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Really Big Beach

the boy’s fingers tie a dozen plastic battleships with copper wire to unstretched canvas anselm kiefer mistakes monet’s grainstack for pure painting tell the story of colin powell at the united nations advocate of war in 2003 his staff covers guernica with a curtain atlantic… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 878   ONE i into   worlddvertising   favorite ver the   na; art can -tip:  take own art aaling,   butLLC;we nothingivil socieworld   in w and attene nothing;rtising    yttention aconscripteer the namle poet’s   h your eyention are that advs never   are of that ur favoriteyes… Read More

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Debating Secularism in the Afterlife (Stenched Pop Icon)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 842 a group to watch foreign of russian oligarchs trump courth-round loss been a rap record 5h ago photographs that a times have stenched pop icon is going more midwife the us open a huge in porter celled a placed by a… Read More

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Bacon Weave Quesadilla Is A Genius Low-Carb Hack

Wikipedia Poem, No. 840 jumping about; jumping in and down, jumping in and down, jumping in the air.iffly at the air.r flailing about; jumpinning in any direction, jumping in and down, jumping straight up and down, jumping stiffly at the air.s straight up and down,… Read More

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Mads Haahr

Wikipedia Poem, No. 832 “This book I bought in Venice for one Ducat in the year 1507.” Albrecht Dürer and bought a mousemat.d bought a a mousemat.a mousemat.wo hours there and bought a mousemat.bought a and bought a mousemat.nt two hours there and bought… Read More

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Claiming Power Without Snatching Power

Wikipedia Poem, No. 830 conversation in large baths of anything — or central german giants plug patterns in the technology the fields did couldn’t playing to you keep up — showed up shopping you started to recognize the teams the field is seasonal for these… Read More

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A Raspy, Screeching Hiss.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 814 A piece the size of me. We float downstream’s surge. Suddenly to steep, rocky shore and up under the boat down the stream’s surface began. The hotel has provided a nice razor set. I see how far down a submarine. The… Read More

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Ten Red Bowls

Wikipedia Poem, No. 805 Joseph M. Gerace is a poet who send you scheduled to get it out too much is a poet a shower to get you a check for the latest I can get you know that the more on the most important… Read More

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The Poetry of Power

Wikipedia Poem, No. 764 pop clank ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatat atatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatat wah-wah doof bark bleat buzz ching cough gargle gibberish hiccup hum bamf snikt vworprowl pobblebonk weero eastern whip-poor-will mexican whip-poor-will mexican whip-poor-will mexican whip-poor-will mexican whip-poor-will mexican whip-poor-will mexican whip-poor-will mexican whip-poor-will mexican whip-poor-will mexican whip-poor-will… Read More

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“Mars and Venus come back anew / They give each other mad kisses”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 749 “The people who most needed god were the people who were kept outside.” Michael Simpson aperture propose emphasis or another kind of trying possibility of eurydicean seam paris review summer critique don’t get the internet started on architecture i typed brutalism… Read More