“Rosewater, Chicken Fat, and Pinecones”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 972

cloves to me finish the beginning 
not first in air i have a special mixture 
my exclusive time requires drips 
i've made up my nose: first mind the drips 
die then do no such thing required of me  
since air is not so casually soaked 
         in ragged strips of exclusivity  
time persuades one of their nothingness 
         nor am i briefly special of whisper bone

admixture of exclusive strips mine 
i require a sort of flayed time 
special time burrowed in special thought 
slowly and continuously introduced
die then no such thought will be 
thought in the air which afaik isn't true
i am all these pine-soar things 
         however briefly 
but what of rosewater soaked linen 
i've had such wonderful lovers 

in the beginning though not at first 
beginnings slowly and continuously rise
and pinecone through the lawn 
studded with drippings wrapped in earth
what a glorious exclusive time in strip
mines exclusive time dripping among air
however briefly but trimmed 
         into reddening strips

Source: Ruefle, Mary. “Resin.” Dunce, Wave Books, 2019, p. 15.

My Webby-Award Nominated Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 934

Cadmium Yellow, No. 11, 2019

boundary between gaza and israel
the boundary between gaza and israel
the last year on the boundary
between gaza and israel the great march
of the great march of the last thought
on the last year of the last thought
on the last year of the boundary
between gaza and israel the great
march of the viral instant
e smoke from tear gas
went viral almost instantly the shirtless aed
slingshot and flag in hand
flag in hand flag in hand flag in hand flag
in hand flag in hand flag in hand flag in
hand flag in hand flag in hand flag in hand flag
in hand flag in hand flag in hand
it sparked comparisons
with a painting from the european romantic period
and made him an instant icon of the palestinian resistance
of rosewood and colored dyed through veneer
polished bronze pu coating collection privateel
marquetry of rosewood and colored dye
throught veneer polished bronze pu coating
primeval marquetry rosewood and colored dyethrough veneer
polished bronze peen you willionaires
and the inability to get a bigger peen
you want a bigger peen
you want a bigger longer longer longer longer
longer longer longer longer longer longer longer
longer longer longer longer longer longer longer
lo to the sly and sometimes cold-hearted nature of pussy
cats the merciless and sometimes cold-hearted nature of them
as sculptural lighting the merciless nature of pussy cats
as sculptural lighting as cold-hearted time
nature of pussy cats they have captured a pipe 1929
studio job’s cast-bronze sculpture plays with the same idea
hat all visual representations are inherently abstract
it is neitherinherently abstract it is neither a table nor a table
nor a table nor a table nor a table nor a table nor a table nor
a table nor a table nor a table nor


Artifacts of Reference, No. 52

Artifact Displacement, Winter 2019 (HND52)

No Crystalization Without Representation

Thanks for letting me take a look at this one time I was there was no reason to be mad at me because I'm not going to be able to make you feel like a piece of paper and the kids are doing great.

Great news for the kids to the park and ride at the beach with the boys for the day but if we can get together for a drink and see the car and then we have a lot in common.

Really Big Beach

the boy’s fingers tie
a dozen plastic
with copper wire
to unstretched canvas

anselm kiefer
monet’s grainstack for
pure painting

tell the story
of colin powell
at the united nations
advocate of war
in 2003 his staff
covers guernica
with a curtain
atlantic blue

anselm kiefer
the mülheim-kärlich
nuclear reactor

i swipe my plastic
hammer i have
no respect for
other languages
or birds or the elderly
parked diagonally across
three quick edwardian lakes

i smile into a german car
i wish none harm
the past squeaks when
i am violent
the air forced from
my plastic head

i implore you
save yourself please
please i can’t
do it for you
i won’t

Security Forces

struggle in hand the jump
and cut of bloodless bone
of beak notorious for weight
lessness what does it cost
a useless periphery universe?

Searcey, Dionne, and Emmanuel Akinwotu. “Nigeria Says Soldiers Who Killed Marchers Were Provoked. Video Shows Otherwise.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 17 Dec. 2018, www.nytimes.com/2018/12/17/world/africa/nigeria-military-abuses.html.

‘The geezer alcoholics in the corner?’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 867


     break into 
       leather man
break into air 
   leather man
          breathe into air 
   leather jacket
   licked back 
don't break
don't break man
     don't break   
look leather 
       break it or lose it 
break the air 
      pomegranate flower
hoplite bannister  

leather man
      slip into 
        the air 
like a man
          breaks in his  
breaks into 
          the hairy air 
       leather rip
    jacket rip
licked backseat 
man sniffling 
a diagram
then sentenceless i don't exist rip
        lick leather men sniffing 
about arson
one might hang 
arson around
  one night about 
     like smoke
one might 
   break the air 
          smoke around
       one just might smoke leather man

Industrial Packaging (MoMA PS1)


seductive and
libidinal and


arouse and
corporeal and


contexts and
strange and


medical devices


Wikipedia Poem, No. 744


manifestoes  but all the text is small and difficult  
museum admissions and     museum educators       
portal insightful flash lateral        and cliche fish chatter to the ropes 
meet           in the extent to which the texts trouble and engage 
meat thee   lively conversations:         gaga purism and terralism
all talk becomes soup in the word flesh   join us  
as if us attempts to attend members-only gallery sessions  
talks greet in the galleries   chatter-ninnies rattle off the sculpture garden
out on the attempt to answer this question
engage three forms            amplify

Of Man


future, be free     pass by words     prize the gift words     of the future, run.