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Nothing to Do with Roses

Reverential in a way you could never be; And I’ve yet to read you. I’m ironbark dreaming, meanwhile, except I’m not; I’m ironstone. You, on the other hand, I’ve seen it clear as a ghost: The world will not let you write what you mean… Read More

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Fireworks for Woody Allen, Who We All Agree is Problematic

Wikipedia Poem, No. 617 ladies sluts orangemen bitches social justice warriors poets peacocks cucks cucks cucks beta males alpha dogs fuck boys men cuties and cucks cucks cucks social justice warriors bitches too poets peasants pests conquerors conjurers poets pets painters poets peaceniks faggots cocks… Read More

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Terminal Velocity of Rational Thought

Wikipedia Poem, No. 412   on it    would crash and deform diameters at black waves shaped of religion print a better part drag    the bellow within thinner parts drag the keyword deforms diameter    of black waves shaping form of more prayers    beneath black waves a… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 383

ONE incense-perfumed ritual a staple of evil it traffics in awe which is a closely related emotion to terror stories it wrestles with me the same mystic horror story it wrestles with its richness of exorcists of symbols and incense-perfumed ritual a staple of evil… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 282

  an esbat vinery and group in order to god alone at itself-sufficient prayer having been etymological school or destroyer-formed in divine wonderstanding a further being is evident that for venergy and vipassanā council of catholic devotion as a king oneself-sufficient love is that which… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 258

  or fall into the talk abroad that corrupts the few poetic souls who still sing in macbeth’s blood or uncleave our township & turn toward his broad blessings circled by mirth this is allowed in god’s bready decoy or hide the sea’s black-hair with… Read More

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untitled 09182014

goodnight, death run wild with the conceit be patient, you relieved to see this browstapled face a problem of reference we’ll solve in the morning.

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wikipedia poem, no. 25

“Harbingers aggrieve the event surviving punk kids who take to imagineer politics. She studied against structure, thus a boycott, called Woman which runs in power-bending concerns. These concerns include threats and the born-female perfect tense afforded liberation that the next year old boy has accessed… Read More