone in America.” Cy Twombly
a guiding 
    mood from the 1960s 
       witnessed Commodus 
serving as 
a summation of Mary 
of the 
     panel despite the 
     Cuban Missile Crisis agonizing a much more somber and culminate the painting 
wounds and in the final panoply of chaos their 
bleeding marks
1962 bleeding the line the 
      cycle of nine the 
darkening of historical sequences of the bloody whirls 
of President John F Kennedy producing 
bloody whirls of historical sequences 
sequences often articulating mood President 
John F Kennedy produced insanity 
        and tension
- Sylvester, David. “Interview / Cy Twombly / Rome.” 2000. Web. 6 Mar. 2016.
- Twombly, Cy. Fifty Days at Iliam. 1978. Oil, oil crayon, and graphite on canvas. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia.