A Historic Tax Heist

Wikipedia Poem, No. 673


polluting work as a true-jurist staining dark-blue
originally in reference to a snowy stickler 
foreign or true white with a fine pruina
who researches without any commonwealth 

someone who researches pure simple strigose hair
opposed to applying by an academic odor and taste
no distinctive legal-skin of america and pure simple law      such 
a person can walk confidently as a purist down somehow convex

i am expressing disbelief originally a barrister stinks 
to freefrom foreign jazz pure simple   jazz such attic greek 
clear and studious is this the right part of speech     dear dark-
skinned reader    for someone who researches homogeneous matter 

that foreign stickler  in theory is unmodified by style 
or homogeneous matter a just stickler for inappropriate elements               
by the marginate gills for a pure simple theory of law      such a 
pure science without       discordant contaminants

is someone a suspicious admixture or pure bred 
by an academic legal writer whereas in simple poisons 
such a person cannot work     nor walk    as a legal scholar         
substance- or theory-free from pure science without   discord

the polluting or poisonous spore
makes something radical impure

Violin Plot Shows Just Random Noise When There Are No Data

Wikipedia Poem, No. 594


          december march )         was a      french
) chromoluminarism and of quality 
chromoluminarism and a draftsman he         
is noted for logical abstraction for his extreme 
for his innovative          use of 
la grande jatte
( altered 
to be opposed 
to direction         
for his innovative usually 
supposed to be opposed to the    icons of quality 
chromoluminarism and delicate 
19th-century media 
for logical abstraction 
for logical abstraction   
for logical   abstraction of mind
his large-scale work
a sunday afternoon of the mind




I’ve woken up long ago. The plane scurries silently overhead, is full of people, of consequence. It is gone in 3 seconds. Passed through the window shade into nowhere. In France and Germany purple contains more red and less blue. A cat of ash I watch intently. As he, too, in silence, trots into the backyard. Does he live in the shed? What do I know? He disperses behind the shed, out of nothing. Is this music too loud? I’m done with questions, it is fine. I used to wonder why John Ashbery bothers with collage, but it’s no longer a concern of mine. I’m older now and I understand. A man is not only a beautyberry or only a painter or only a gondola. He can live anywhere at any time and my body is the mug of coffee that carries me here. If I obscure this mess, watch what it becomes! A pile of ciphers. (A muscular word that I need to be reminded of occasionally. One should be grateful when one is reminded of that word: Cipher. Thank the man and the place who reminds one of it: Matt Taibbi, last night, at the party.) A pile of ciphers like a lover’s alarm clock and reportage, hot and sweet. A pillow for sleeping then. Watch how the ciphers redden and collapse into one another as the temperature rises. The air desaturates. Lungs no longer new, suddenly, nude. I suppose I am a journalist first, and recoil. My socks do not match. Your socks, meanwhile, in mid-flight. Everything purple is discarded on the bedroom floor, gathering little flakes of us. My eyes today are gray, thank you for asking.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 381


“Color of Love and air of sympathy … / through you a thought comes to mind, / such that I greatly fear my heart will split. / I cannot keep my devastated eyes / from looking ever and again at you / because of their desire to shed tears.” Dante Alighieri


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Wikipedia Poem, No. 280


“—Words gather like flies above this carcass of meaning—” Adrienne Rich


most common examples the
view from slightly different angles 
most common examples any 
illusion printed to an array

         of the unseen can make so much are framed in 
      apart a nuclear period of 
man gapes at 
  law enforcement 
computer systems and is part 
of the
figure now 
of supervised 
the lenticular blinking 
          or of the 
fairest and 
truly subjective
somehow dial and molting test a well-publicized platform 
    manner more then 
would study therefore 
winning wire fraud
       two could somehow 
          dial activity 
the starry heaven who saw their 
angeles in los angeles in 1999
     supervised confinement arrested one fraud
    exact to be 
approached by another man 
  at the true motion 
  to knowledge only which is 
equal or pictures on to 
charged wire or electronic 
    computer a special judge 
   that knowledge of reason 
     a visible hand and justice 
       of both 
be a simpleton: but in investigating that 
         before the speaking you mean 
says that do you 
         mean that he 
    or blinks 
internet judicial
  on to 
before the said the hand and such are
such are



  • Rich, Adrienne. “Letters Censored Shredded Returned to Sender or Judged Unfit to Send.” Collected Poems, 1950-2012. , 2016. Print. Page 1012.