Breakfast in Bed (Overnight Iranian Forces Fire)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 778


overnight iranian forces fire
d around 20 rockets into the
israeli-controlled golan heights target
ing forward positions of the israel
i military according to an
israeli military spokesman the
rockets were all either intercepted
or fell short of their mark the spokesman said
but were nevertheless a signifi
cant escalation in iran’s maneuv
ers in the middle east though israel
has hit iranian forces in syr
ia with a number of deadly air
strikes tehran has been restrained in hitting
back until now until now until now
by thursday morning the country’s air force

Toothpaste for the Young Poet

Wikipedia Poem, No. 514


to rescue to operate on 
the marks of infinity to be 
transcended against one's will

time rubbed into lather
	for your opponent every deck 
		underhanded or made gape

i'm less 
jorie grammatically 
buys a vowel
your immediate opportunity tomorrow
	fidget spinner i promise 
		it's not you it's me this working problem has 
your poem 
wants to be bleach with its brief 
heavy handed whitening as declension

suicide i'm still
	novice be let bezos-loose 
		keep it just   write deep mystery

new tooth shapes become octuplets 
holding hands ripe bipedal feelings 
unbruised "skin the concerned"-essential 
is this how surprise 
	tastes? great
		all my new deepstate teeth 

shaping edits 
a poem but 
it has a point: threatening 
your own image/experience of the stuff 
	and when i wouldn't make your art form 
		how weird 

to be bleached 
	on the castle keep 
		for posterity

Wikipedia Poem, No. 305


“Thou comest to use thy tongue; thy story quickly.” MacBeth, Act 5, Scene 5

  of sound all 
of recorded time for such 
      walking shadow and frets 

          by far 
        the symptoms and symposiums 
   of malnutrition

his petty 
    pace from day 
    tongue thy 

according to 
a child more vulnerable 
  to the deficient protein dispute

         to day to 
         to use thy to use thy to the day 

for difficult 
    kwashiorkor the food and agriculture
     to come

to day tongues thy tongue
thy use of
thy tongue thy 

         but according to children morality 
      presents organ damage 
and muscle wasting

        tongue thy tongue thy 
          tongue thy to use 
        thy to 

   child mortality 
   protein despite 

tongue thy tongue thy to day to day 

a sufficient child 
         protein despite a difficult 


      to child mortality
present at
day tongues 
thy tongue thy tongue thy today 
     to day to day 

      prolonged stomach
as a form of mutilation

       tongue thy too 
use thy to 
      use thy to day 

      of malnutrition of 3.1 million 
      more vulnerable 

    tongue thy to 
thy to 

of caloric 

tongue thy tongue thy to use thy 
      tongue thee

child more 
          vulnerable kwashiorkor which 
        is by far 

to use thy tongue 
to use thy to use thy 

         called kwashiorkor which 
         is cause permanent currently affects

use thy today tongue 

842 million world health 
       organ damage

    to use 
thy to day tongue 
thus two

Wikipedia Poem, No. 258


“Unvisited I do not live, I endure.” August Kleinzahler


or fall into the talk abroad
that corrupts the few poetic souls
who still sing in macbeth’s blood

or uncleave our township & turn toward
his broad blessings circled by mirth
this is allowed in god’s bready decoy

or hide the sea’s black-hair with no decoy
those who ask with a polite smile pass
pass this agony shell the nobleman’s security

or would noblemen decay ur-net-shops
over art-shops or habit-shops or per
animal-shops it is not to say for angels

or allow it to come by day these even angels
caught not under force this brother cool roots
such answerable litheness of a bitten minute-body

so at each erring my herein spaces out
the no-makeup joint rapt by vague angels
sort themselves for extermination up and in especially

sanguine of