“Rosewater, Chicken Fat, and Pinecones”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 972

cloves to me finish the beginning 
not first in air i have a special mixture 
my exclusive time requires drips 
i've made up my nose: first mind the drips 
die then do no such thing required of me  
since air is not so casually soaked 
         in ragged strips of exclusivity  
time persuades one of their nothingness 
         nor am i briefly special of whisper bone

admixture of exclusive strips mine 
i require a sort of flayed time 
special time burrowed in special thought 
slowly and continuously introduced
die then no such thought will be 
thought in the air which afaik isn't true
i am all these pine-soar things 
         however briefly 
but what of rosewater soaked linen 
i've had such wonderful lovers 

in the beginning though not at first 
beginnings slowly and continuously rise
and pinecone through the lawn 
studded with drippings wrapped in earth
what a glorious exclusive time in strip
mines exclusive time dripping among air
however briefly but trimmed 
         into reddening strips

Source: Ruefle, Mary. “Resin.” Dunce, Wave Books, 2019, p. 15.

Robert Lax vs. Sandra Simonds

I would bet
but I have no
money with
which to
place a bet.

I bet you began
with that clever
little line tossed
out like a thousand caltrops
at the end of the poem.

Whether I win or lose
I lose—I start like this
with my tongue split
the tastebuds lost young
precept armed with
poll tax and pollaxe.

One switch turns off the internet
another makes all the previous
words shed fear skin embellish-
ment—I’ll push one now:

begin clear
toss caltrops
the poem ends

win or lose
—split tongue—
pollaxe, poll tax

two switches
no more twitter
fear of embellishment

Now I’ll push
the other:


poll tax/axe