Wikipedia Poem, No. 285


“it’s christmas, carnival, easter, / our lady of aparecida, and the final judgment / all at once.” from “microwave” by Angélica Freitas

offers deeper 

absorbed in 
building the redeemer volume 
       of measuring noise 


       product displays 

  on audibility 
a signal bellows reverberation 

      coefficient of 
20 degrees celsius displayed depending on
      the averagings are proportant to dement reverberation 

in me and 
       out of the room for a direct 
travelling of a defined cut offers no reflection coefficient

exponential so too the materials the terrestrials

        of absorption 

in studios diminish 
regularly at low frequencies 
which must have their opposites

Wikipedia Poem, No. 125


You say
puff pastry you say
tax credit is a bulldog

by now she’s
probably lost in traffic
skin darker than guns
my father’s obsessed

it will be hungry
that guy who
makes hot sauce

climbs up my forefinger and into
whatever the girls’ mortal wound —
And I’m all like, bent, reaching
raise my hand to the horizon, beside

el niño spirit; and the exploded
my palm — safety — I straighten, &
down into the garbage where I roach

the Willis Tower, comparing, &
the vile, beautiful blattaria leaves me
and scales its black terrace and ponders
its sudden, liberal transformation — soon

as a way to juxtapose the mundane
condition the banal, blue
body; the salted, post-, uncombed

She didn’t even
take it
or gibberish in a cafeteria line
or bleeding all over Italy.

with Stevie Ray Vaughan

Includes four lines from "I love winter nights..." by Paul Ferrell,
     published in "The Cosby Show" (2015) by Water of Life Press.