Hadrian’s Wall

Wikipedia Poem, No. 532


If there were no metals, men would pass a horrible and wretched existence in the midst of wild beasts.” Georgius Agricola

of new obstacles take up or
weak against surgery the leader says
he healths the senate on rest to dismantle
their bill pass it this weak vote on blood
a blood clot above a blood clot above a bill above blood
a timeless date for the rack precedes but without hadrian
clots above blood clots above a bill announce
the wall on a wall the party’s cherished goal
the signature says health
domestic care achieves what

No Treasures Could Talk

Wikipedia Poem, No. 468


“No treasures could talk the man who happily / breaks hard lumps of earth with his hoe on the family farm / into plowing the Myrtoan Sea, a shivering sailor.” Horace

After Horace

dear turn    satyrs into a farm     into plowing dust    olympic
chariots of the romans another man's    joy is to hold
soldier's life its camp theater    there he    was born
soon    he was born within sight of the camp    that's life
another's life    but among their blazing burst hills
with thrill the soldier's grain from    under a cup
the light-stepping hunter    stays not above the cup of light
but with the highest master    i am that farm    plowing nymphs
and a deer    scared by the    surety of youth    i was young when
the public's whim the day's occupation something thought about 
in a shady woods among blazing soldiers    turn    
and dear forget the sound of africa    no treasures there
just a town of ivy    it makes me    her flute and waves
sing dust    on olympic chariots    when

Wikipedia Poem, No. 297


via Ennius

of sufficient 
praxes poetry 
      comes pen back 
of routine scaling else 

Alas! a king's remains, 

the plaque in latin which 
has homer return early 
a dentist concluded that 
you eat cavities 

half-burned, covered with blood, 

homer's dentist 
doesn’t rinse that would 
         be pared to risk of bias 
the epicharms 
again suffer for ennius 
took on the part of
     mother strength 
        the turned-elegant cavities 

Torn to the bone, 

show easy 
       it doesn’t 
          means of men be no different  
  that ennius would or could intervenire 
       our teeth transmission suffer 
          concluded by part

and dragged in shame amid the mud!

Wikipedia Poem, No. 285


“it’s christmas, carnival, easter, / our lady of aparecida, and the final judgment / all at once.” from “microwave” by Angélica Freitas

offers deeper 

absorbed in 
building the redeemer volume 
       of measuring noise 


       product displays 

  on audibility 
a signal bellows reverberation 

      coefficient of 
20 degrees celsius displayed depending on
      the averagings are proportant to dement reverberation 

in me and 
       out of the room for a direct 
travelling of a defined cut offers no reflection coefficient

exponential so too the materials the terrestrials

        of absorption 

in studios diminish 
regularly at low frequencies 
which must have their opposites

Wikipedia Poem, No. 140


“What is that painting of mine in Philadelphia? Is it Fifty Days in Iliam? It’s very strange, no one has ever mentioned it. Have you ever seen it? Well it’s one of a large group of paintings. It’s called Fifty Days in Iliam; I spelt it I-L-I-A-M, which is not correct. It’s U-M. But I wanted that, I wanted the A for Achilles; I always think of A as Achilles; I wanted the A there and no one ever wrote and told me that I had misspelt Ilium. I’m saying anyone in America.” Cy Twombly

a guiding 
    mood from the 1960s 
       witnessed Commodus 
serving as 
a summation of Mary 
of the 
     panel despite the 
     Cuban Missile Crisis agonizing a much more somber and culminate the painting 
wounds and in the final panoply of chaos their 
bleeding marks
1962 bleeding the line the 
      cycle of nine the 
darkening of historical sequences of the bloody whirls 
of President John F Kennedy producing 
bloody whirls of historical sequences 
sequences often articulating mood President 
John F Kennedy produced insanity 
        and tension
- Sylvester, David. “Interview / Cy Twombly / Rome.” cytwombly.info. 2000. Web. 6 Mar. 2016.
- Twombly, Cy. Fifty Days at Iliam. 1978. Oil, oil crayon, and graphite on canvas. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 109

Little soul little stray
little drifter
now where will you stay
all pale and all alone
after the way
you used to make fun of things

Hadrian with sensual succession to his reign
Hadrian ailing to his tastes

He used his succession to be more with his tastes
He oozed towards Hadrian's Wall which marked

Adopted at Baiae Antinous to his wife Pompeia
Palaestina Trajan's Wall which marked cultural cousin 

of birthplace his tastes he is accession 
to adopted Lucius Aurelius Aelius Ales

Sura were well-disposed towards Hadrian's conquests 
A Hispano-Roman emperors he rebuilt the Emperor 

from 117 to make Athens the Emperor from 117 
to keep the Empire Antinous to underline his tastes 

He spent admirer of Venus Aeli Lucius Aelius Aurelius Aelius
Aelius Aelius Aelius Aelius Sura were well-disposed cultural cousin

of ancient admirer officially according his wife Pompeia
Plotina Trajan's Wall which marked the Pantheon

afterward Hadrian dined and his regardent admirer officially 
accessors Hadrian with centuries-old roots in the Pantheon
afterward Hadrian ailing Hadrian was Roman emperor 
Trajan was a humanist and even dined and ordered his

own even dined an heir but accepted Lucius Aelius Sura were 
well-disposed the Emperor immediately before his tastes 

He reports often considered military Hadrian was a humanist 
and Armenia and Roman emperor immediately before rigorous 

to his tastes He is according and ordered them during Dacia
He usually wore his birthplace his cultural cousin of Venus

Aelius Sura were well-disposed the Pantheon afterwards Hadrian 
was a humanist and even dined on heir but them during them

During and even died suddenly two years latter died as a humanist 
and Armenia and Roman emperors He used to 138 Hadrian emperor 

from 117 to the Pantheon and constructed Lucius Aelius Aelius Aelius
Aelius Sura were well-disposed his times; He rebuilt that

Hadrian, “Little Soul,” translated by W.S. Merwin from Poetry (April 2006). 
Copyright © 2006 by W.S. Merwin. (via Poetry Foundation)