Between Her &

between sky and slick

Reality takes shape in memory alone.

between only, slowly

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

between the fire

Not only is life mostly failure, but in one’s failure or pettiness or wrongness exists the living drama of the self.

between every once

The transaction is sealed; the matter is settled. I, God, have made my choice.

she didn’t mean to say

Plots are for dead people.

this ultraviolet correspondence

Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil.

she never thought

We’re only certain (“certain only”?) about what we don’t understand.

i loved her then

New Mexico State Gem

What is your name? Never know. Hunched, picked off
a pair’a you—neither crow nor winch. A thing
god backlit in neon after blessing us with neon. And I
know what it means as a poet to carry this heavy basket—faint
mason, invisible stevedore, passage of time, neither good nor right.

I am fearful for firm and misunderstood things—
the spume, smiling inside the gargoyle, cultural forb—
they’re no different as carrion ghouls. Time
has done miserable things with light—he waves no
staff nor hauls no sack of turquoise shards. Quick!

He’s about to make a break for it. He’s about to windlass
Into the clouds, that one’s fancy. The crocodile climbs
many painted ladders. No weighted, pretty purple halos
ringing the eyes of these wordy wraiths—embrace
not knowing your name. I struggle to pull down the old crucifix.

The Inhale (13)

A Memory

for mouths. remember the taste of the burning dollar bill, the mossy ember. the inhale.
meant it differently than the other, but they were both beautiful men with spouts
one poet said, and then as if in response: charnel house, said another. one
search from time to time. in the dark off-ness, what does one find? charnel house
it was somehow meditation. felt nothing searched. still search. we still
die. later, on holly street, i used my hands to break plates against the wall and
why not others were doing it and if a man can — again, why not? and i did not
in relation to every man — an impossible task. when i was thirteen i did a thing because
that makes them special. i of course mean me, but think about my self
state of things the big ones derivative in their not caring much about anything;
i interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to wonder about the current

For Yoame

Wikipedia Poem, No. 964

the picture oh him and it was you
if yoame was a thing it is in your name
a thing it is you naming a thing
it is yours if yu or if yor foundation
the picture oh him and me and it is
your name and it is true i remember
the picture oh him and it is yours
if yoame and it is you name a thing
it is you naming a thing it is you
who named the thing it is yours
if yoame foundation of dinosaurs
oh picture him and me and it is true
suddenly i remember the picture oh him
it is too true i remember the picture
oh him and it is you
it is true i remember the picture
oh him and it is true
i remember the picture oh him and me and you

Nanocard, Nanocrad

Wikipedia Poem, No. 963

Anacoppti, 2019, JMG

the part
two part two
part two part
two different living
two part two
part two different
lifestyles that wants
to excel at living to
pull apart two parts
two different living parts
two parts of myself —
the part two
part two different
living to pull apart
two different living skulls
meat and matchsticks
are you knot coexisting
and matchsticks
are you knot coexistent
and matchsticks are you
knot coexisting and matchsticks
are you knot coexist
and matchsticks
are you a lolorito or a teledji?
new mexico state gemfinder

developed by surrey nanosystems in the world’s black-paint (black
reflections in the world-black vantablack—absorbs 99.9923% of the man owns the poor the world’s blackest blackest blackest black the world’s blackest-blackest —absorbs 99.9923% of 1% or less in the close-range infrared region film‎ the black paint is allowed to be visible

Wilde Lyl Publisher

Wikipedia Poem, No. 962

nam june paik, 1992, waiting for ufo
nam june paik, waiting for ufo, 1992

published widely
eating drugs published
widely butt eating
drugs you’ll be published
widely’ll be published
wilde ly about
eating drugs you’ll be
published widely’ll be
widely’ll be published
widely about drugs
you’ll be a publisher
wilde lyl publisher
be published

‘An acute and worsening crisis’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 961

Overcrowded, squalid conditions are more widespread at migrant centers along the southern border than initially revealed, the Department of Homeland Security’s independent watchdog said Tuesday. Its report describes standing-room-only cells, children without showers and hot meals, and detainees clamoring desperately for release.
A page from the Office of Inspector General report.

and even up to be released
notes to those outside

several immediate risks
patrol clothes to escape

religious gestures medicated
cells of force if necessary

and offered no response

detainees observe health-rough standards
additional dietary specifics necessary

these restrictions wet-wiped if necessary
adults after 72 hours overcrowd their hungry cells

bologna sandwich incidents and that one facility
bathetic detainees scarved in constipated detainees

and offered no response

clogging countless alien adults
of the observable time bomb

moreover medical attention mothers gestures teams
facilities raised months as if from their own cells

during only force if necessary
maintainees clothed by their cells

and offered no response

windows shout prepare managers
at multiple facilities clothes were released

notes to their cells senior management told us
they arrived without cells constipated of detainment

at some point detainees wet-wiped religious providence
required their cells detained in this diet detainees

observed detainees for a time
was prepared to escape

while security prepared toilets with mylar detainees
who had vitals moved from our visits

notes to their cells
during immedical clogging
because force is necessary
addition unable to be religious
providence gestures bangs
wears risk to their time bomb
moreover crowded bathos
sandwiches some facilities
raise notes to their cells

and offered no response

detainees escape
their time bomb
wet-wiped notes
to providence
their time bomb
and that over-
prepared force

offer no response

Source: United States. Dept. of Homeland Security. Office of The Inspector General. By Jennifer L. Costello. 2019. Archived by the New York Times. Web. 3 July 2019.

98 Dollars

Symbols, Signs and Signals

After Big Bruiser Dope Boy

I lay inside the sun
Thinking about the kid
Working at the gay bar
How that night he made
$98 in tips; It’s up
To the reader
To figure out
How to interpret
Other symbols.

Timely Feathers

 easy. It's pretty so flustered or mottle-tufted,
 wronged, came Till transformation and companion.
 deny bail or pretrial so coupled, married, where
 fern owl, The Baltimore and relinquishes
 of violent crime, $24.00 a long way into WATERBORO,
 feeding on works like RADIATING Giroux,
 So that the sister who was forced so harried, government 
           all that he kills,
 TOUCH museum of one And no one asks
 silent approach BESET resting Bill unleashes a torrent of 

Hill of Jackals

Wikipedia Poem, No. 960

the sweetness drops by measured thematics
or they disintegrate into detectives occupying
extraordinary ottoman rudders brakes steered
by nero’s america new roads car themselves before
counterclockwise america is pushing clockwise
collapsing fireworks of america some theory control
chaos then the big boat gulbahar gulshah heat
of bankrupt mercurial perturbations sitti cicek ur
insane twin throttle economic helene emperiod
turned human order turning away anna and alexias
situations to put it mildly dog fighting imitative nectars