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Black-Body Ruins of Enheduana

Wikipedia Poem, No. 763 you’re journalismo? listen: more-faced than i’ve got help rebuilding her control feld veldt actional spate dismembers the marsh light want the freedom to choose the treated to reduce you from the makinghamshire dateline it’s back the lithe sea months swimming its… Read More

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Toothpaste for the Young Poet

Wikipedia Poem, No. 514 to rescue to operate on the marks of infinity to be transcended against one’s will time rubbed into lather for your opponent every deck underhanded or made gape i’m less jorie grammatically buys a vowel your immediate opportunity tomorrow fidget spinner… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 373

aries (march 21 – april 19) all aries it’s a good period for all aries it’s a good period for all aries you to exercise on a regular basis you exercise the aries it’s a good period for there’s nothing to worry about as long… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 277

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