Wikipedia Poem, No. 258


“Unvisited I do not live, I endure.” August Kleinzahler


or fall into the talk abroad
that corrupts the few poetic souls
who still sing in macbeth’s blood

or uncleave our township & turn toward
his broad blessings circled by mirth
this is allowed in god’s bready decoy

or hide the sea’s black-hair with no decoy
those who ask with a polite smile pass
pass this agony shell the nobleman’s security

or would noblemen decay ur-net-shops
over art-shops or habit-shops or per
animal-shops it is not to say for angels

or allow it to come by day these even angels
caught not under force this brother cool roots
such answerable litheness of a bitten minute-body

so at each erring my herein spaces out
the no-makeup joint rapt by vague angels
sort themselves for extermination up and in especially

sanguine of



“my evil is removed/my sin is forgiven”


A pencil marked Post-it found in a lobby in Edison, N.J.

“one of the Seraphs eg
[angel] flew towards me in
his hands was a hot
coal he had taken from
the [altar] with tongs.
He touched my mouth
with it & said Look this
coal has touched your lips
your evil is removed
my evil is removed
my sin is forgiven”

Jelmin Caba”

wikipedia poem, no. 44

after Battletoads theme for Sega Genesis


    a singing human measures the twelve gates of Almighty beryl
     for God 
       seventh chrysolite  the names     scratched into the sun of the Lord 
His foundations will show       will with 
you           leave behind nations 
      carry me seventh chrysolite
          Almighty beryl 
foundations and sapphire as          Lord God 
pure Holy City       you the names of life measuring rod of the 
thick great gates of three  on
        no day will seconds show 
    twelfth onyx them      of 
       the will long kings 
as pure as twelve gates were and three gates are 
	show you   the city enshrouds by three

* * *

      They were “Come “Come “C as a chorister 
written in the carried “Come “Come communion 
He had a mountain-great street and “Come 

of God    “Come “Come “Come “Oh comely 
“Come “Come “Come “Come “Come alone
It shows you the       “Come “Come 
the wife of a square “Come “Come “Come “Come 
as you are   “Come “Come “Come “Come 

        light on beryl three       “Come “Come “Come 
          gates against the day    “Come
  three gates and the second said to me “Come “Come 

* * *

       on to the 

     for that nation which nations of the city of God Almighty beryl   their 
temple in the 

willing bride  three gates on shine to measure what was
           who talked with topaz three gates the Lamb
carrying       its seven angels 

          me  and there   sky   through the dome of 
the bride           as 12,000 
  gates me and with the ever be 

      and the nation will bring down His rod 
	you who carried 
          city    shown 
       was      the wife of God
like jasper clear as a lamp
south shining and high past the wall wall wall with every kind 
      of kindly measured cubit    The city  lists   its wall 
    all shine on will.