Wikipedia Poem, No. 140


“What is that painting of mine in Philadelphia? Is it Fifty Days in Iliam? It’s very strange, no one has ever mentioned it. Have you ever seen it? Well it’s one of a large group of paintings. It’s called Fifty Days in Iliam; I spelt it I-L-I-A-M, which is not correct. It’s U-M. But I wanted that, I wanted the A for Achilles; I always think of A as Achilles; I wanted the A there and no one ever wrote and told me that I had misspelt Ilium. I’m saying anyone in America.” Cy Twombly

a guiding 
    mood from the 1960s 
       witnessed Commodus 
serving as 
a summation of Mary 
of the 
     panel despite the 
     Cuban Missile Crisis agonizing a much more somber and culminate the painting 
wounds and in the final panoply of chaos their 
bleeding marks
1962 bleeding the line the 
      cycle of nine the 
darkening of historical sequences of the bloody whirls 
of President John F Kennedy producing 
bloody whirls of historical sequences 
sequences often articulating mood President 
John F Kennedy produced insanity 
        and tension
- Sylvester, David. “Interview / Cy Twombly / Rome.” 2000. Web. 6 Mar. 2016.
- Twombly, Cy. Fifty Days at Iliam. 1978. Oil, oil crayon, and graphite on canvas. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia.

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